Happy Valentine’s Day: Future lower back problems (35 Photos)

  • pingpong

    #2 ew. blue veins…

    • Dylan

      hmmmmmm yum yum blue veins

    • E-Money

      She's so vain, she probably thinks this post is about her.

      Thank you, I'm here all day!

    • Sid

      see, I'm thinking exactly the opposite. Love em.

    • Corey

      Who cares about blue veins when they're that big?

    • rdh014

      as opposed to, say, green ones?

    • Marmaduke

      Love the veins–evidence of authenticity.

      • Wickedrebel

        not quite

    • tkbaha

      ..blue veins..definitely much much better than blue waffles

      • Hez26

        just when i almost forgot….thanks.

    • its_forge

      Hi, this is reality speaking. Boobs sometimes have veins showing in them. That is how things are. If you're looking at someone who doesn't, she's either had something done to them or they're Photoshopped.

    • Genaro

      I love the blue veins my friend….

  • Bear

    21's name is Gemma Atkinson…shes HOT!

    • Joben

      also, she happens to be mr. bean's (rowan atkinson) daughter…

      • T Bone

        NOT TRUE!

    • Steeb

      i think she looks better blonde…just my opinion. or maybe it's just the one picture where she's blonde with short hair…daaaaamn sexxy…. http://images.psxextreme.com/wallpapers/ps3/ps3_g

    • Malkintosh22

      I didn't even realize until a second look. Wow.

  • prat_attack

    #9 can paint my walls any day. #3 is also damn sexy despite the DERP

    • Some guy

      Yeah it's weird how #3 is still hot. I guess it's because you can tell she has a really lovely face when it's not all screwed up. Good lord I'd love to bury my face in those hills and valley. Set them free!

      • Hiroku

        I forgive her, her tits make me go crosseyed too.

    • Genaro

      I would love to see more of #3..

      • B Man

        #3 could strangle herself if her tits were any bigger

  • http://www.apple.gi Steven Bennett

    #21 is Gemma Atkinson, Chive has featured her loads..not finding required

  • tdotbronco

    aaaaaaaaaahhhh another week of the chive…….thank you internet

  • Skyler

    #22 Diora Baird. Need waayy more of her and the MILF at #12.

  • Joshua D. Loomis

    Good post like always, Chive. While I am not complaining, I must say that I will be happier when I see Shay!

  • tommybhoy


    • Bunker Punk

      yeah, any idea who the fuck that is? stunning.

      oh yeah, thanks chive for making mondays suck so much less than they really should!

      • tuna

        Her name's Jenna from Alluring Vixen site. Never got her last name.

    • erb
  • MigraineBoy

    #9 #14 #25 #32… Works better than coffee to wake up.

    • guest

      NOTHING WORKS BETTER THEN COFF… oh wait… you're right.

  • Adam

    This post is a little over the top-(heavy).

  • Ryan

    #3 #15 all day long

  • chiver132

    #15 is bangin' …MOAR!

  • Anakrusix

    Nice try Chive. Post what you can, but nothing beats Chivettes!

    • Obadiaha

      except Chivettes with future lower back problems….

      • Anakrusix

        Good point

    • Statan

      I don't know… I can still cum on these.

  • Pokepoke

    #1 is the cutest of the bunch

    • fapfap

      There is a full set of pics of her nude and giving head.

      • William


      • Guest

        yes, where indeed. Link us oh knowledgeable one!

  • E-Money

    It's Valentines Day and I shall fap till I can fap no more!!

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  • Mike

    #2 is just too much.

    #11 #12 I'll destroy her.

    #22 Diora forever!

    • L-TWICE

      #2 ill play with those for days

  • Seldi84

    #1 & #10 i could valentine the hell out of.

  • Dudi

    #12 is indeed a M.I.L.F… from every possible direction.

    • Guest

      Anyone know who she is?

      • Jer

        MOAR is required here obviously

        • Nunya

          Got Milf?

    • Red Dog

      But that is awesome! does 11 = 12? same girl? both are in my mind

    • Red Dog

      Damn! She is a yummy mummy! and maybe my future ex-wife.

  • stickeys


    • hmmm

      Chive, please find everyone posted.

    • Always Last

      I will thank you to stop using my trademarked word. At least you've reduced the exclamation points.

  • Enigma

    Yep #15 is Sophie Reade. Hot british model and was in UK's Big brother show

  • JMartin

    "Yes officer, he suffocated trying to fit my entire tit in his mouth."

  • shred the gnar

    What the hell is wrong with her ear in 23? Well, not just her ear, whats wrong with her?

    I'm frightened!!

    • doc

      That is called her finger covering part of her ear… no need to be frightened. 🙂

    • Dex

      I don't remember 23 having ears…

  • BigDingo

    Holy sh*t I would give my left testicle to disappoint #9 all night long

    • ogdann

      ashton von….. just another semi slutty cam girl. also, she has a kid now

  • BigDingo

    Also I got some pretty intense nerd-wood for #13

    • Wolfram

      Me too I'll take Cosplay girl

  • TZJ

    #18 a tanned erica campbell???

    • Jay Cue

      Erica Rose Campbell FTW!

      • Geo

        It is Erica. She's from New Hampshire—left pron because she found God. Took Crissy Moran with her.

    • Red Dog

      Does 13 = 18? might be the same incredebly gorgeous girl

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