Hump Day. She’s got a shape! (35 photos)

  • killa

    #7 is perhaps one of the sexiest things I have ever seen

    • maybe.....

      no 7 ? the donkey from grizzly bear adams….ok then..

    • SirSparkz

      I was thinking the same thing. This one, and #23.

      • aosux

        Wherever #23 is, that is where I would like to live.

    • chameliion

      totally agree

    • Tomas

      I AGREE!!! ^_^

    • less10percent

      I agree! It took me several minutes until i got to get to number 8.

  • connor

    someones got a chunky ass fetish….

    • [clevernamehere]

      someone likes more than a couple of paper plates for an ass.

    • Phondo

      I believe you're right, Connor. With butts and boobs, these guys seem to think that bigger is always better.

    • mrluke

      What the hell is wrong with you!?

    • fuzzybeard2016

      You say that like it's a bad thing.

    • Doc

      we got a thing for perfect asses.. and those are perfect

    • Careverga

      Someone's been readign too much Cosmo… Man up!

  • DPH

    #8 FTW!

    • BKB


    • G55

      Is this picture not normally in B&W? Why is the "C" in chive black?

  • That Guy

    #27 no thanks…

  • V.A.

    #8, #28.
    Especially 28…. No one's found her face yet. Accept challenge, chive?

    • AtomManhattan

      She's a model, can't remember the name, but I've come across this gallery in my virtual travels.
      Some day there'll be a Google-type site that you can find 'like' pics that share similarities with a picture you want to find more of.

      Hey, that's a good idea.
      Someone make that, and give me money.

      • Fuggin

        #28 goes by Fenny on some brazilian website.

        • Lauren Gentile

          That would be Supertangas.

          • zzzz



            • Lauren Gentile

              I did!! I sent in about 12 pictures of my bootay in HQ on Monday and a few of the upper regions (for the hell of it!) as well… but I never got a reply/they were never posted. 😦

              My avatar is a cropped version of one of the pics too!

              • sully23

                y u no post Lauren on Hump Day?!?! I for one would Love to see Lauren on Hump Day! Others agree?

                • MingoTheJedi

                  CHIVE! No Lauren?! FOR SHAME!!!

              • zzzz

                I SEE YOUR AVATAR… I LIKE

              • P Diddily

                A Hump Day Post without Lauren is like non-alcoholic beer… What's the point!?

                I think every Hump Day should start with that beautiful tush!

                • zzzz

                  …or decaf

                • Lauren Gentile

                  I'll take a bootay photo every week if it meant keeping ze' Chivers happy! 🙂

                  • bicozdenight

                    Good lawd…

                  • whatareethics

                    i bet every Chiver would love to see that! and if they don't, they should!

                    • Lauren Gentile

                      That'd be a ton of fun (it'll help me procrastinate from my masters work) but I know for a fact that Chive would never do that! You all would get sick of me and they have way too many hotties to post!

              • ClariseStarling

                And on the 8th day, god made this.

      • Joben

        go to the website TinEye…it finds matches to pictures and the URLs where they came from…if this pic is in some gallery out there tineye will find it…sorry someone thought of it already. No money for you

        • ruffestneckaround

          Um, I think that was his whole point, just sayin'

    • Guthrie

      search for Fenny Argentinita, she has a whole lot more out there

      • V.A.

        Yeah, knew her name. Still haven't managed to put a face to that derrière though. If only there was a site where they could convince practically anyone to reveal their faces…. Oh, wait….

        • asda

          #28 is Keyra agustina

          • andy

            I think #28 is Mahlegis Foetoeshawpid

  • lutjiano

    #8 yummy

    • COCO

      Looks weird, i know I will never do that.

      • OCOC

        Because you are a shameful waste of existence. Your mother should have swallowed you but she was having a difficult time keeping up that gaggle of sailors, any one of which might be your father.

        • COCO

          Baby, why the mean words. You need to get over our one-night stand last year. I do not like you or ever will.

          • OCOC

            Quality troll insult from a quality human being. Enjoy hanging out with those middle school aged children.

  • some dude

    Some = NIIICE.

    Some = Not so much.

  • phalphalla

    #27 Chive, that was unnecessary!

    • COCO

      You need to learn how to accept all women of all butt sizes. I prefer that type of butt with the muscles.

      • OCOC

        You need to learn that farm animals do not double as personal sex toys.

    • IRock

      "That's a MAN, baby!"

  • Dave

    #8 OMFG!!!

  • Andy Hodge

    My god I love Hump Day more and mor eevery week! And don't forget everyone…5 days till steak and blowjob day!!

    • COCO

      I feel sorry for you if you love hump day. Treating women body parts like sexual objects.

      • Andy Hodge

        Well I treat them like normal objects also….such as a table, or a pillow…

        • Jake

          maybe a good footrest…. or a drum

      • OCOC

        Seek life elsewhere please.

    • oh4fuckssake

      Never mind the objectifying of women, I want to know what steak and blowjob day is, and how do i notify my girlfriend!

