“I promise I deleted those photos from last night” (26 photos)

  • Cheesedick

    #12 isn't the hottest but she gets me the most.

    • Mr. Nick

      I didn't realize Britney Spears worked at Domino's.

    • Catch

      Couldn't quite fill the cup.

    • Pete

      Domino's anyone?

    • Adam

      They should do hot girls of restaraunts lol 🙂

    • Paul B.

      Props for "The Shocker"…

    • http://www.facebook.com/stoney.mcfarlin Stoney D. McFarlin

      I didnt know women had adam's apple's

    • Jaybo

      Go Jackets!

  • aosux

    #14. I just came a little

    • Darryl

      Someone needs to gif this stat!

    • ryan

      i like your tits,lets fuck

    • Bob Cat

      I know this girl from school.

      • Lincoln

        Who is she?

        • Bane

          I like to call them, Monstrostitties

  • Pat

    #18 MOAR!!!!

    • Bob

      MOAR indeed!

      • kswiss

        Megan Summers. easy to find.

  • tan wang

    I'm trying so hard to be subtle while checking these out at work…it makes it tougher when these amazing photos just make me want to whip it out and go to town…

  • Stafferty

    #17 Shop out the duck face on the left and this will be all win. (Both are hot, but no duckface)

    • M&M

      Ditto to you Staf…that's a mirror…not a twin !!

    • zeke

      yes totally a mirror

  • busted

    Oh that racy photo intended for only your boyfriend to see? 3 million hits.

  • Dunny_

    Well….guess what's getting added to my library #24.

    • pingpong

      find her

      • wolfy

        I concur with pingpong…please oh please

    • Burnzy

      almost positive I went to high school with her..

    • truthuseek

      Pretty sure it's Tori Black. El porno, starro..

    • Uhhuhh

      That is one fine bathroom.

    • Go Hoosiers

      take a look at that boner destroyer on her left hand

      • 4n5w3r5

        Its a mirror pic… that would be her right hand… Bracelet or watch is on left hand.

    • clueless

      pretty sure that's a man your adding to your library!!

    • Dude

      She needs to finish laying the tile down…

  • Mr. Awesomeness

    These are so gross. Ewwwww.

  • Skedaddle

    LOVE #13 GT shocker. Awesome.

    • ROK

      if she likes the shocker, she'll love the SHOWSTOPPER

    • Rav

      I don't believe #13 actually went to GT. I don't think there was anyone there when I was there that would even be considered for this gallery.

    • george


    • bill

      Georgia Tech blows

      • kzlarry

        Gotta be photoshopped. No way she's a Techie. She lost a bet or something.

      • THWG

        Funny thing that Georgia Tech fans and u(sic)ga fans have in common: We both never went to georgia.

        • thwgt

          Photoshop is great. Either they changed the logo on that shirt or replaced a pimply fat kid with that chick. Either way, kudos! You wouldn't find a chick like that at Tech.

    • Tuck Fech

      She was paid to wear that. Girls DEFINITELY don't look like that at Tech. It's like the old saying. "Georgia Tech… Where the men are men and so are the women."

  • donky

    My god

  • Joseph Moore

    #13 transferring to or from Wichita State?

    • William

      Go Shockers!

  • Nick702

    So much hotness. This should be a weekly post

  • rodrocks

    #26, #26, #26. WOW HOT!

    • rodrocks

      Forgot to add MOAR, MOAR, MOAR!!!

    • ppk

      tori black, industry girl ^^

      • joeoby78

        She should be able to fix that f'ing floor then, JESUS!

        • RiHugh

          Bathrooms by Trent Reznor. i don't think I would feel comfortable taking a shit in there.

      • russel

        why the thumbs down? ppk's right. this is tori black. definitely a "starlet".

    • sully23

      we definitely need moar of this girl. holy fuck how hot!

    • northerner


    • blueliner

      I think the cat litter box in the lower left makes the photo

  • ????

    #1 #4 #14 are deffinitly my favorites

  • Nick702

    #25 IS PERFECT
    #26 Ill take you right there on that dirty floor

    • maxx

      #25 is wearing a bra from Victoria's Secret that pumps up your cleavage two full cup sizes. She's probably a small B at best. In other words: HER BOOBS ARE A LIE.

      • SweetAwesomeness

        now ask us if we care?

      • kdtc

        You shut your mouth Maxx. You shut your dirty mouth and stop staining the perfect!

      • sam_son

        u r right about the bra, but ive seen this chick on another gallery on the chive, very old post, and i can testify that her boobs are definitely epic

        • sam_son

          found them the pics in my personal gallery, theyre also ass shots infront of the same mirror different lingere, thong. CHIVE SAVE US AND DEDICATE A GALLERY TO THIS PERFECTION.

        • rambo

          shes a pornstar

          • NCSUJIM

            Tori Black

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Blaine-Deremer/100000973221161 Blaine Deremer

      I stopped dead in my tracks on this one !!! WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW

  • Chase McMann

    #26 – SWING! I gotta have MOAR!

    • Matt

      Like A Boss

    • Wayne

      It's SCHWING, not swing. Are you mental?

      • Nunya

        or SchaaaaWing if it's a good one… either way, that person is retarded (or a swinger).

    • Iftreescouldtalk

      It's Tori Black. She's a porn star yo! Look her up and enjoy.

  • todd

    #13 Tossed in the shocker too!!!

  • tobachiver

    #9 bruce lee bombed

  • Mr. Misses the point

    #26 sooo maybe you should spend less money on lingerie and spend more money on finishing up that bathroom floor

  • jtatman

    #10 looks borderline jailbait. However, she turns me on like no other. Looks like that hot ass freshman chick who just came to school. Kinky, crazy and ready to experience new things. Likely a 3some. Gawd I love those kind of girls!!!!

    • That Dude

      Her name is Kalee or known as Sexibebe23

      • sweet

        she is the one with the messed up foot

    • BeerDrinker

      i fucking know this chick!!! wtf!!! ahahahahaha wow!!

  • brent

    #3. more.

  • Marc D'Annunzio

    I am praying you have moar of #26! if not, please please get moar of #26!

  • GobbaDaGooey

    Too many awesome pictures to even remember numbers to post.

  • _SqUiD_

    Well done chive!

  • jtatman

    #15 $100 says her nipples are the size of a baseball. Possibly a softball… VERY NICE VERY NICE!!! Just as long as they're natural I love 'em all!!!

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