Nothing beats a beautiful face (30 HQ Photos)

  • Richard


    • Smithers

      Fuck you richard!

    • Gulliver

      You're such a stool Richard!

    • Urban

      Whatever makes your life happy.

    • nick


  • Alcy

    #30 best.face.ever

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      I'd love to po-poke her face!

    • Jerry Sienfeld

      If that isn't a guy, then she has some serious man-hands…

      • Austin

        lmao what jerry siad

      •és-Zamora-Cruz/1238185887 Andrés Zamora Cruz

        That means "guy who has hands in the right place" guys….it's a subliminal idea, supposed to be sexy on photography.

    • da bears

      Pretty sure that's a guy…those are definitely man hands

      • Alcy

        Just because a girl does not have long nails, does not make them man hands!

        • rpoy70

          I agree, girls can have short nails too. But this is a dude because she has BIG ASS MAN hands. Look at them!

    • Tush
      • Rod

        well…the directory is Sorpresas which is Surprises in Spanish…so….Surpriiiiise! It's a dude!

    • Shut It

      I think it is a dude, at least close enough for me to keep any sex comments to myself. Fags

    • Apple

      Chris Brown would beat this beautiful face

    • sjs

      looks like a dudes hands to me… probably a tranny.

  • fobss

    Second! Haters gonna hate

    • Semper

      you're right. I hate you.

    • danny

      we are gonna hate u thunder cunt

    • Aytchie

      Never mind the fact that you weren't even second…

    • bo-g

      let them hate. 2 is it!

  • Richard

    also moar #1 and #13

    • llano2

      #13 is way past her prime. No moar.

      • asb

        #13 is EXTREMLY overated. i am tired of society pushing female athletes on me as supermodels when they are clearly a 6

    • sofaking

      #1 is Susan Coffey. Definitely worth a moar post.

      This site has almost all of her photos on it.

    • three

      13 – Kurnikova

  • forrest

    well it is hump day #30

    • COCO

      Look at the fat and weird skin color.


      • Erik von Markovik

        But she's got a good personality.

  • Random

    #15, #17, more than just a beautiful face

    • Loki

      anybody know how 17 is?

      • Mike

        Ariel. Google either Ariel FTV or Met Art for erotica and Piper Fawn for hardcore. Fair warning though, she is gorgeous.

    • Not Workin

      #17 has a TON of nudes out there… if I wasn't at work I would like up some of her galleries.. I think her web name is Arial..

      • The Dude

        That didn't help unless you got a thing for Mermaids.

        • not working

          go to the coolios babes website.. doubt many mermaids will show up there

      • HuskerDu

        Piper Fawn… You are welcome.

      • TheAbeVigoda

        Ariel, Piper Fawn and she's a Lightspeed girl too…

        • not working

          woah – almost went to far with the internet while at work – will have to check lightspeed later 🙂

        • Jakehole


          Her name is Ariel, but she's a Joymii girl.

          • Bluesman

            #15 Alina Vacariu

    • hapa_nerd

      #15 looks naughty and exotic.. great combination

      • Bluesman

        Her name is Alina Vacariu, romanian model.

  • Pff

    #9 please

    • Jaron

      Seriously….Maggie Gyllenhaal?!?

      • pingpong

        The mystical power of adobe. Still pass.

      • V4Vendetta14

        I laughed my ass of when Christian Bale referred to her as being beautiful in last Batman.

      • John Whitsel

        I agree…I mean, she'd get it, but that ain't saying much.

    • That Guy

      oh god no.

    • ricky

      that bitch is ugly. she's the only flawed part of the dark knight. fucking. ugly.

      • jroy

        Could not agree more. Can't understand why a billionaire would preoccupy himself with such a turd when he can surround himself with whatever he wants regardless of their history. Chive missed this one….

        • Rod

          Granted, but remember that Rachel Dawes used to look like Katie Holmes before the horrible plastic surgery that changed her into this…so he's infatuated with her past self, it happens.

          (won't deny Gyllenhaal does look prettier in this pic, but that's a good photographer's job)

    • llano2

      She is not beautiful. Is might be a little pretty now, but that won't last.

    • megachuck

      Seriously??? She is flat out ugly. No way. Very rare miss for thechive here.

    • Spaceno

      Do not want!

    • amanda

      Maggie Gyllenhaal – cute? as hell. beautiful? no sir.

    • MrPrufrock

      I thought this was a joke. I wrote about it later that night in my diary, "The Chive had a very funny joke today."

    • isawoj

      she's a Newark 7.

    • MrEff

      Are you joking? She looks like a Saint Bernard.

    • chase

      she's hideous. like a sad turtle.

