Meera house: Finally someone successfully combined postmodern with nature (11 HQ Photos)

This house was created by Guz Architects and it is gorgeous.

These great photos and many more at contemporist.

  • Kevin

    That pool in #6 and #7 is pretty bad ass

    • joshdyk87

      Is that chick naked?

  • Dude

    I want to live there, that's one cool house.

    • 123

      This house is in the UAE, just fyi… careful what you wish for

      • DaddyD

        Actually, it's in Singapore.

  • Wolfram

    That looks really sweet but if you plant trees on the roof, how long until their roots break through your living room?

    • adawg

      not before 2012 so irrelevant

  • rwd

    it would blow to mow that lawn….

    • beenhere

      I am pretty sure if you own that house, you do not mow the grass.

  • figurefour

    That balcony looks like the perfect place to shoot some golf balls at passing boats/pedestrians.

    • Motte

      I was thinking that too actually. BEST. PUTTING. GREEN. EVER.

  • Jusnel Gonzalez

    So want… where do we sign up? And yes… mowing roof has got to be a btch

  • Anakrusix

    This is one badass looking house.

  • davey

    nice place to grow some pot

    • sdjfkljklsdjf

      you don't know how to grow pot

  • Htisss

    Very cool. Most people however can't even maintain a normal lawn much less that one. I guess if you can afford that house you can afford to have enough minions to take care of it.

  • Jordan

    regardless of the shitty mowing conditions, ive never been so jealous of a house in my entire life.

  • Benny

    Looks like it in Dubai

    • Fratastic

      It's Singapore

    • ronnie

      Actually, It's in Sentosa. It's an island adjacent to Singapore. It's made by Guz Architects who make alot of awesome houses. Google for more. Or not.

  • Bill O'Reilly

    The term "Post modern" makes no sense – you can't explain it

  • Freaq

    This here is in Singapore fellow Chivers. Passed by it before.


    awesome place

  • Lulatsch

    Looks like one of the Houses, I always build in Minecraft

    • Roscoe

      Unnecessary comma.

      • anonib

        Unnecessary capitalization of the 'H' in houses.

  • slick

    Wow that's gorgeous.

  • Skedaddle

    This place is awesome.

  • EastSidePaul

    has anyone made a mowing the roof joke yet?

    • Yeahbeer

      Yep… =(

  • Yeahbeer

    I move in on Wednesday lol..

  • ISU Birds

    #4 I hate mowing my roof!

    • ♦K♦

      lol.. #4 I was thinking that mowing my roof is a B!tch..

    • Roscoe

      If you own that house, you hire somebody to mow it for you.

      • Train2k

        What do you do when they fall off the roof and sue you?

      • Matt

        If you own that house, you OWN somebody to mow it for you

    • dden

      It looks like a new extreme sport to me.

  • LEED

    This has to be least environment friendly house, so much for mixing nature.

  • Wavien

    This house makes me want to be an architect.

    • zman

      I hear Vandelais Industries is hiring

  • Jake

    fap fap fap

  • Slim

    Only if my wife were swimming in it.

  • Anon


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