Hot Right Now: Chivette Abigail will leave you wanting more (18 Photos)

America loves winners and Jeff Gordon wins (37 Photos)

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  • DevilsReject97

    I would do her as often as I could

    That is all…

  • Iftreescouldtalk


  • Meet Jeff Gordon’s Wife

    […] See More… Add her to your "PIMP LIST" to lick later 😛 […]

  • PopoPotato

    I thought Jeff was older than his wife, then I found out that he's younger by a year…. Holy cow~!

  • write

    i guarantee, Jeff really like to drive her….

  • Abebe

    (i know for a fact no-one will read this)-but-i wonder if sohomew soneday trees will have the ability to see these pictures; then get really pissed, and decide to take a bunch of dead human corpses and try to do the same thing to us .that shit would be fucked up!

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