  • George

    #26 that smile is something magical

    • nemesis

      Is that *knockknockknock* Penny?

    • Doofenshmirtz

      Knock Knock Knock…Penny

      • ROK

        Knock Knock Knock…Penny

    • Roscoe

      Indeed it is. I'm a big fan!

  • Jessica Condrey

    Great Gallery 😀

    • Random

      It could've been even better if they included you in the gallery ~

      • OwnerOfYou

        Well played, sir…. well played.

        • Jessica Condrey

          awwww ^-^

  • ness

    #6 Scared the shit outta me.

    • ness


    • Paul

      Im sure it was 7 that scared ya…

    • leadbelly

      Thats Sarah Brightman, an opera singer and shes about 50.

  • EyeB

    Eye – Beholder… amazingly the your eye and my beholder have a 99% agreement rate…

  • ProvenZer0

    #28 grabbed me and will not let me go. Stunning.

    • ROK

      i don't think she has any native american in her but she could have a little swede in her if she plays her cards right…

    • Jack

      if i'm not wrong its Leah Donna Dizon.

    • Native Breed

      She obviously is no Native Princess her facial features DO NOT resemble one, labeling her as a fake, she looks more oriental


    #8 =FAIL

    • jeremy

      are you kidding?? I couldn't tear my eyes away! chivette, or celeb?

    • Sappercrg

      Maggie turtle face = FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stafferty

    #22 actually took my breath away for a second. I almost don't believe she is real. Please, for the love of all that is AWESOME, please find her

    • COCO

      Probably photoshop. She is ugly, I guess technology does not work well with every girl.

    • EnriqueTPenguin

      Don't konw her name, but I've seen here on a couple of, uhh, adult-themed thumb sites (, Think she's a MET girl. . . nice little body to match, although you might want to keep an eye out for the pedobear. . .

    • toh12

      she is hot and i think i know who she is ^_^

      katie cassidy, she was in harpers island 🙂

      • Stafferty

        I don't think that is her, the cheek bones are not as pronounced. I still appreciate putting me onto a really great google search

  • Sheoncebelieved

    The eyes on #2 are epic

    • MOAR

      Anyone have a name or more pics?

      • plus one

        yes, please, name?

    • Dirty Dingus

      Also my favorite.

    • Jaime Dodge


    • Rusty Nail

      Photo is at least 2 years old.(posted dates are back to 2008) Currently trolling through a 100+ page thread elsewhere to see if someone has came up with her name.

    • Ray

      MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A MUST FIND! MUST!

      • Lower

        Please Find.

  • stefanhartman

    #20 is a big ole bucket of WIN!

    • COCO

      She has a lot of acne like my butt. She needs to do a daily scrub using oatmeal and sugar mixed with milk to get soft smooth skin.

    • chiyto

      i'd like to give her a bucket of something

  • Nick702

    #15 with a side of #30 will get me through the roughest days

  • ClamSlayer

    #2 is perfect

    • jeremy

      whatever- EVERYONE looks good in this light. she has small features and looks like she's 12.

    • ksb

      she looks like shes 12 years old

    • The Doctor

      I agree. She is perfectly gorgeous.

  • Big E

    #23 ohh kate be still my heart

  • Brad

    the title of the post should read: "nothing beats a super-photoshopped face"

    • nlugo

      #30 is defiantly not shopped

  • RobbieBobbie

    #25 natalie portman ftw!!

    • Shawn35

      gets no better than some natalie portman

    • kooll

      I dont get this natalie hype, in my books not that hot, at least compared to some of the other faces in this post

      • Cass

        My GOD man! you trippin! She's amazing!

        • top dog

          #25. The lady has a perfect face structure, she don't need a lot of make up….perfect.

      • ShakeyTheMoyle

        Please close your books…they are not teaching you anything!!

  • Semper

    #8 is mesmerizing.

  • concretehero

    maggie gyllenhaal? oh hell no.

    • Charles

      #9 Hey Hey Hey!! Maggie is pretty and she's a great actress! you take back your meanness!

      • V4Vendetta14

        Compared to Katies Holmes (in the Dark Knight) Maggie looks like a foot. They should have retired the role, and gone for somebody remotely attractive. Bruce Wayne was supposed to be a billionaire who banged the entire Russian ballet troop. And he thought she was beautiful?

    • MrPrufrock

      She is a beast. I thought it was a joke. I wrote about it later that night in my diary, "The Chive had a very funny joke today."

    • Fred Buecker

      Maggie "Look at me and lose your lunch while I ruin Batman" Gyllenhall? I thought they put the "ugly chick" picture last in these things? The ass pic that SI the last shot looks better than her…

  • aosux

    Me likey! Me want MOAR! #5

  • Bryan

    #14 #26

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