Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

  • Cheyenne

    #15 Mt. Hood – I'm blessed to wake up to that view every morning

    • Kai

      my parents live in Hood River, such a lovely area.

    • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

      I hate you, Cheyenne! 😉 my buddy flew in last night to go boarding……….me so jealous.

    • GK-4

      yep, that's Majestic as shit http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&q=Mt.%20Ho

      • Erik

        Yes Oregon!!!

    • DanFromDetroit

      I see it from my apartment in Portland every day (except when it's cloudy, which almost always) & when it's sunny it's epic. Portland FTW

    • CalculatedRisk

      I look under the duvet every morning – and blessed to gaze upon a similar view… I call it Mt Wood…

    • unklejake

      it looks a lot like Mt Etna, which i am blessed to view every morning 🙂

  • RiKo

    Wouldn't mind to have one of these #4

    • its_forge

      …with Shay Maria in it

      • RiKo

        or Lauren Gentile..

        • me2

          if my lady would wear that it would finally be enjoyable again to play with her…

      • DaddyD

        With Shay Maria out of it …

  • Ed Debevic

    #20. I hope she has a strap on. Me and Grandpa needs a prostate massage.

    • ToolGremlin

      Who wants Ed to STFU and go away?

      • andintheend

        Ed's probably Paula in disguise…

      • ToolGremlin

        I personally want to hear more from Ed. I think he may be on to something. I tried dick a few times. It wasn't bad. It was a little nice.

  • BigDingo

    #14 ahahaha This is Walter!

    I've watched the Burbs at least 20 times. Awesome movie.

    • mrjimmyos

      One of the most underrated movies out there 😀

      In fact, I think I'll watch it this weekend

    • XOS

      i agree, great movie….just added it to my collection a few months ago.

    • MikeD

      #14 it came with the frame

      • NickRob

        "I'm not going to listen to this. I'm not going to listen to this. I'm not going to listen to this"
        "Ray! Ray! Unconscious chanting. Unconscious chanting!"

        This absolutely just made my day!

        • Shoestring

          Satan is good, Satan is my pal. I would say this is underrated but in my circle of friends we have all seen this movie a thousand times. You're kind of an asshole if you have not seen by now.

        • JBintheNC

          I was thinking the same thing. The Burbs for sure and maybe The Money Pit, too.

        • Ray

          * "I'm not going to listen to this. I'm not going to hear this now. I'm not going to listen to this. I'm not going to hear this now."

    • anon

      FAIL – it says "MOVE" not "MOVIE".

    • Kjell King

      Ray, do you want 'em to take your family, tear their livers out and make some kind of satanic pâté?

    • pink floyd

      LOVE THE BURBS thank god there others out there

    • Ken

      "Does a normal furnace go up to 5000 degrees?"

      Great flick!

      • Pufffdragon

        It's so underrated, Tom hanks won't even acknowledge this movie in his resume. He has even been quoted saying he is embarrassed of it.
        Best movie he ever did I think.

  • Drunkula

    Can't get more random then this… #16

    • Ben

      And not a single fuck was given that day

    • jhhggll

      this isnt where i parked my car!

  • Fafaffe

    #16 Like a boss

    • 8888

      "Like a boss" is rapidly reaching the level of "no fucks day"

  • Nodgey

    #18 WTF – are they actually jumping out of that window?

    • Cpt. Obvious

      No, they're flying.

    • tag

      Those chicks must be SO high when they did this! Could not have ended well.

    • hot carl

      it definitely belongs in this gallery of awesomeness

    • Wolfram

      We need the next shot, of their shins poking out of their thighs… on second thought, maybe not.

    • broken legs

      I am assuming they are trying to escape from a fire.
      Otherwise, someone took the Truth or Dare game a lil too far.

    • MikeofLA

      Legs Broken in 3…2…

    • http://twitter.com/JC_zoracel @JC_zoracel

      This is either a photoshop or a still from X-men First Class.

  • Sanman

    #22 Brilliant! Well made!

  • chrisdg74

    #6 – What has been seen…..

    • yerp

      …must be shown to the rest of the interwebs
      im on it

      • Rob

        This is utterly haunting….

  • its_forge

    #18 How are they not going to break their ankles?

    • Keith

      They probably did. Where's the GIF?

    • broken legs

      I wouldnt wana play follow the leader behind that crazy bitch!

    • Clay

      By breaking their necks



  • vicrom252

    #4 if only the buttons were a little higher

  • Dan

    #22 PUUURE AWSOME!!!!!!!

  • PBailey

    #18 Has got to be shopped…If it isn't, then they are well on their way to #5

    • JHL1


      ahh-Libali…. timayyy

  • Maroun

    #22 is great
    I always enjoy the GIFS from movie scenes too. Pretty neat. Thanks Chive!

  • DanielB

    #22 This gift wins… ha see what i did there?!

  • sully23

    The girls' ankles from #18 are going to look like that runway models from the gifs post

  • charles

    #6 I think it'll make a person become insane

    • DS2CW

      Your mom hates it

  • Ken

    #22 – THAT'S how game genie should've worked (for the Nintendo ones)

  • Name

    #18 I can't get my brain wrapped around what is going on there. This will have me messed up all day….

  • Phondo

    And then when those giant snowballs land on them… MAN.

  • tsukushi_

    #22 Eat burrito! Winner! – Looks like I'm always a winner. ;P

  • hokusai


    • SirDerpalot


    • Ron

      Sadly SirDerpalot is right, they did not live. They actually survived the fall though but were then mauled by grizzly bears with chansaw arms.

  • the captain


    what should i be looking at? the house on a tiny rock, or the fact that the rock looks a lot like a penis?

    • McBeastie

      What should we decipher from your question? That you don't understand randomness, or that you see cocks in every picture?

    • Cromy

      thats a beauty of Serbia

  • LansingMI

    #14 Hallelujah! I love the the "Burbs. "Nobody knocks off an old man in my neighborhood and gets away with it."

    • jamesaholic

      #14. There go the goddamn brownies!

      • C-Jack

        #14. I live next to the Clopecks.

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