Sexy gingers let me know that all is right with the world (35 Photos)

  • Joe


    • COCO

      Chive should get the redhead from the movie Sex and the City. You know, the lesbian one. Now that is a total sexy redhead.

      • aosux

        Could not disagree more. Even if I wanted to see the movie I would not watch it becasue of her…and the horse, of course.

      • its_forge

        Cynthia Nixon? Other than the Goddess Kristin Davis, Cynthia's the best-looking of the bunch but that doesn't mean she's much more than pretty plain-jane. I mean, she's nice and all, but she's being cast as "middle-aged homeless woman" on House and stuff like that these days, she's not exactly Portia DeRossi.

    • zzzz

      #2 what a perfect pov…

    • Adam Heffelfinger

      Ginger is wrong, redhead is right…
      But some of these girls are crazy sexy

  • boss

    my crotch is on fire

    • IRock

      If you are experiencing fire in your crotch, please seek medical attention immediately.

      • COCO

        I was about to say the same thing. I highly believe that the person contracted HIV or a serious type of STI.

        • aosux

          I would take a little burning to get with some of these fine women. But nothing perminant…I don't want the HIV or Herp.

  • wadafakutakinbout

    now bring on ginger sideboob girl!!!

  • MigraineBoy

    #3 Now that's a face I want to see when I wake up.

    • Zoey

      I LOVE those freckles!

    • COCO

      I will probably vomit seeing that ugly face in the morning. I prefer to see my mother's face, she is a beauty.

    • v4vendetta14

      To be fair, I've woken up countless times with Coco's mom. She is a beauty.

      • COCO

        You must be one of many men, my mother slept with.

        Get Tested

    • Rooster

      Cintia Dicker, God blessed Brazil and her

  • inc

    #7, #16, #19, #28, #29

    • mr_right


    • lolnonomous

      # 19 looks like a facking video game character she is so shopped and fake and poor quality photoness.

    • Shogun

      more like the best of photoshop

  • Josh Gorter

    #17 I would give my soul up for a night with a sexy smart red head.

    • Ulisses

      She gave up hers just to be a red head……

    • COCO

      What would you do if you find out that she was a man dress with a red wig. Would you still give up your soul.

      • its_forge

        Hm well since she's recently had a baby that'd be quite a feat.

    • MadManDad

      Smart???? Your fantasy is getting the best of you…she is still a woman

    • Adam Sandler

      she could bust my myth any time

  • theo

    gingers have red hair and freckles, most of these are just redheads. nevertheless, they are still hot 🙂

    • Grammar Ninja

      Also, I think the term suggests natural redhead — many of these are dye jobs. But as you say, they are still hot.

  • jen b.

    #23 Hayley Williams is a die hard chiver btw (she uses yelyahwilliams) when she comments

    • mixalot

      yeah, that's also her twitter name. I got in a flame war with her a few weeks ago in 'Monday Motivators' before my roommate smacked me and told me that was actually her. I pressed on, and continued being a dick to her

      • Nicholas Allred

        That's awesome.

        She's a total babe though.

      • LukeSkywalker

        Which one was it? Kinda interested in what she had to say.

    • nywolf

      But apparently Chivers don't consider her a true ginger? At least that's what she said at a concert of hers.

    • evan

      the mic should be a shake weight!

      • adam

        Right on EVAN funny shit, I love the SOUTHPARK episode where they make fun of the shake weight.

        • yelyahwilliams

          Eat a dick fuckers. You're all ugly and poor. I only date within my celebrity. Deal with it. I'm riiiiiiiiiiich biiiiiiiiitch!!!!!

          • hmm...

            I was waiting for someone to use that name…

    • Steve Shaw

      I don't care what anyone says – she's fucking gorgeous. This is the best chive post ever.

    • mick

      I dont care she's not an actual redhead, she is my favourite rockchick

      • Angela Gossow

        There is nothing rock about that chick.

  • jay

    you just made my day, love #14


      DITTO THAT. smoking hot.

  • Alec Gifford

    Chive I could not have asked for a better gift. #14 and #16 I am now ready for bootcamp.

  • jetrome

    #10. Danneel Harris is SO hot. Check her out in Ten Inch Hero
    #17. Smart is very sexy!

    • adam

      DANNEEL HARRIS IS GORGEOUS I love the scene in TEN INCH HERO where PRIESTLEY has to go and buy tampons. DANNEEL has an amazing body.

    • clunge beast

      Damnit i thought ten inch hero was a porno!!!

  • hater

    give #5 her own gallery. she deserves it.

    • gunnerl

      I Agree on #5 , #24 also needs one!

      • COCO

        No, not really. They are okay looking.

    • dubsmack

      find her chive, find her for the love of god.

    • adam

      totally agree 😀

    • Anakrusix

      I think i ran into her at my job. I remember thinking, "Dammit. I know i've seen her somewhere."

  • phalphalla

    Damn, Ariel is so hot!!

  • BryanGoodtimes

    #4 is Connie Pinkerton. from Waxahachie TX

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      thank you! chive, this girl needs her own gallery!

    • poop


    • its_forge

      Connie Pinkerton from Waxahachie Texas has the most adorable pair of sweater puppies I have seen in a rather long time.

  • JohnnyCrosslin

    #7 is jessica – you can see more from my photoshoot with her on my website

    • el bastardo

      JOHNNY CROSSLIN?! is it possible to say i love your work without sounding like a perv? the set with Jaime Eason in the plaid skirt is epic!

  • HawkPilot

    Could we get this again sans any burgundy/ candy apple/ hot pink/ obviously-from-a-bottle redheads? I prefer my redheads natural!

    • Rich A

      exactly. I was expecting real god honest gingers. not some of those fake ass RED heads from a hair dye kit.

  • yes

    #33 – not natural redhead not that that really matters

    • v4vendetta14

      Her and Emma Stone both look way better as redheads, but sadly both fake…

      • @inkedemt

        who is she?

        • Adam Sandler

          shes Jessica from True Blood. Pretty cool HBO show about vampires. Her real name is Deborah Ann Woll

  • markuskoppel

    Redheads are THE PINNACLE of hotness!!!


  • PWNT

    I'd set myself on fire for Amy Adams or Isla Fischer.

    • IRock

      I would too……set you on fire for one of them.

  • Whubbsie

    #33 greatest reason to watch trueblood…. stupidly hot girl…. this whole post was full of them…. but i want MOAR! of the true blood girl.

    • Gemineye

      #33 is Deborah Ann Woll……soooooo hot

  • n1ghtstalker

    #24 So cute, in a slutty, into porn sort of way!

    • Gemineye

      she is a porn star… Piper Fawn

      • Shilling

        Only dabbled in porn early in her career. Now a nude model under name Ariel:

        • James

          There is no 'only'.. once a porn star, always a porn star.

          Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  • Nicholas Allred

    #23 – Total babe. I would totally play Black Ops with her.

    Hell, even Modern Warfare 2 if she wanted.

  • Mavis Beacon

    I wanna tickle Emma Stone's belly button from the inside. #1

    • Toots McGee

      Egg-sack-lee!! I couldn't have put it better myself!

  • jmarkass


    • Zylde

      Diora Baird, as hot as she is and she is hot, is not a redhead.

  • claire

    I was going to link the ones I liked best, but damn, there were too many. ._. I love redheads. ❤

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