• mr hunt

    stop the deadspace ads!!!!

    • ckris King

      stop the deadspace ads!!!!

    • Picard_

      haha! learn to learn! install firefox or chrome and then adblock plus to either of them….no more adds.

      • Turtle

        many thanks to you Picard.

        • Picard_

          make it so

    • Barette

      They're 20 seconds long. Is it really that difficult to sit through a 20 second ad?

      • guest

        YES! when it's the same ad over and over again! it's like saying chinese water torture is only water drops!!

    • fishnomz

      i think it done make a person become insane

  • Pew! Pew!

    I hope my girlfriend gives me one for valentines day!

    • ely whitley

      and also gets you a MANSLATOR? (SWIDT?)

  • cam

    I think I'd make somebody insane!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Nels0nCosta Nelson Costa

    oh, i already got one. it's my girl's gay friend. he always translates for me.. =]

    • DaHoneyBadger

      but is he pocketable? dum dum dum!!!

    • yup

      Your girl's gay friend isn't gay and she's cheating on you with him. Sorry bro.

  • bud

    damn i laughed like a tard after 2:00

    • bud

      more like 1:26

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    fatal flaw, there is no such thing as woman logic.

    • Wolfram


    • http://www.facebook.com/Nels0nCosta Nelson Costa

      prepare for the women's rage!

  • Epoy



  • WTFever

    If it only had a mute button…….

    • yup

      Undress, Clean, Cook

  • Danny P


  • brazzers

    girls are retarded

  • SweetAwesomeness

    to the doghouse go this post

  • Alli


    • Picard_

      quit surfing the internet like a chump, and then complaining about it.

    • Done

      Somebody somewhere has cough up the coins to fund the site, it isn't going to run all by itself ya know. If you don't want the ads, why don't you send The Chive a small check of say 40K – and I bet they'll leave that spot empty for just a while in your name.

      • AnyoneforCoffee


        Send the Chive the money and I'll happily look at a photo of your face for 20secs in appreciation.

        And, if you're a hot chivette, I'll happily come round and look at you in person.

  • Jak

    You kinda have to care what they mean before you need one of those.

  • aosux

    Nah, I enjoy the fighting and arguing.

  • Lil Jon

    Is Strong Bad from Homestarruner doing translations now?

  • http://topsy.com/thechive.com/2011/02/10/the-manslator-womens-language-translator-video/?utm_source=pingback&utm_campaign=L2 Tweets that mention The Manslator: the women's language translator - Video theCHIVE -- Topsy.com

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Elie Aintabi and Medium Funny, Only Stuff. Only Stuff said: The Manslator: Women’s language translator (Video): http://bit.ly/ed0JuL […]

  • gofistyourself

    i'm going golfing with my friends .. translation …. " later bitch !"

  • andysniper

    by 'man language' i think they mean logic.

    • Wavien

      Congratulations, you win a thousand internets!

  • femtrooper

    I like how it sounded like cookie monster.

  • Anonymous

    It says 'Manslater' all over the movie and you still manage to get the title wrong..? C'mon Chive, you can do better!

    • Joben

      are you really getting worked up over 1 letter?!?! seriously stop being a pretentious fagot! no one cares but you…

    • Baron Von Douche

      I think they said Manslat"O"r because the O makes it spelled correctly. Translat"O"r is correct not translater.

  • Ordo

    Its funny cause it's truuueeee!!

  • Niudgc

    I guess this works if you're a pussy whopped faggot.

    • gofistyourself

      there is a problem with your logic

  • Conor



    Wow. This makes me lose faith in my fellow men and womenfolk alike. Women need to stop being bitches, and these men need to go through their girlfriend's purses and look for their testicles.

  • Toomuchsnow

    Dead space. One more week of that and I swear I am done with the Chive.

    • Picard_

      haha! another Chump! Learn to Learn!

    • SeaBassEX

      What ads? I don't see any ads.

      Oh yeah, I use Firefox and AdBlock. Get this times.

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