Some of you are likely depressed today. Here are few girls with future lower back problems (35 Photos)

  • jetrome

    I'm a packers fan, so now i'm Doubly happy!! Especially with #22 and #31. Gotta love Ashlynn.

    • Punani

      #5 #15 Like a surgeon's mask. Om nom nom nom!!! The Invisible Woman = Boi-oi-oing!!!

    • wasd

      thanks i knew i had seen her before um… somewhere…

    • Guest

      #31 Ashlynn Brooke is, hands down, my favorite porn star.

      (Hands are down because.. fap, fap, fap..)

  • un rama

    How do you put the pic in your comment?

    • Grant

      Step 1: type in #
      Step 2: click Submit Comment
      Step 3: enjoy
      #10, #22, #31

      • un rama


    • Gezza

      You guys are pretty much "steve's" for thumbing down this comment. He just asked a question…gets pummeled. Hmmm, guess it could work.

  • BigDingo

    Also please say #4 is a Chivette and is about to have a gallery…

    • OwnerOfYou


    • CLX

      Agree x2

    • comic book guy

      You're not kidding, and check out the GAP! What a fuckin HOPA!

      • gok attack


  • Guttterville

    #33 FIND HER!!!!!

    • Wilber


    • Meee

      Jordan Carver

      • Mark

        You just made a man happy. Thank you.

        • Billy the Accountant


    • Jrymes

      it looks like Marie-Claude Bourbonnais along with the sunglasses and red shirt?

      • Jrymes


  • marshy

    Put me in touch with #22 this girl, her tuppence is eating her underwear….SHE NEEDS MY HELP DAMMIT!!!!!!!

  • packers

    #8 see the geezer coppin a feel

    • Jethro

      Her reaction " Hey there is a creepy old man touching my ass! ICKY!"
      Her sudden realization "Oh DAMN! I married this creepy ol' b***ard cuz' he's a multi millionaire!! Why can't I have a real man like Scumbag Steve! Sigh…"
      Seriously, thats here Sugar Daddy

    • Bob

      help I've fallen and I can't get up

    • bernie

      lucky old goat

    • k-4

      shes earning every cent

    • B Man

      Is that her Daddy or her boyfriend?!?!

  • BigDingo

    #22 and #10 good god…

    • nef

      # 10 is ashley robbins enjoy

    • furkhan

      my mobile number 07569081569 hi sexy nice boobs

    • Adam

      #10 = Ashley Robbins

  • V.A.

    #12, Misa Campo: would be worth seeing her in HQ. Oh, throw in some #13 too.

    • RGH

      Misa Campo is worth seeing in any quality, but Chive, VA has an excellent point!

    • Gecko

      *loves him some filipinas*

    • Conor

      No. 13 is miss Kelly Brook, she's a living legend.

  • tommybhoy

    #31 That pose…. magnificent!

    • kamal

      hay u not too bad

  • Jon

    TOO MANY professional pictures ; not enough real submissions

    • FireSnakes

      Dear Jon,

      Let's not force a merger of "Future Lower Back Problems" and "Sexy Chivettes Friday". Just enjoy the pics especially #5.

    • reply

      I would dare to say that a good percentage of these pictures are of pornstars, actually I know this for a fact.

  • MrMav

    this has brightened up my day!! Every one of them are HOT!! Thanks Chive

  • Ale

    #35 is a third time in 2 weeks

    • RdP

      And still not enough!

    • RGH

      Three times in two weeks and I failed every time.

    • HogtownDaddy

      Her name is Nika Noir, pornstar

  • mmm

    #18, #3

  • andrew

    who is number 7?

    • nef

      eva amuri

  • davey

    #31 ftw

  • Chase

    #20 Not only does she have "BIG UNS," but she is flexible. And Find Her!!!

    • cam

      porn star.

    • BBB

      Jenna Bentley, same girl as #8

  • ClariseStarling

    #2, #4, #7, #16, and #33 are fantastic. not overdone with plastic or makeup. they're tops.

    • baldy

      Green in #16 is awesome!

  • hiperyon.pantibiblon

    Gentlemen,I'll take this time only #6 &#33

    Much obliged

    • kamal

      oops Haney

  • vrg

    i reckon of the best future lower back problems post, #9 is above all

    • dr jones

      She's Roberta Murgo, google her.
      You're welcome

      • MMAN87

        She caught my eye and quite rapidly won me over, that ravishing beauty…thank you kind sir!

    • Razaq Kayode

      Baby am in love with you come and rescue me out of love.

    • Quirky

      I concur, but with potential trouble

  • chrisdg74

    I was happy Rapistberger and the Squealers lost, and this brightened my Monday even more.

    • James

      that was rude

  • Luis Pedro Gonçalves

    feeling much better now

  • [clevernamehere]

    Pssssstttt……hey #22…..your nipples are sliding off your tits like butter off of a pancake. Seriously. Don't they have a jig they can use when putting the nipple back on?

    The rest of the field? BRAVO!!! Can we get a pan out on #9? The mystery is killing me.

    • Anonymous

      #9 is roberta murgo

  • [clevernamehere]

    Top 3 this week?

    #10 #1 #21

    No doubt.

    • Wavien

      Didn't you mean #10, #10, #10?

    • Razaq Kayode

      baby you so sweet can i have you?

    • vegasnites

      #1 is Mariza Prince.. I had to be looking them up.

  • PianoFingers

    Very refreshing that the Denise Milani contribution was kept at a minimum this time. I'd even say that the #19 could sneak through to the Who's That segment…

  • Angelo


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