  • tommybhoy

    #31 Just perfect

    • COCO

      Looks photoshop. That does not look like a real human butt, so do not get your hopes high.

      • OCOC

        I see your cunt-i-ness is at an all time high today.

        • COCO

          Hey baby, stop hating on me.

          • OCOC

            As soon as you stop breathing.

            • COCO

              But I want to smell you baby.

  • WWE fan

    #11 Trish Stratus FTW!
    #14 #18 Stacey Kiebler FTDW!
    WWE rules hump day!

  • [clevernamehere]

    Guys, having to beat it 31 times this morning is making me VERY late for work….

    You are single-handedly killing this country's productivity. Feel good about yourselves?

    #1 #12 #20 #28 if I had to pick favorites.

    • Benny

      It appears we have very similar tastes in butts.

    • DaddyD

      I see your problem there … no one if forcing you to go to work.

    • TCUchiver

      heart beat is WAY up this morning…..oh my gawd….

    • its_forge

      Yes I'm sure they're totally missing you at the A&W Root Beer stand.

    • Malkintosh22

      I believe you mean this "world's" productivity. Not only Americans chive.

  • Sal

    #11 FT mother effin W!!

  • Bob

    #7 peek-a-booty

    #31 is a perfect bum

    • COCO

      That is so not the perfect bum. Looks fake and flat.

      • OCOC

        Suicide is the only option for you as being a martyr will never happen. Troll elsewhere.

      • COCO

        I actually prefer male cock anyway.

        • Jak

          male goat cock

          • COCO

            No, tiger cock. They are wild and lovely.

            • COCO

              Any cock is fine.

              • COCO

                No. i hate humans cock. Weird looking

  • MarkInNC

    #33 has an incredible body and a nice gap! Approve! Anyone else see #30 and want to be smothered? However, I must say #6 stole the show, please find her! I love Wednesdays!

    • BravesFan

      Add #4 and you've got the best of the list.

      • JstevensF

        My girlfriend said she'd leave me for #6 all I could reply was 'could I watch?'

        • okjustlook

          This is my ex besides it's a little old. No lie, when I found it I freaked. She's Russian.

  • [clevernamehere]

    And for the record, Marrissa Miller, while smokingly hot, needs more ass. She's not really Hump Day material.


    • flisleshnitz

      I think she's nasty – her bones are showing and she's got stick arms. She may have a pretty face, but she can't have an ass while she's 20 lbs underweight!.

    • sully23

      This isn't her best ass shot though. She's had a few in previous Hump Day's that have been great.

    • GoForth

      More ass or a better fitting thong.

    • Al Bondigas

      Note the photobomb.

  • zombie

    #27 was my favorite.

    • COCO


    • COCO

      Oh, and if she has a penis, even better.

      • COCO

        True, I prefer both types of body parts.

    • Grendel

      I'd love to feel those thighs wrapped around my hips. Anything you want, Mistress.

  • Vince Weaver

    #23 Thank you Chive! Wednesdays are almost as good as Fridays now…..

    • COCO

      I do not think so. Wednesday is so different from Friday.

      • Vince Weaver

        Friday's don't have Hump Day galleries…. just about evens out…

      • OCOC

        Find the closest interstate and take a nap in the middle of it.

        • COCO

          If I do take a nap, are you going to wake me up if a cars is about to kill me.

          • OCOC

            No, I would not do such a disservice to this country.

    • George

      Can we find the front to this picture?

    • Jeremy


  • EZEE


    Cum too fast, she squeeze her cheeks and pull your dick off.

    • northerner

      If you got her to "O", with those legs she'd snap you in two in blink of her eyes…ouch. No.

  • mopery

    Hello, Newman..

    • AtomManhattan

      "You wouldn't eat broccoli if it were deep-fried in chocolate sauce."

      • Recklin

        VILE WEED! Honey mustard!

  • Urdad

    Now THESE are real women.! Screw you Star Whore.!

    • Tiller

      Not cool man. Any somewhat redeeming woman willing to remove any clothing for our enjoyment, for free mind you, should be applauded, not degraded.

    • corey mc

      youre a dumbass nuff said

    • my dad is a douche?

      So sorry that a beautiful girl who was willing to have pictures taken of her almost nude FOR FREE didn't fulfill your twisted little 13 year old Oedipal fantasies, troll, but if she or another similar girl reads that, they might confuse you for someone whose opinion might ever count. So do us all a favor – crawl back into your mom's basement, seal it off, and don't contact the outside world again.

      • pwner

        Hahaha ,the nerds got hurt.
        Beautiful girl ? Not by a long shot.! She has a 10yr old boys body + a butterface.! But i guess for geeks like you any girl would do since you don't get any in real life. Most of you are gonna die virgins anyway.

  • @transitshawn

    I freaking love Wednesdays now.

    • COCO

      i freaking hate Wednesdays now. I wish Chive focus more on trees, food, and children instead of sexual women.

  • JonJon

    Best Way to wake up in the morning, thanks chive

  • Jeff

    #12 Who is that?

    • newscot


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