Photo of the Day: Last voyage (Click here for High-Res Photo)

This afternoon the head of the Descubierta class corvette began his last voyage to the scrap.

Commissioned in 1978, she was the most powerful corvette of all time: 8 – Harpoon SSM, 1 Sea Sparrow SAM eightfold, 1 – 76 mm gun, 2 – 40 mm guns, 1 – two barreled Bofors Anti-submarine mortar, 6 – 12.75 in anti submarine torpedo tubes (2×3) in a standard displacement of 1233 tons.

She intervened in the first Gulf War, where she earned the nickname “atomic ant”. In 2007, she participated in the detention of the Odyssey Explorer, who looted the remains of the Armada frigate Juno, sunk in 1800 near Gibraltar at the beginning of the last war between Spain and the UK.

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