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  • Anakrusix

    Hahaha. I saw some really cool pictures today. I'm kind of curious on how #10 happened though. And #20 -Awesome!

    • Logan

      #10 The carbon arrow was cracked, when you release it can explode and drive shads into your arm

  • Punani

    #7, #25 I would wear their ass like a surgeon's mask. Om nom nom nom!!!

    • USMCvet

      I remember my first beer…

  • Tyler

    Perfect analogy.
    "Buy your hi-capacity gas tanks now before they ban them"

  • Ed Debevic


  • Cqcumber

    somehow i have a feeling that #5 is HAWT!

  • xlr 99

    for #20 I think the fundamental difference here is to whom the threat is posed…

  • fasterthanu

    #10 Reminds me when I nearly put an arrow through my foot from my crossbow cos the wire snapped.

  • mrjimmyos

    I was quite taken aback by #7 She's so incredible beautiful 😮

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