Apple knows how to sell some product (26 Photos)

The beauty in these shots is Russian model Irina Voronina. Suddenly I have the sudden urge to buy another Apple computer.

  • Dave

    Did #23 ruin it for anyone else?

    • Guz

      No mate. I'm not sure, but I think you could be gay.

      • Dave

        Look at the picture again starting from the top… you'll see what I mean.

        Not gay. I just appreciate a pretty face.

    • Ed Debevic

      I like how she's rubbing her big dick. She should rub it against my prostate. #11

      • Keith

        Can somebody ban this kid from commenting please?

      • ToolGremlin

        What the heck?? Chive needs to go to a site registration method and stop this anonymous posting crap.

    • Catence

      Yeah, kind of thought #23 was her mom at first?

      • jerseyslugo

        awesome body, but i bet shes scary without makeup……..who am i kidding? id bang it till its blue

    • Mitch


      • Dave

        Granted, the other 25 photos were GORGEOUS… at the same time her face on 23 was scary…

  • Error404k

    Is it just me me or does she seem to get older with each picture,not neccesarily a bad thing,better than any woman I could ever get………still won't buy a Mac tho

    • LOL

      I knew she wasn't british. She has all her teeth.

  • ben

    Shes actually kind of weird looking…Minus #17

  • Paula

    Does she suck as much as Apple products?

    – the troll you love to hate

    • Ed Debevic

      I do.
      Ed Debevic
      – the troll you love to hate

      • JstevensF

        Finally I think I understand why you people troll. You're so socially inept that the only way of you finding friends is through the internets, until you stumble across somebody as irritating as yourself.

        • Muke

          Don't encourage them–they like to be irritating.
          Which bothers a troll more: 100 thumbs down, or crickets?
          Just ignore!

    • BobPlant

      suck my howie schlong paulth

  • ellipsis

    kinda not pretty.

  • hapa_nerd

    WAAAAY too much Photoshop in #16

  • 6655321

    I thought this was a joke at first…

  • PointBlank_

    #15 check out that pear!

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  • BigDingo

    #15 you're doing it wrong… doesn't look like sandwich making to me…

  • Sanman

    They are terrible at advertising… where the hell are the products???

  • Van

    But just look at the girls from the site – is not only a model in Russia, but there is just a woman.

  • Yeahbeer


  • Andy Hodge

    #14 is a pure 'F**K ME' look. Lovin it!


    #14, #17, #19 ONLY!!!!!!

  • Brendan

    #5 blue guy photobomb

    • Jebus

      Thank You, i thought I was the oly one who noticed that

  • Henry Gibson

    #15 looks like it's an ad for "Steak 'n Shake: The XXX Porn Parody."

  • sully23

    #24 kinda looks like Pam Anderson. well you know… without hepatitis c….

  • George

    the first ones kinda lame..

    #15 and the rest

  • Jedi


  • David Chartier

    The first half of these images were ripped from and cropped to remove attribution. It's from their "Mac Chick of the Month" series. Irina Voronina was June 2009:

  • Ghost

    the new Apple iWhore?

  • JMartin

    #11 – Carpalderp

  • Daris

    #19 That's clearly a tranny, advertising windows. I'm lost.

  • bless1

    #14…hot when she smiles.

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