theCHIVE’s Facebook wall is spreading like wild fire (12 photos)

A couple months ago we found a cool website,, that prints your Facebook friends' profile photos on a full size poster. We thought it would be a fun science experiment to bring our Chivers within our offices (on paper) and print all 20,000 Facebook Fans and create a giant wallpaper of Chivers. Since then we have nearly doubled our Facebook fans and we have 38,475 now and our wall continues to grow by about 500 fans per day.

We have filled one of three walls and we estimate that it will take about 150,000 Facebook fans to completely cover our offices. Chivery Mutiny? We print new fans every week, so if you haven't "LIKED" theCHIVE -make sure you click HERE and hit LIKE to be added to our next round of printing.

LIKE theCHIVE on Facebook and be added to our ever-growing Facebook Wall

  • UGTP

    Just saw this page… but I hope my profile picture is photobombing a chicks profile with FLBP!!!!

  • Trav1121

    You guys still doing this? Hmmm… How to find out…? Can anyone see this? Haha

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