Thriftography can lead to poor man’s personal Twilight Zone (8 photos)

This dude goes to Thrift Stores, takes photos of empty picture frames, prints the photos, inserts them back into the the once-empty frames and takes a new photo. I can only hope this creeps the shit out of some blue-hair casually shopping for a salad spinner.

  • Mokuseitora

    Dude has too much time on his hands.. and yes it would so creep me out if I shopped at thrift stores.

  • Tommy B

    Not too sure how this is funny or interesting…

  • Error404k

    Dude has way to much time on his hands

    • zzz

      yeah, he'd be better off getting a desk-job and browsing the internets from 9-5

      • cubanitagirl

        like mine! haha

    • valleywind

      Usually I'd say, no such thing – ppl can do what they want with their time, for fun or profit – but in this case: really, dude?

      In what, two days tops, the merchandising will change or the items will sell. Then the pictures make no sense at all.

  • Dakota

    love it

    • Wolfram

      The post was meh but your pic is loveable.

    • Louis

      love ur pic chivette

    • Questionable

      OMG. Are those boobs on your chest?

  • Allen

    found my new hobby

  • TylerV

    I know I'm going to get thumbs down for this but I don't get it…

  • doodlecakes

    FIrST :3

  • ttd

    i think it'd make a person become insane

    • nemesis

      an atrocity

    • Semper

      Haha!! Those stupid Dead Space ads

  • Jay

    I doubt he put too much thought into this.. "Thuh picture frames have no pictuhs… oh Ill just take a picture of thuh stuff near it"

  • Nigel

    Love it. I love people who try to mess with other people in unusual ways.

  • Yummimummi

    That's would creep me out hard core!!! LOL I love a good thrift store

  • rodrocks


  • PokePoke

    We should start putting screenshots of the Chive homepage in empty picture frames all round the world tbh …

    For the nice 'whats this chive i keep seeing everyone all about' mystery advertisement

  • surfer21

    What a focking weirdo.

  • King James the FIF

    I do not enjoy this, in fact it made my day a little less awesome

  • davey


    • imhotep

      my assessment also

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  • JCC

    should have just redid the same frame.make it a repeating pic… that would have been clever.

  • Ty_

    Kind of boring. I wouldn't give this a second look if I saw it in a store.

  • _HypoLuxa_

    this is fucking brilliant . . . "too much time on his hand", "stupid", "not funny", BAH! . . . this is the work of a genius in desperate need of a creative outlet.

  • Will

    Pointless post.

  • vladivostok

    dude there called girls… get one

  • Lia

    I dunno…it’s *different*, but not remotely creepy. It makes more sense than some other things that pass for art. I don’t see the problem.

  • PhonebookKiller

    This is worthy of a WTF Friday entry.

  • Confused

    Should I invest in RRSP or TFSA?

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