Street artist JR takes LA by storm (15 photos)

World renowned street artist, JR has recently made LA his own personal canvass recently. Between Banksy and JR, it's been a fun couple weeks discovering their exploits all over town. JR is in LA to receive the $100,000 2011 TED award and is finishing his 3rd installment of his expansive project, The Wrinkles of the City. The first two were in Cartagena, Spain, and Shanghai in 2010. I love this dude is glorifying age and wrinkles in a city obsessed with youth and botox.

Check out JR's website for more.

  • Cristi Palincas

    I like Banksy more. He has more kick.

    • Zee

      agreed! have you checked out "Exit through the Gift Shop"?

      • Cristi Palincas

        No, but thank you for letting me know about it 😀 I shall watch it first chance I get.

    • drbeene

      Is Banksy the only graf writer you guys know?

  • nut

    Anyone from southern CA see the supposed Banksy in Oceanside?

    • Guest

      It's not Banksy's!! It's a fake. People need to check his website before saying something is his, he posts all his art on his website!

  • WTFever

    I feel like someone is watching me….

    • BloodScrubber

      Sorta like…artistically looking over your shoulder.

  • kyle

    bunch of eyes in black and white awesome lolz

  • TIZ

    there should be more street art every where

  • Urban

    #11 Good Stuff!

  • BigDingo

    They are all amazing, I like #8 a ton. Come to my town?


    its amazin what the power of imagination can create….graffitti should be legal to an extend… as long as it shows not promotional messages and bought out inspirational art.. it should be legal!!!

    • jason in pc

      ahh, commented in wrong box, see below in responce to this.

  • luke

    lol! this guy tries to make a break in LA straight after a resurgence from banksy and all it does is remind us how great banksy is. seems a little fail to me

    • emu

      some of them were done last summer. #13 for example and theres one not pictured on the opposite facing wall. i lived in the building pictured. last year.

      • luke

        well done. want a cookie? my point was that they just gained notoriety for it. plus, banksy is the daddy (or mummy) of all street artistes

        • Joe

          dude… street art wasnt invented a couple years ago.

    • Winoe

      Man get of banksy's jock. Real street art lives on the street not the internet and certainly not on Exit through the Gift Shop.

  • sIIk IMAge

    come on man. appreciate dont descriminate. hes doing his own thing.. and its sicka!!

  • Bad Andy

    I saw them paint this one by the entrance of the 2 fwy.

  • jason in pc

    it is legal, if you get permision from the bldg owner. but you cant paint the mona lisa on someones building if you dont ask first, no matter how good it is it is still vandalism and damn hard to get off.

    this cat asks first, probably shows his portfolio to the super or owners and gets a kitchen pass.

  • Dan

    fucking awesome

  • Bob

    If I woke up and saw these paintings around my town, I would be fucking terrified.

  • mrjimmyos

    Are these seriously paintings? They look incredible

  • Yeahbeer

    #8 pretty awesome

  • Alan

    I guess we have no choice but saying it is nice… hmmm makes me feel weird…

  • Pants

    They are watching us…

  • @JeremieGnt

    I know we have a big ego but he is french, of course.
    His website here :

    • @JeremieGnt

      Just for the information : he found his first camera in the Parisian subway. This is how he has began his work, you really had to go to see his website, some of his works are really impresive. Like in Paris or in Africa.

  • Chris Carrell

    Cool stuff I like that him and Banksy are painting the shit outa stuff right now.

  • Hal


  • MrCjv


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