Tuesday again, you should get away (23 HQ Photos)

  • Alec

    Cmon Chivery…

  • Chase

    When I see pictures with snow all I can think is Call of Duty maps. Who else?

    • Universal

      I think of snow sports and hot cocoa

    • Sat-urn

      Your so gay

  • Ben from Aus

    #5 I'm gonna get that bitch some mountains. Bitches love mountains.

    • JHL1

      I bet if the words were photoshopped onto the pic and it was posted in the DAR it wouldn't get thumbed down so much.

      I appreciated it Ben

  • gofistyourself

    #12 Copenhagen ???

    • Ekan

      A town in norway

    • Cat

      Aalesund, Norway

      • gofistyourself

        thanx .. the colorful houses threw me off

        • http://twitter.com/Gamle_Eirik @Gamle_Eirik

          Not the mountains in the backgroud?

  • Asian_Princess

    #7…..sooooo whats in the water there?!

    • JAMESJ


      • king


  • Evariste

    Could you put the location of the pictures?
    I can recognize the places in the Alps but not the other ones… 🙂

    • Samuellification

      I concur with Evariste! These are lovely but don't want to trawl through the comments to find out where they are!

    • Dirty Dingus

      #4 is Peto Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

  • mick

    Can't wait for my next vacation

  • mrjimmyos

    Such incredible views.

    AND CHIVE! These are not big enough to be wallpapers!

    • Charles

      ur face is a wallpaper!

  • duffydog

    #$ is Peyto lake in Alberta,Canada

    • duffydog

      that should be#4



  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #15 is where I go and have a soak after a hard day drinking.

  • The Dude

    #12 can someone help me out.

    • The Dude

      #21 Crap I am dyslexic. Thanks

      • The other Dude

        Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix, France. Photographer is Matthew Turley

      • Pepe

        That most of been some hard shit to build right there.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    #11 smacks of the Cotswolds in the UK…..

    • Drizzle

      thats not the Cotswolds. It's in Llanrwst, Wales.

  • zforce2020

    #6 Mr. Fredricksen, is that Paradise Falls?

    • king

      for a kids movie, i had few good laughs my kids when we watched it together. 😀

    • https://www.facebook.com/AaronJRushton Aaron J. Rushton

      Tee-hee, but no, seriously, it's actually Lake Billy Chinook just outside of Madras, Oregon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Greg-Suarez/100001395732950 Greg Suarez

    For some reason whenever I look at these "You Should Get Away" pics, most of them remind me of Lord of the Rings…

    • hapa_nerd

      there are usually a few that remind me of The Shire.. they're the most beautiful, too!

  • drew

    #13 is Milford Sound, New Zealand. (I believe? Both times I visited it there was at least some cloud cover)

    • sean

      Agreed – I saw it and instantly thought of Milford as well.

  • Mmmmmm

    #21 where is this?

    • SkiBum

      Aiguille du Midi, Mt. Blanc, Chamonix, France

  • dallas

    where is #12? looking for honeymoon spots.

    • dallas

      never mind, answered above.

  • Jakub Wrobel

    #10, #11, & #12 – def. hit the spot. Now I want to go on vacation damn it.

  • RGH

    Now I am homesick and wishing I was snowboarding. Thanks Chive!

  • greenebean

    I love these posts. Keep it up Chive.

  • equalizermax

    These landscapes are better in T-shirts that your chivery…

  • LukeSkywalker

    #21 Straight outta Dinotopia. Whatever happened to Dinotopia anyway? Great book/T.V. series.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cindy-Stiggins/100001272013832 Cindy Stiggins

    Way Cool

  • Jon

    I'm pretty sure #6 is in Oregon….

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