What happens when you trap 20 honeybees under a glass jar (8 photos)

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Well, there's my summer hobby.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dylan-Termeer/516388246 Dylan Termeer

      Well, there's my summer occupation.

  • Wolfram

    Apparently they become a god damn swarm. Well, at least we know how to save the bee population from extinction!

  • Stafferty

    Bee grenade?

  • Bug-Guy

    Yeah, they didn't trap any honey bees, they just put a glass jar over the opening of the top super of a honeybee hive. If you trap honey bees they don't make honey comb…they just die.

    • Jakub Wrobel

      Yep. You can see the crack in the 1st photo #1

      • Dave Gal

        An interesting way to show what's going on inside a hive. If I were a grade school teacher…

        • ShakeyTheMoyle

          If you were a grade school teacher you would be out picketing and thus niglecting your duties of teaching……or something like that

          • Crizz

            Its a shame that your grade school teacher didn't teach you how to spell neglecting. Public school FAIL.

            • Crizz sucks

              no, stupid person FAIL, not the school system dumbo….

              • ashleyging

                You're fucking pathetic. I could go on and on and on but that gets my point across just fine.

                • Don_Aguelo

                  Your nice ass won't save you of "thumbs down" this time.

                  • ashleyging

                    hahaha the thumbs down are cool with me but homeboys attack at teachers hit a personal nerve. I'm a firm believer in "talk what you know" … Again I'm going to stop myself., why bother 🙂
                    much love ❤

                    • Giggitty

                      If that picture is of your ass you're forgiven – at least by me

                    • Isaac Clark

                      Ashley GIng

                  • http://www.facebook.com/Billie.Badd.Ass Billie Page

                    lmao and ur hot old man face wont save you of yours!!

      • GK-4

        Their innate organization skills are just scary

  • Grifo

    I'm such a nerd… because that is WAY COOL!

    • Grifo

      Actually, that's not 20 bees trapped in a jar, it's a jar over a hole in the top of the hive… still WAY COOL!

      • Skye

        thanks for mentioning that, I was looking at this thinking that there's no way in hell that's possible.

  • top dog

    Question: What happens when you trap twenty honey bees under a glass jar?
    Answer: They would probably die.

  • Albert

    If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination … no more men!

    • Ferret

      Albert Einstein said that.. you might want to not steal quotes

      • ALBERT

        Hence the name douche.

        • Turd Smurf

          fucking hilarious

    • bob

      bees are only respoinsible for a small fraction of the pollination that occurs in relation to our cros. mosquitoes flies birds beetles ants bats ladybugs butterflies moths are only a small list of the pollinators that help our crops. and there are many other plants that we could potentially use as food crops (But dont presently) that either use other pollinating insects or dont require insect pollination in the first place. hell, many of our present crops dont require pollination either.

      this is mere doom and gloom, standard internet FUD spread by ignorant idiots.

      • Eeik5150

        Bob is right. The Guava is a great example of non-bee pollination. The flower blooms at night, dies and falls off before morning. Guess what pollinates it: Bats. Don't believe everything that M. Night Shamalamadingdong puts into his movies. Millions of bees have to die every day to prevent bee over population.

        • Albert

          Just because thats where you get your info doesn't mean thats how everyone else gets their info. I saw it on the Discovery Channel thank you very much.

          • Plato

            There's a weird paradox…

            Albert Einstein gets his info from the Discovery Channel…… so who does the Discovery Channel get their info from?

            • Joe Pancake


            • UserName

              Bear Grills

            • UserName

              Bear Grylls

    • Al_Buck

      Men? No…food…correctamundo!

    • Jak

      He probably said that when he was high

    • Billy

      LOL. Bees are not native to North America. I guess North America was dead before someone brought them over from Eroupe? Grow a Brian Moran!

      • Jak

        Who is Brian Moran?

        • dentonbeard


        • Zing

          Judging the by capitalization, I assume he meant to do that…. the Moran thing comes from a photo online…

          so FUCK YOU!

          • Just Sayin

            Don't defend idiots that make obscure insults. It makes YOU look like a MORON.

            • eclipze

              lol why are we even arguing ?

              • Antagonist

                Hey, if you're not going to contribute to the argument then GTFO

    • Crizz

      Women inherit the earth. Lesbian Porn Abounds. Wins.

    • Henry

      hey i saw that on bee movie, true sheet going on there

  • equalizermax

    I've seen this yesterday in Kuvat.com…

    • Jak

      I've see your mom yesterday in Sluts.com…

      • hiya

        I've seeN your face Jak in dictionary.com….

        • What?

