• davey

    i'll vote for tits…all the time.

    • osirisoflight

      the best part was that they bounce to the beat

    • Cake is a Lie

      I bet she is really good at DDR

    • RichXTC

      That all I saw, too… OLD ballz or bouncy TITS? hmmmm

      • jason

        dyslexic girl gets my vote too

      • Steeb

        first half….i just thought "damn…it would be hilarious if he kicked his slippers at the kid's face" then "it'd be even funnier if he roundhouse kicked the kid at the end"

        second half….bounce bounce bounce, arm twirls….bounce bounce bounce…..that is all…

    • Nick

      they both have tits

    • helfimed


    • abud

      you got it dud…tits always!

  • richard t


    • ioulian

      fail 😀

      • clickhere


  • Cogburn

    Is this a contest? Things that bounce!!!!

    • Lil Jon

      Throw a gif of this one in things that bounce. It must be done.

    • Calin Chifor

      contest? are you so desperate?

  • Dude

    Dancing dad's got the moves, but she's got bouncing boobs. Not much of a contest, if you are a straight man.

    • douche

      Old man had my vote until those things started to bounce

    • Kimmeh

      Agree. But I'm a straight woman.. O_O


        Maybe not as straight as you think…

  • mtm

    Things that bounce?

  • Jason

    Whatever nerd gets that is a Lucky dude!. I nominate her for the "things that bounce"!

  • Morris

    Wow just not sure…

    • Morris

      Me has heart, but she does bounce and glows in the dark.

    • Don_Aguelo

      I have bad news for you man…

  • J.G

    bouncy bouncy

  • Truth.Inc

    There's really no contest here. Clearly the fat old Arab man has far more sex appeal than the young curvy Jewish girl with bouncing breasts.

    • Cogburn

      spoken like a true terrorist.

    • James

      What does their ethnicity have to do with anything? The guy is clearly a happy guy having a good time, the girl is clearly enjoying herself as well. They both act as though they are exactly who they want to be, and I hope it true. The boobies are great and got my vote, but your comment is just useless and I'm sorry you've wasted my time.

    • Ignorance.Inc

      Actually, from his dance moves it would appear that he is most likely Soviet Georgian, who are Christians and have nothing to do with Arabs or terrorism.

      • Dan

        And there are plenty of Christian Arabs too, and are more than likely Orthodox Christian, just like Christians in Georgia. Or Coptic. Your name, it is fitting.

        • Cogburn

          holy shit… you guys are uptight…. Funny comment Truth! I was merely trying to ride the coat tails of a funny comment. These jackwagons think they're better than us because they know what dance moves cultures have. talk about wasting time!

  • nate

    things that bounce tuesday? im all for it!

  • O-H, I-Uh-Oh

    i only hope that i still enjoy dancing to techno when i'm his age

    • Jak

      It's sad that you enjoy dancing to techno at any age.

  • Fisheyes

    Wow. There's 3 minutes that I'll never get back.

  • Donnie

    Both are so horrible I can't even vote. But why do Japanese women make dances like the comic-con girl look good while she makes it look so bad?

    • Ny.Wolf

      believe it or not thats a swedish dance, and she did it wrong, the original has alot more bouncing and so would have been alot more boring (not considering the boobs bouncing the whole time)

  • HoratioBoobles

    Follow the Bouncing Boobs. fairly crass, but she is attractive and I would like to meet her.

  • @mr_joshwa

    she is cute, energetic, and entertaining. so what if her moves are a little generic? i'll vote for the hot dorky nerd comic princess every time.

    • aosux

      She broke into the "Carlton" for a second too. She gets some points for that

  • wtf

    i am confused and distraught. i did not think there was such a thing as too much bouncing boob.

    • Slade Garrison

      There's not such a thing as too much bouncing boob. Just an epidemic of heart attacks.

  • tlatts

    Ok now let's do a FIND HER and have her redo this wearing a bikini.

    • Jim

      Slave Leia ftw!

    • Ny.Wolf

      shes all over youtube, search "caramelldansen comicon 2008" her name is supposedly Seseilia

      this video says who she supposedly is:

      this video is the full version of what we just saw:

    • SileemoNuts

      This better not be the last time we see her!

  • boss

    the dad is way better.. but everyone is pussy deprived so they chose the chick

    • Joben

      i had sex with my girlfriend, last night, 2 times…guess who i voted for? the girl. pussy deprivation or not bouncing boobs are just more entertaining. now that i think about it they were both pretty boring, but the boobs are too memorizing for me to notice when the girl started dancing

  • hired goons

    dad has better moves and better use of cloth triangles, boobies was hiding some thickness in the hips and legs but there were boobies.

  • Grifo

    Boobs or gut… Got to give it to the old man. Bounce on my brutha!

  • buster cherry

    Only at ComiCon could the site of luscious bouncing tits go completely unnoticed

  • mtpuckhead

    Dancing Dad looks more like a convulsion. And it doesn't seem that he can bend his knees much.

  • Lauren Gentile

    I'll take: things that end in 'its' for 500.

    But I personally think that Dad has mad skills. I especially love how he interacted with his son… and how much his son totally enjoyed it. 😉

    • Wolfram

      I liked where he almost nailed the kid in the head with his foot.

      But yeah… the Dad had better music, but the girl wins by a mile. Boing, boing, boing.

  • Dan

    Tits win again.

  • George

    hahaha Dancing dad!! and down, I can't stop laughing at it, things that bounce are allright but he got the moves…. but hatter gona hate

    • HANK

      Oh ya Hatters gone Hat!?!?!?

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