• parlay

    I should say hello #3

    • facebook

      first time i've ever been excited for a thursday. xD

    • Yourfreakindaddy

      GO GATORS!

  • vlad


    • TLTJs12GAGE

      No you're not DICK

    • Nico Bellic


  • Some Body

    Can't wait

    • Leadbelly

      I can. this girl's ten a penny.

      • justthetip

        Dude, for real? She doesn't fit into the blonde fake tited category huh? Lame.
        Have you seen her other stuff? I think you might be pretty surprised…
        Her modelmayhem is Lareyna Lazakov. Smokin chick.

  • Patrick

    she is gorgeous!

    • horatiosuave

      in so many ways, agreed! MOAR!

  • paula


    • Royce

      First thumbs down on your sorry excuse of a comment. Shame on you.

      • paula

        i meant "first paula post"

    • Maynard B.

      Try fifth!!….and nobody cares!!



    • derek says boo

      for once a chick who isn't fake in any way…and she gets 'meh' form you? are you crazy? that's just sad. she's stunning!

    • jewtastic

      someone needs to take their eyes out of their ass…

  • big head todd

    the chive is getting pretty good at this stuff

  • brent

    fantasstic. something to look forward to.

  • ISU Birds


    • aaron

      While I contest your assertion that there is a "Lord", I have to agree with your assessment here.

    • artfunkel


      Veto to have the post TONIGHT?!

  • Will

    she looks like the pyromaniac from dexter

    • Jake

      Except hot.

    • booty patrol

      More like Emmy Rossum. Someone posted above that she goes by Lareyna Lazakov on the web, and she is definitely way hotter than these pics show…

  • Brendan

    can't wait

  • aosux

    I like her better from behind

  • Nick702

    #4 y u no post today

    • aaron

      Well played.

  • Davyb123

    I am in love………………………………………………..

    • smallestviolin

      Seconded. Hottie with a body, defined.

  • pjsupremex

    seriously two douchebags comment "first", and to top it off they were not! please do not tease us with this for tomorrow and then finally upload the gallery after 5pm

  • Marc

    This is a tall, slime and perfect body…

    • Brad


    • sar

      haha, from the other post!

    • kylemeister

      haha nice typo. but agreed totally with the intention.

  • Wolfram

    Well while I'm certainly looking forward to the gallery, her face in #4 made me double check. Awesome body but… I don't know. Something wierd about her face. Looks fantastic in #1 tho. Hopefully just an odd picture but I guess tomorrow I'll find out for sure!

    • Pit Bull

      She got a face like a collie.

      • Brad

        her face in 4 looks mom-ish

        • Wolfram


        • rdh014

          Even better…don't need to break that ass in

        • The Real D. Nozzle

          or horse-ish.

    • aaron

      You people do realize that when you bash these girls, it makes it less likely that girls will submit these types of photos. Don't turn this site into or one of those other overcompensating douche bags sites.

      • Wolfram

        Well I agree with that. I wasn't bashing, or at least trying not to. Indeed, I said she looks great and was meerly pointing out that one photo looked off. Obviously we've all had photos taken of us that are less than perfect. The "horse-ish" and "collie" jibs were uncalled for although if that's what they think… well so be it. I know for a fact that tomorrow she'll get a LOT of love from the Chivers so no worries!

    • gok attack


    • justthetip

      Someone posted her modelmayhem page and that last pic is shit. Don't know why they didn't just use her others.

      Natural chicks who hate makeup do exist haha

      Nice Chive!

  • Brad

    finally a brunette!

  • sully23

    at least she cleaned up for #3.

  • ROK

    tommy likey

  • Clenis

    Photobomb in #3

  • jetrome

    The power of the Chive. Finding random girls to become Chivettes! Dont' forget the nutella 😉

  • kodakkid

    looking forward to this one I love brunette's

    • casadeltoro

      Seconded! Finally a natural one!

  • RunDummyRun

    Nice pooper.

  • Perin

    Love her gap.. #2 and her face… hoping for a better gap pic tomorrow where more sunlight can shine through

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