          I've seen your nonsensical comment in theChive.com

    • PWNT

      People shouldn't be thumbing down people for calling out legitimate content piracy. We don't need theCHIVE turning into another lame ebaumsworld. Obviously it's not a big deal because it's how things circulate, but we don't want theCHIVE turning into Carlos Mencia either.

      • Jak

        Ya think Joe Rogan will get on here and call theChive out?

    • spliggs

      Good for you. Some of us don't have all day in our Mom's basement to troll the internet, so we like to do our one-stop-shopping here at the Chive. Go Chive!

  • OneClownShoe

    I can see what the buzz is all about.

    • Hahahaha

      That deserved more than 1 thumb up

    • hahah


    • Kyle Retrato

      I see what you did there… =_=

    • rape kit

      yeah…ur giving this guy too much credit for a gay pun

      • Hater gunna hate

        I don't see anything gay about that pun

      • dentonbeard

        Why are you bee-ing such a douche?

        • Jak

          Thats was retarded but I still laughed

  • da voice

    trap me in a glass jar and i would probably shit, piss, spunk and vomit all over myself too.

    • Kyle Retrato

      If you were trapped in a glass jar, better drink your own piss.

  • Matt

    How do i get one.. That would be a cool thing for putting on a dinning room table?!

  • room

    It would be even cooler if Matt got a decent connection so he didn't have to hit post more than once…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shannon-Coverdale/606371253 Shannon Coverdale


  • BigDingo

    Makes me feel like a lazy f*ck… maybe I'll do something about that later.

    Also I'm no bean counter but I'm pretty sure there is more than 20 bees #4

    • Boris


      • Boris=idiot

        They are coming out of the hive. *See above comments

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    This article was the………………….bees knees!!! Say Whaaaaaat?

  • andy


    • TitoRigatoni


  • Diana Santos

    i hate bees..#4 is giving me chills :S

  • P Diddily

    "Well, sure is quiet in here today."
    "Yes, a little too quiet, if you know what I mean."
    "Hmm… I'm afraid I don't."
    "You see, bees usually make a lot of noise. No noise – suggests no bees!"
    "Oh, I understand now."
    [a bee flies by]
    "Oh look, there goes one now."
    "To the Beemobile!"
    "You mean your Chevy?"
    [pause] "Yes."

  • cuda

    you my friend are a moron

  • MeisterMon

    Someone might want to tell someone that there was a slit in the wood for those crafty yet stupid bees to get out and get more food…

    Will someone please tell someone something so that no one has to ask anyone stupid questions?

    • Someone

      Someone might want to re post the title with something more appropriate like perhaps "Look what honeybees do when you give them a glass jar" instead of them being TRAPPED in a jar, so someone would not have made such a remark based entirely on the title which was false….

      • Dick

        Someone might want to actually look at the pics before someone rants about how unintelligent bees are and writes an entire paragraph that prompts someone else to continue that ranting paragraph theme.

        • Jak

          TLDNR – To all of you!

          • Someone

            What does tldnr mean?

            I'm new to the abbreviating stuff.

            I just figured out ROFL.

            • Harvey

              Too Long, Did Not Read

              • Someone

                If I go over 30 words or so, do I get ATL,RH?

                (Almost too long, read half?")

                • Nicnac

                  someone might want to tell Someone to think about the pictures if he is too lazy to read. You think a bunch of bees can build an entire hive in a sealed glass jar with no air, food, water, free flying space, etc?

                  • Someone

                    Read it a few times, all I see is the title of "what happens when you TRAP 20 honeybees in a glass jar," nothing about them NOT being trapped in a glass jar.

                    I can beat this to death all day, but the title is what confused me, that is all.

        • Someone

          C'mon, Dick!

          The title says TRAP!

          Someone might get a bit confused by that, huh!

          If you put a glass roof room on my house, I'd hardly consider myself trapped.

          More like now I have a sweet new room to decorate, just like these "un-trapped" bees did.

  • Duaneo

    This would have been fantastic as a stop motion video!

    • GK-4

      now THAT's thinking outside the Hive!

      • Anonymous


  • Asian_Princess

    gross gross gross….

  • Bob

    #8 This proves that bees are more intelligent than the cast of Jersey Shore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Parkatola

      Um, the glass jar is more intelligent than the cast of Jersey Shore.

  • Jessica Condrey

    They do bee stuff.

  • mike

    So you s

  • mexicanMyself

    Well it's obvious from these photos that honey bees trapped under a glass jar morph into hundreds of mexicans…hard working and they reproduce like they are going out of style. This should be a jeopardy question, with the answer being: Mexicans

    I know cause i am one 🙂

    • Jak

      That explains why you couldn't form the answer as a question

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