One good looking GTR (9 HQ Pictures)

  • B_rad

    The GTR is fast…but IMHO ugly. How's about moar of that Z06?

  • QuattroD00d

    I would definitely take the Vette over the GTR.

  • Dreamy

    I think we all want to see more of the Corvette… 🙂

  • the_mad_zak

    Nice car. It does not perform as well as a Chevy, but it's still kinda nice.

  • bill

    you are all idots GTR!

  • kevin

    well bill looks like u are a idiot, and I would still take the GTR , but gotta love the vette!

  • Dylan

    based on the fact that im in canada with 8months of snow, I'll take the gtr

  • herb

    the vette is only good at smoking tires! that gt-r would eat the vette for lunch!

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