The great city of Chicago through the lens of Mike Schacht (17 HQ photos)

Mike Schacht is one of Chicago’s best photographers and web designers. Check out more of his work at his website.

  • Juan

    Chi-Town is the BEST town!

    • John

      What a fuckin shit hole.

    • Off Topic

      That "Chicago Code" is a great show!

  • BigDingo

    The real question is, how did he get some many pictures of Chicago before someone stole his camera?

    • Dim k

      there are plenty of people walking around chicago with very nice cameras all the time. don't judge before you know. stuff gets stolen around here less than you think.

    • rdh014

      If you notice, he was in and around the loop…nice play to walk around and gawk. Didn't see him traipsing southside.

    • AZbtchs

      hahaha, nice

  • @Jeffrey__Scott


    • Ryan

      Yea I would think one could get much better photos around Chicago.

  • Jak

    Fuck Chicago

    • dave32891

      wow just kick the Cubs fans while they're down

  • BigDingo

    Also you'd think he'd want to feature parts of Chicago found outside the 'gray' and 'brown' parts of the color wheel. #10 for example…

    • JoJo

      #10 is a banksy it needs to be included.

  • aosux

    I'll offer the Mayor a thousand dollars to look the other way. Alright then, one hundred. Deal!

  • giraffe66

    crappy pizza and getting shot? chicago can suck my spotty dick.

    • Long Island Fred

      NY pizza FTW

      • Brother Maynard

        If you're a 5 year old girl.

        • Aziz

          I'm sure there are plenty on non-5 year old girls in the 8.4 million residents of NYC that would agree with LIF on this, but nice try.

    • jsf2217

      obviously a dirty new yorker speaking

  • Grifo

    Dude has talent. Great Pix

  • DItka89

    Documented evidence that it really is a shithole.

    • broadactyl

      anyone that says chicago is a shithole is an idiot. all the crime happens in two neighborhoods. greatest city in the world….and ive been to most of them

      • Bunker Punk

        You've been to most of the cities in the world? Fuck you, you're lying. But Chi-Town kicks ass, and no, I'm not from there.

  • schwang

    well…that was nothing special.

  • Fisheyes

    Chive, what next? Detroit?

  • whocares

    Totally amazing!!!! A bunch of bad pics of a bunch of old buildings. Yayyy I can die happy now!!

  • man man

    Nice shots of downtown. #11, a good Banksy…not sure if it's still there or not.

  • supersniffy

    Correction… should be titled "The Once great city of Chicago"…no longer.

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  • Richard Nixon

    I've never been to Chi-Town so I can't say, but the pictures did not inspire me to plan a trip anytime soon.

  • PoPimp85

    Not the greatest pictures in my opinion, but still the greatest city in world nonetheless.

    • Drake

      You have got to be shitting me! Chicago is in no way, shape or form a better city than NY.

      • Drake

        BTW…this is coming from someone who lives on the west coast and has been to both cities more than once.

        • JoJo

          NY sucks its full loud mouth douche bags who think their tough and the streets are filled with trash.

  • Yeahbeer



  • Jeremy

    I'd mark that up as dreary. How about a South Pacific post to knock off the bleakness?

  • Geoff Heimer

    Is that a real Banksy?

  • Cody

    Hey, you should photoshop the shit out of these some more.

  • Roscoe

    I work in Chicago. When ice forms in the river, you know it's freaking cold!!! #15

  • beano

    Love Chicago, love photography, but these weren't doin' it for me. Not one pic of Wrigley, Navy Pier, Sears Tower, St Patty's day green Chicago river, Millenium Park, The Bean, etc etc. I mean I know all cities have alleys and garbage cans…..

    • Ratail

      I think he was going for a depressing mood with these pics.

    • James

      No, New York doesn't have alleys. They throw their garbage on the sidewalk, but Chicago is the shithole?

    • SmokeyJane

      I'm SUPER glad there isn't one picture of the Bean or the green River or any other thing that EVERYONE that visits Chicago takes a picture of!! I used to live there and I miss it like crazy so it's nice to see pictures or the REAL Chicago, even if these are all downtown:)

    • opiateofthemasses073

      …not one picture of #10 exists in this list, depicting the Sears Tower… What a shame.

  • armyabn

    I felt like I needed to check if my wallet had been lifted while viewing these pics. I'll stay away, thanks.

  • Seannerz

    Sigh, my home sweet home! These photos make me feel like I'm still right there.

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