Let’s have a civil conversation about retiring those trashy belly button rings (20 Photos)

I remember a time when belly button rings were trendy and sexy. Let's call that time Spring Break. But I know so many girls who just never stopped wearing them. And I think it's b/c nobody has stepped to the plate and told them it's time to unhook the (insert fake precious stone name) and toss it in the garbage.

Of course, I could be wrong which is why the following gallery has plenty of smoking hot girls wearing the goddam things. Any argument deserves to have both sides heard after all. So what say you, Chivers and Chivettes? Somehow theCHIVE has become a national stage for bizarre tastemaking. Let the debate begin.

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  • ale

    Its just my humble opinion… but u never see a classy lady wearing fake diamonds or pink jewels in their stomach… Horrible for +25 old years / fat / pregnant girls.

  • Dunny_

    There was a time in the mid to late 90's when belly button piercings were sexy.
    Now I just find them shallow and pedantic.

  • Nunya

    it's no good if they're fat… otherwise you're just installing a trailer hitch

  • PuckTender

    i think it's pretty clear that if it's absurdly dangly or the female in questions stomach makes the piercing difficult to see… (euphemism)…. that craps gotta go…. also pregnant with one? metal poisoning exists new mommas…

  • Jason

    Something simple is nice. I prefer none on girls but whatever's clever. The big ass ones are a sign she is fuckin crazy and if you are A: pregnant or B: Not in the shape you once were…….take em out!

  • Carla

    got mine when I wuz 23 aft. my divorce & itz ALMOST grown out now (I'm 39) I'm NOT take'N it out! NOT…
    btw….I DONT have TATT ONE! can any of YOU say that? ^_^

  • Jimmy C

    I feel like the cut-off is 30. Any ladies under that as long as they are in shape/have a nice figure it's all good.

    Also once you become a mother you automatically have to stop, regardless of age.

  • Summer

    I've had my bellybutton ring since I was 14 (I'm 21 now) and I love it as much today as I did the day I got it, it doesn't have to be trashy, itcan be, oh I know it can be, but I don't think it should b retired, I thought guys liked it? I know I do 🙂

  • cam

    Trashy and played out. Belly-Button rings are almost like stripper and prostitute decor. Not sexy.

  • Mark

    overall impartial, but much better than nose/lip rings!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Schneider/730551164 Jim Schneider

    Honestly, I think it's the same thing as the tramp stamp. Give it a few years, and its gunna be the "mom thing". Thats when it will die.

  • Molteninjabob

    #6 FIND HER!!

  • crimtide

    their should defenatly be rules to who should and should wear them just take a look at
    #9and #15 for proof

  • nyet

    Thank god someone's actually discussing this. I started dating a 29 year-old former model some months back and it actually took some convincing to get her to remove the damn thing. I wouldn't put a tacky set of rims on a nice car and I wouldn't put tacky cheap jewelry on a nice stomach.

    • cam

      Amen! Or like a cheap scope on an expensive rifle!

  • Ethan

    I put belly button rings way behind those ear hole things and tongue rings. Simpler is better, too. But, please be sure you want to attract attention to your belly in the first place.
    #1 and #10. Either put the shirt down or the fork, your choice!

  • bill cliton

    i agree with richard nixon id much rather see a belly button ring then any girl rocken gauges i hate them they are the trashiest thing a girl could do to herself

  • Brittney Opacak

    #9 …Enough said!

  • Danger Pat

    In order for it to work, a girl has to be moderately young, with a flat, tones stomach, and the ring can only be a small accent to the whole package, and not the main attraction. That's it. 98% of the girls who have them are not fit enough to pull it off, and the the other 2% would look just as good without it. It's just easier for everyone if they just stop, but if a girl is going to get one… well it's just better for the whole to say no girl should.

  • lordberic

    #19 #20, didn't even notice the belly button ring.. Find please.

  • http://twitter.com/Keris0201 @Keris0201

    I got my belly button pierced when I turned 18. When I found out I was pregnant i took it out. I don't think it's attractive to have it in while you are pregnant.

  • spencer

    as long as they dont dangle i am fine with them

  • JoJo

    They look really sexy on 75 year olds! lol

  • thomas d.

    #7 enough said

    • douche

      #15 Enough said….

      • clickhere

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steve-Shaw/669440656 Steve Shaw

      She used to be so hot…. I'd still hit it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/okumaironpaws Derek Lee Skinner

      The loss of the old Lindsay Lohan is a national tragedy.

  • DeathByCherio

    I say yes as long as they are the type #9 is wearing

  • bbbutter

    As long as it looks good…keep it in…just be honest with yourself, or find someone who will be!

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