Celebrity close-ups sans Photoshop (26 photos)

  • vindi


    • aosux

      What the hell chive? I barely want to see most of these people with photoshop.

  • https://www.facebook.com/craigweiss.sd Craig Weiss

    How about no makeup? first

  • DJwillflo

    Sarah Palin is so awful. Looking at her makes me cringe…

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      #8 a celebrity?….shitty president…but a celebrity?

      • johnny

        thats all he is. a talk show guest

        • Jen

          i was thinking the same thing, shakey…

      • McBeastie

        I wish you all would look up the word before questioning it. It would make you look slightly less retarded.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrea-Castle/100001860058036 Andrea Castle

      me too dont look too long you may vomit

    • MARY


  • Wavien

    #25 I threw up a bit.

    • stylez948

      i'd fek her face just sayin

    • nywolf

      She would be the perfect example of a blond woman, too bad shes a brunette.

    • Green doodoo

      Her and Paris were by far the nastiest chicks on this post!
      They both seem to have this arrogant smugness about them. No thank you!!

    • Sheoncebelieved

      I threw up big time b/c of number 8
      worst thing 'Merika has every experienced

      • nemesis


    • James

      Sure, I wouldn't want her to be 2nd in command, but she's still beautiful and interesting in her own way.

    • mindnumbrobot

      Haters gonna hate.

      • Wavien

        I don't hate her. I just think she's disgusting.

    • http://twitter.com/roch20 @roch20

      She looks like a man!

    • Josh

      It's amazing how politicians like her and Obama actually are pseudo celebrities

    • SnuggyFu

      She looks like a normal old lady to me. o.O

  • davey

    no wonder plastic hollywood surgeons make a bundle.

    The last shot freaked me out. It wasnt working then BAM it kicked in.
    TOO much Ugly!!! make it STOP!!

  • Mayhem

    Its funny how the chive just slaps "posted at the Chive" directly over the original one, haha.

    • HARD

      Are they lying? No. Kind of like "fresh frozen" fish.

  • Error404k

    Still would

    • sureal

      good god, hell yes 1000x yes


  • 2beer

    I swear – one more of those flashy things with the faces and I'm going to have a seizure

    • Rod

      I think Chive just learned how to do that this week…like a little boy with his new Christmas toys

  • Rod

    I can only say…Fuck Colin Farrel and his perfect skin!! #9

    • Justin Hall

      My eyes just contracted herpes.

    • BSmike

      And his duckface

    • ashleyging

      I would love too

    • Fionn

      Cheapaim, is duine ro cool e 😀

    • Marionpowder

      Yes, I would fuck Colin Farrel and his perfect skin.

      • whitneysouth

        Me dos. All night long.

    • Shitty Wok

      He's also rockin' the infamous "Blue Steel" look and you just can't compete with that.

    • Llib Setag

      Photoshop : No.
      Soft focus lens on camera : Yes.

  • Justin Hall

    #1 Yep, she's still hot.

    • Yawn

      State obvious, get thumbs up.

    • cyna

      she's beautiful anyway..

    • derek


  • PJ Fry

    Paris is ugly at any range or with any computer program.

    • sureal

      and i could be wrong, i usually am, but i see a whole lot of makeup for a picture with "no makeup" lol

      • Marionpowder

        With make-up, without Photoshop.

        • Chiefs420

          Still looks like a cheap hooker

    • http://www.theanisette.com Daris

      Agreed. Donald Trump lost a bet and had to bang Sarah Jessica Parker. Enter Paris Hilton.

    • JBBooks


    • Gwen

      How is that not photoshopped. She wears blue contact lenses. The girl has brown eyes.

      • Booty Humper

        Yeah? but she can suck a dick, and I'll buttfuck the shit out of her!!

    • choppers

      and a lazy eye!!

  • Yup

    #4 Not a celeb.

    • Yes

      You're stupid.

    • ryan

      nope, just a 28 year old billionaire

      • Homer

        With a blockbuster, critically-acclaimed movie made about him and who runs the most popular social networking site in the world with tens of millions of members and has graced the cover of Time magazine as person of the year and has worldwide recognition. Nope, no celebrity here, move along o.0

        • cbs5090

          Hundreds of Millions…..but yeah.

    • napamamascribe

      –noun, plural -ties for 1.
      1. a famous or well-known person.

      So he's not an ACTOR.

    • Abigail

      #4. That's Mark Zuckerberg…billionaire twenty-something creator of Facebook. (Portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg in the Academy Award nominated film: The Social Network). He looks about 16! I never knew he possessed so many freckles, that makes him look even younger.

    • May-Trix

      Actually, Rocky Dennis IS a celebrity – He starred in his own movie with Cher – A little movie called Mask!


  • Justin Hall

    #20 And I never thought she was attractive, and this picture only confirms it. She looks like a fucking alien.

    • BigDingo

      Scared the hell out of me when I was scrolling down.

    • jb!

      i barfed

  • hossmank

    Some of them look like death #11 , even though he ROCKS.

    • John

      Christopher Walker looks a lot like Emperor Palpatine to me.

    • Lyrafire

      Definitely the strangest looking one, but that's part of his shtick.

  • Wolfram

    #24 R.I.P.
    So sad there won't be any more movies starring Heath Ledger 😦

    • Homer

      Agreed. A little sad to see this pic.

    • Dan

      Don't do drugs. Also, was he banging both Olsen twins, or only one of them?

      • Me!!

