There are Sexy Chivers Among Us: Smiles Edition (72 Photos)

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I know it's cold out there for a lot of y'all. The Sexy Chivers have arrived to melt the ice. Thanks to all our real girls for lighting it up this week with so much sexy positive energy.

One note: If you don't see your photo here today, don't worry, you might see it next week! 'Sexy Chivers' continues to blow us away as millions of Chivers tune in every Friday for this internet event. Remember, this awesome post is NOTHING without our Chivettes! So if you've got what it takes to be a Sexy Chiver, start submitting your photos for next week as soon as possible.

AWESOME INSTRUCTIONS: Grab your camera (phone) and write 'Hi Chivers' on a sign or some part of your body (be as creative as you like). Then use our handy-dandy upload page to send pics to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com and collect internet fame. Above all: Be Creative! Do it for your country!

Chive On!

John n' Leo

  • Michael Graham

    Awesome… Totally Awesome! #34 #66 #72

  • Alex

    #48 #54 #8 #13
    Thumbs for girl next door cute!

  • Brian Freedman

    #37 Red heels = fierce

  • Syraphym

    #19 #24 #47 and #56 more please

  • JBee

    #19 awesome… i have nothing more to say

  • RickP

    #50 MOAR

  • TRDAE101


    Ohhh hellyeah!

  • 6655321

    #19 My favorite🙂

  • the frenchman

    #10 Guitar girl is gorgeous. She wins with a great smile.

  • phideauxe

    Fantastic job ladies. #26 my personal favorite. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Marius

    #20 Bravo esti fumoasa, for my fellow romanian chiver

  • BigDickDaddy

    #9 #28 #43 #59 #63 #69
    HumminaHumminaHummina…I mean too say…outstanding ladies

  • Rafiki

    Most of the time, I don't think that there are girls with nice smiles who are single, theChive is the only thing that lets me remember, tyvm hahaha #19 ftw They are regular girls but no two alike, stay awesome

  • areolasFTW

    more of her, please!


  • areolasFTW

    dammit, i meant


  • Cable Guy

    #50 #8 I want MOAR!

  • khyf

    Hey #7, so you want to get some coffee sometime… ?

  • Kelvin Tan

    #26 Nice

  • HankT

    #4, #53 (I'm definitely watching more pole vaulting) and #60….thank you Chive

  • JFrost

    #26 needs her own gallery, yesterday!

    God, so many naughty thoughts for #72! Let's have a gallery of her, too!

    • Lauren Gentile

      #72 here! Thanks for the compliment and I did have a gallery about two weeks ago or so!🙂

  • Jake

    #57 I can dig it!

    • Jake

      #53 is a goddess!



  • Pepper

    Some amazing and stunning pics….time to go back and note my faves …. Chives rules!



  • Ben2828

    On of the best Sexy chivers ever!

    We need another lip bite topic! thumbs?

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