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Daily Afternoon Randomness (26 HQ Photos)

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  • calool

    #20, lol

    • BlackonBlack

      you can't escape the roach coach

  • Sdranem

    I wanna say #10 is a celebration to herald the arrival of the fire breathing winged dragon that has liberated their country… Maybe it's just my bad interpretations skillz

  • USMCvet

    #25…..definitely not his kids……'cause I've worn his ass like a surgeon's mask so many times, I've lost count.

  • The real USMCvet

    #2 #9 #10 #16 #17 lick, lick, lick, Nom, nom, nom

  • USMCvet

    I second that

    • Ed Debevic

      I third that…..and double-triple nom, nom, nom to 24

  • USMCvet.

    can we please shoot this delta bravo. shits getting real old…

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