• ERN23

    Keenan Rocks!

    • ERN23

      He was on Chelsea Lately with 50 Cent. HILARIOUS. The kid has like 200 million views on YouTube. He's a rockstar!

      • Wolfram

        Are you sure it's a kid?

    • Persico

      I like Kel better!

  • dub

    his katy perry is better lol

  • Big Dave.

    Holy Crap.

  • dub

    oh yea, first!

    • imbrovvn

      LMAO fail.

      • Marcochan

        Swing and a miss.

    • CraigEProppa

      Kill yourself.

  • Stevo

    Dont think that's a kid…..dwarf or somesuch maybe….prolly european….doesn't seem to know the lyrics……creepy? NO DOUBT!

    • imbrovvn

      He's 16… amazingly he's quite popular in YouTube.

      • Jimmy C

        Definitely got those dwarf hands though.

        • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.prack Jonathan Prack

          God I hate those little grubby fingers of his

    • Ryan

      Isn't that the faping kid from the GIF?

    • adobe

      He's from Chicago. Just google him. He's got 100's of videos and has done stuff with 50 cent and David Guetta. Welcome to the interweb…

      • Stevo

        I use the interweb for thechive and porn…but hey, if you wanna kill time watchin 100's of clips of some lil freak that looks like somebodies grandma that wont age correctly….knock yerself OUT!!!!!

    • Neil Kay

      prolly european?! WTF? retard.

  • Big Dave.

    oh yea, fourth!

  • Slade Garrison

    That ain't no kid. That's a midget! I'm sorry, that's not very p.c. I apologize. That's a small person! Which technically makes no sense, since a child is a small person. Little people? Nope, that can describe a child too. Damn you Chive, you win again this time.

    • reggie

      actually he has Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome, its a genetic disease where you stop growing at 8. thats why he looks so weird, because his face looks like hes 8 but his facial expressions and affect are like hes 15. so the two look really weird together and hes capitalizing on it

      • qwertz

        I don't think it's weird. Maybe because I saw real sick shit during my whole life. Like a girl with both dick and vag in Tijuana or pope during mass in Vatican.

        • JHL1

          pope during mass in Vatican….
          that's some sick shit

  • Kristof

    I say whip it, whip it good! This guy knows what to do 😀
    Video is full of WIN!

  • Ben

    I think he might be older than he looks. But damn that was funny

  • panama99

    Hard to take your eyes off of and difficult to turn off but almost ….almost watched again. If American Idol is still on in 10 years you will see him on the first day during the auditions and people will be shaking their heads going "Oh No"

  • sugar0@gmail.com

    Why you don’t give credit to the author ? (searched within 2 seconds in youtube) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5D6IkDRvx18

  • imbrovvn

    He's quite a famous fella'. I believe he's 16 or 17 but by golly, I don't blame you guys saying he's got some sort of syndrome. Looks older than that to me. 😮

  • Rachael

    That is defiantly not a kid…. It's either a midget with too much time on his hands o r a grandmother on her knees.

    • Mikey WINS

      I spit milk at my screen reading this. sigh

    • Summer

      maybe you should educate yourself, the kid is 16 years old, and he has Maroteaux–Lamy syndrome.

  • Jak

    Not sure why but it got awkward about 20 seconds in. Maybe I realized it wasn't actually a kid.

  • Chach


  • AZbtchs

    I am insane now.

  • Chach

    And yes, he is a 15/16 year old "little person"

  • Donny

    Who has read the book “Going Bovine” by Libba Bray??? everytime I see this kids videos I think of Paul Ignacio “Gonzo” Gonzales!!!!

  • saltygary

    The kids good, he did a video with 50 cent appearing in his bedroom. Also I know he's had some surgeries because of his condition. There is one youtube video where he shows the stitches on the back of his neck where they had to do something on his spine.

  • Big T

    Keenan is a talented dude.

  • Dillon Turcotte

    This kid has serious balls for making these vids, props to him, and props to fiddy cent for showing up to make a vid with him, he loses a few points for doing a video. Wish he didn't do a vid with that douchebad from Jersey Shore though, whatever he's still awesome

  • Barette

    That was hilarious, I think he's great. He probably has a condition or something, but he's awesome despite it.

  • The Annoyed Elephant

    Was that an owl furry?

  • Paula



    • ashleyging

      you spent the time to count the comments?
      That's sad on a few different levels.
      Do what you do though Paula!


      • busted

        If that is actually 24th, you did too…

    • clickhere


  • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

    Keenan is the bomb.. Even fifty says so

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