Beneath this pretty smile… (4 Photos)

Is one amazing tush...


  • theMorgue77

    Now that my friends, is a beautiful… smile! #4

  • kylemeister

    GORGEOUS natural chick with a nice body…for once!! Can't wait until tomorrow for this one!!

  • AuSome

    Drop Dead Mother Fuckin' Gorgeous!

    • the bird is the word

      Reminded me of Pulp Fiction.

      A+ to the comment and to the damn hot lass. Bout time we got some naturally beautiful babes in here! I'd die if she ever walked my way.

  • Gator Glory

    Holy. Crap.

    I went to UF with this chick!!! You have no idea how many guys were after her and I don't think she ever knew either (the whole ugly duckling syndrome was what we all assumed). I had one law class with this chick and I shit you not, she looks a million times better in person and is probably one of the most down-to-earth, hilarious, GORGEOUS chicks I've ever seen. She recites South Park quotes for fun. For FUN! She literally was one of the hottest chicks at UF imo.

    And because I'm a Chiver and know how to stalk, here's a video of her:

    And someone said that she was a milf? Dude, she looks 16 in person!

    • Gator Glory

      That would be:

      My bad.

  • Maynard B.

    I can't f%$&^*@g wait!

  • moeshere Foxdale

    GOD I LOVE THIS SITE>>>>>hehe

  • Christopher

    When I am not imprisoned in a piano practice room, or in a death-grip with my dissertation, I fill sketchbooks for the "Anatomy for Artists" class I audit. The disconcertingly secure yoga girl peering over my shoulder says there is something special about the gesture drawings I took down from your photos. When I asked her what, she said (bear with me here, I need to think through the translation), "sad melodies, swooping swallows, long-limbed girls–you never fail to appreciate a beautiful line" (her French is a bit beyond me, so I am waiting for confirmation of the translation).

    "C'est vrai," she says.

    So since you seem to be having a high self-esteem Valentine's week, perhaps you will be willing to clarify a discussion we just had about why a cleaned-up hippie who follows constellations, pursues criminology. (It is of interest to us because more than one of our models expressed the same desire). Somehow looking toward stars and chasing bad guys seems un uneasy fit, but obviously we are not getting it. Perhaps you can edify. (And yes, it was the beautiful lines that inspired the drawings–perhaps you should sit for artists, as well as commercial venues.)

  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, would like to point out all the references to LG's modeling – professional or not – and point you to the more recent photos and comments from LG (i.e. at theChive HQ) where she claims to never have had any kind of professional makeup or modeling experiences. You will also notice that her modelmayhem account is no longer active and that many of the posts of her from other sites (e.g. are no longer there. I smell a rat.

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