        Shut up Dan, have some damn respect.

  • BSmike

    #11 I gotta have more cowbell baby

    • lisa M

      is he wearing LIPSTICK?

    • Katalyze

      Wow, that was REALLY clever.

  • mixalot

    if you look closely at the gif, i'm pretty sure Leo (chive co-owner) put himself in there.

    • parker

      holy shit i think you're right.

      • skuch

        Not seeing it, mainly because if i look at it for more than 10 secs i go crazy.

  • ????

    #10 looks exactly like he does in everything he is in.

    • vicrom252

      looks the same as he did in Out Cold

  • zman

    #11 #14 Scared me a bit

    • Green doodoo

      They look like the mugshots for raging crazy drunks

  • THAT Guy

    Once I noticed the lights making a "snake effect" in everyone's eyes… I couldn't get past it.


    • Tanya

      Ummmm thanks for that…didn't notice before, now that is ALL I see…..

    • http://bunedoggle.com bunedoggle

      It's called a ring flash. It's often used in close up photography. You're seeing the reflection in the eyes.

  • yea yea

    #8 i just puked in my mouth……

    • galm666

      Heck yes, partisan politics ruining how you see the world.

      • Justin Hall

        Yeah, dude, theChive is an asylum from vitriolic political commentary. Keep that partisan shit to yourself, asshat.

        • Maxwell1965x

          Interesting how neither of you responded to the comments about Sarah Palin. Partisan?

          • Jessica Condrey

            ComicBook Store Guy Voice- "Worst President..Ever."

            • ryan

              i'm guessing you don't know much about the presidents beyond bush jr. and obama

              • Notable

                Granted there have been shitty ass presidents, much worse than either of those two, but you have to admit the U.S. isn't getting a great selection to choose from these days. The best hope the U.S. had to fix the economy was Mitt Romney and he was ousted in the preliminaries. Just saying.

            • Justin Hall

              I'm thinking that superlative belongs, you know, people who actually deserve it. Like Jefferson Davis of the Confederate South, Andrew Johnson of the Reconstruction-era and Harding of the Depression. …Obama hasn't even finished a term.

              • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dawn-DuBois/507725936 Dawn DuBois

                can Palin really be described as a politician anymore? Isnt she more of just sort of a has been fame whore?

                • Lee

                  She calls herself a "Culture Warrior" to be exact.

          • Guest

            I think it's more to do with the fact that Sarah Palin is divisive and negative. Whenever she is in the media, she is "blasting" someone. The public sees a human side to Obama. I think her show meant to do that for her… but she used it to, again, be divisive and critical. That kind of attitude brings out the worst in people. It doesn't have to be a tit for tat kind of thing.

    • http://twitter.com/roch20 @roch20

      I know, he's too handsome. But wait till you see Sarah Palin's pic, it will give you diarrhea.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tyler-Hobbs/1005122658 Tyler Hobbs

      As did I… I hate that horrible excuse for a president. now, let the thumbs down begin!

      • HARD

        I'm interested to know how you Obama-haters would quantify Obama's worst-ness. The man is stymied by the Republicans and vilified by Fox no matter what he does or tries to do. Yet he has still managed to accomplish some good things that nobody bothers to report.

        The Republicans and Fox pundits are comical in contradicting themselves at times. Tell us one terrible thing Obama has done (and then tell us how Bush condoning torture, suspending constitutional rights, etc is better).

        It would be funny if it weren't so scary how easily led you ignoramuses are.

        • William

          How exactly was he stymied by republicans? For two years he had a democrat majority in the senate and the house, and still has a majority in the senate. I'll be the first to tell anyone that Bush was a terrible president, but he never actively tried to undermine American business and did what he could, (however misguided and wrong) to keep America one of the greatest countries on Earth. Obama, on the other hand, is trying to capitalism, nd is forcing America to rely on the government for any and all services, and is demanding the distribution of wealth to everyone, regardless of whether they deserve it. He is as un-american as it is possible to be. I would rather have people listen in on my phone conversations and keep tabs on my library books than force me to pay for welfare for people who refuse to work and become productive members of society.

          • William

            Correction: Obama, on the other hand, is trying to END capitalism

            • boggled

              Um, no he isn't.

              But that's the kind of ludicrous argument put forth by the radical right. Try thinking for yourself rather than regurgitating talking points.

              How has he been stymied? Filibusters, the Koch-brothers-financed Tea Party disruptions of public information sessions on health care, etc.

              And now that the education system in the US is being further weakened, there will be more idiots like you who believe everything they're told.

    • Eddie

      Try to suck it in.

    • MARY


      • mary

        Hey…Its Ovomit.

  • old school

    Who the hell is #21? and wtf is up with those eyes.

    • napamamascribe

      Its Valentino. and he's old and probably had some work done.

      • kualjo

        So who the fuck is Valentino?

        • not google

          Ask google

    • Dirty Dingus

      How their eyes look, is a result of the lighting…specifically the lights reflected in their eyes…a.k.a catchlights.

      It looks like the photographer used a large softbox and then stood right in front of it, using a wide angle lens at a large aperture.

    • ijijijij


    • Guest


  • equalizermax

    Nice Mug shot

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jacob-Hiner/542103357 Jacob Hiner

    Walken is the man

  • markdemon

    Clint Eastwood looks old. But, he's still a bad ass. One of the best actors ever.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Taylor-Blissett/1764864971 Taylor Blissett

      He looks old, because he is old.

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