Girls with Zelda tattoos = Triforce victory (22 Photos)

These photos and many more at buzzfeed.

  • Error404k

    Most are Awesome,others I fear will be greatly regretted a few years down the line

    • judylovebi

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      • JstevensF

        People like you turn normal people like us into grammar Nazis . . . and for good reason.

        • judylovebi

          Thank you!

          • Jules

            Please respect The Chive and keep your crap off of here.
            Kay thanks! 🙂

  • n1ghtstalker

    I love computer games as much as the next guy but if I inked myself with a Tattoo of one I would look pretty stupid! Do boobs counterbalance this? I am undecided.

    • RiHugh

      I'm old school. I got a Scrabble tat on my chest and a Trivial Pursuit tat on my neck cuz that's the games I plays.

    • rodrocks

      I hear ya!

    • McBeastie

      Boobs do not counterbalance this, because in most cases above the stupid tattoo is placed right near or on the boobs themselves. This demonstrates the law of diminishing returns. Taking a good thing, adding to it and in return, lessening the value of the original thing.

    • Jak

      I'd have to say that it would be better than a tramp stamp of gay flowers or some shit

  • hater

    Somebody get this fucking floating survey ad outta here. Sofa king annoying.

    • buzz

      it's called ad block you fucking noob!

    • Corky

      Almost as annoying as retards who say sofa king.

  • Joe

    #11 My Kokiri sword has now been upgraded to a Master Sword.

    • Guz

      Apparently you're not a real man until you've got a fairy.

    • Skye

      As a girl, your comment made me very happy (: (not horny happy just smiles happy!)

      • KyleGamgee

        What about a Biggoron Sword? That do ti for ya?

        • Joe

          I am a white.

    • Luis Francisco Rodriguez Lugo

      She's cute, can we see moar?

    • Johnson
  • MigraineBoy

    I think #18 is sexy as hell!

    • Sam

      Goddamn these are stupid!

  • Keith

    I don't care how hot you are, Zelda tattoos look ridiculous.. Especially #5. But that's a nice "BOB" photobomb. 🙂

  • A8eez

    #10 dead ink!

    • Nick


      • robertoqb

        FIND HER!

  • Juan

    #11 She can blow my Ocarina of Time any day…

  • Anonymous

    I love Zelda, but really. Get a belly button ring instead. At least you can remove that nasty shit!

  • I wonder

    why would anyone put a tattoo on his/hers chest?

    • Lily

      I'm female and have a full chest tattoo, shoulder to shoulder and half way between my breasts. It covers up the scars from several surgical removals of cancer and I'm insanely proud of it.

      • Marvin the Martian

        And there is your answer

    • Bree1912

      Lots of people…you don't get out often do you?

  • davey

    regrets… they will have them when they are about 50 y/old.

    • nick

      why? why would you regret enjoying your body when its still attractive? you gonna look down at 50 and say damn i would be hot without that zelda tattoo. you only say they will regret it because you are too scared to get one yourself and need an excuse to deny the fact you want one.

      • aosux

        You make a good point. I don't have any tats nor want any but you make a good point.

  • BigDingo

    #11 is in serious danger of having her hair brushed behind her ear

    *double nerd-reference 'splosion!*

    • 123Roasthim

      Zombieland FTW

    • Luis Francisco Rodriguez Lugo

      Time to nut up or shut up!

  • BigDingo


    Hey! Listen! Your hair looks like a rat's nest!

    • heeeeeybuddy

      You sir are hilarious. bravo

  • Adam

    Cool, Zelda's anniversary is kind of like Christmas, except I believe in the triforce.

    • Thor Mannion

      wuss-grow up

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  • Aaron

    19 Link looks like he's enjoying blowing that thing just a little too much.

  • tommybhoy

    At least its better than the hot dog ones from before…..

  • The Hatter

    No, you listen Navi!

    • Luis Francisco Rodriguez Lugo

      Most annoying character since the dog from duck hunt

  • DanielB

    #21 Find her plz

    • Thor Mannion

      shoot her pls

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  • AtomManhattan

    #3 & #5 are hideous. I'd be damned ashamed to say I was the artist that laid down this ink…
    But yeah, I know a girl in California that has a Hyrulian crest between her shoulderblades. Kind of why I try to find tattoo ideas that a thousand other people won't have…

    • ostrichman1985

      I agree. Most of these tattoos arn't poorly executed but inking yourself with symbols from one of the lagrest videogame franchises' ever lacks originality.

  • Nastee

    How retarded must you be to slap a big-ass zelda tattoo on yourself?!
    Stupid, stupid, stupid!

  • david

    #7 geek trampstamp!!!

  • De La Vega

    #10 she's pretty hot! moar? B)

  • boss

    this shit is weak.. delete this post

    • Jak

      Your shit is pretty weak..delete this comment. Ass clown

      • Nick


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