Some girls call them ‘sit ups’, others call it ‘winning time’ (26 Photos)

  • rex

    #21 Mirror, Mirror, On the wall…

    • megachuck

      Isn't that Lauren? God her post was magical.

      • Lauren Gentile

        Yessir! I don't have abs (or maybe I technically do since we all do under our fat), but it's a contribution none-the-less! And thank you, good sir, for the compliment. 😛

        • megachuck

          Ohh wow… you saw that… now I just feel like a huge creeper. Thaaaaaanks hahha. And you're welcome. Please keep the contributributions coming. Abs or not, you're my favorite chivette.

    • andy

      oh hey lauren

    • Guester

      …true hope lies beyond the coast…

    • MIKE

      Whats wrong with her thumb in the mirror?

      • Lauren Gentile

        The reflection from the flash seems to have amputated part of my thumb in the mirror. Good call!

  • jacob baker

    #19 too much, Chivers?

    • Adam

      She needs to back off the upper arm workouts more than anything, but even so, I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

      • Craig Weiss

        Even if 'Crackers" was the name of my dog

    • Jason Ciotti

      I'll take the one on the right, but the one on the left is pushing "manliness."

    • Rip

      WHATEVER, man. She's in a bikini and obviously flexing it up a little. I would have no problem taking that down. Besides… if and when she ever slows down a little, everything gets that much nicer.

    • TCUchiver

      too much….way too much….

      • hMMMM

        TCU sucks, and so does your taste in women.

    • deven

      Hells NO! MOAR!!! Me thinks find her!!!

    • zombie

      She's hotter than hell!

    • Solennis1984

      I know the girl on the Left, I went to College with her at Oklahoma State University, she was a Cheerleader and competed in Body Building competitions. Her name is Chelsea.

      • [clevernamehere]

        The Chive: where we find her, whether they ask for it or not…

        Nice work.

      • guest

        what's her full name?

    • dnasjkdn

      as long as she doesnt get one of those ungodly tans she could still pass as pretty hot, in a really fit kinda way.

  • misschris

    ALL sexy! But #25 takes the cake.

    • PelMAN420


    • Billy the accountant

      *Skips the cake*

      • clothingnotoptional

        she needs to eat something other than protein shakes. her waist is gross but from behind is nice.

    • MX-D


    • KCJake

      Miss Prestin

      • Captain Wow

        I concur, it is Miss Prestin.

        • Guy

          Definitely is. I see her all the time at the gym at McMaster University. When she is there, every guy in the gym has their eyes glued to her ass, it's hilarious.

    • word

      Totally… Totes Magotes

    • Marvin the Martian

      Wasn't she one of the original chivettes who worked on that all winter.

    • Chas Smith

      She takes the whole bakery!

    • lee1979

      you have one damn fine body

  • JoeyJoJoJr.Shabadoo

    #2 and #25 FTW.

    • Azrrael

      Chive! MOAR of dat plz!!!!

    • Northman

      Agreement. I love how the stomach lines on #2 direct your gaze. Hot.

    • douche

      #2 = #22

      • Sid

        Still wanna find this girl. supah hawt.

  • Josh Gorter

    #4 Cameron Diaz on steroids?

    • aosux

      #4 WTF? #8 is the winner!

      • aosux

        #25 is amazing and is an eyelash in second

    • Grifffy

      More like Justin Beiber on steroids.

    • Derek

      HA! I thought the same thing.

    • lee1979

      good hard body, love to run my hands over it

  • Someone

    Not a fan once it becomes a six pack, too manly looking.

    Tight and firm is perfect for me.

  • WTFever

    #26 Fap killer…

    • Vince

      more like keg killer

      • JPV

        I'm no doctor but I'm Pretty sure that that man has liver failure, no joke drinking has actually given him a keg and it will will be a killer

    • LazyTheKid

      Just stop at #25…Fap reinvigorator.

    • Grifffy

      Maitre d': Good evening sir and how are we today?
      Mr. Creosote: Better.
      Maitre d': Better?
      Mr. Creosote: Better get a bucket. I'm gonna throw up.

    • someguy

      #26 FIND HIM !

    • tag

      He totally is pregnant, or has his twin brother in there or something

    • craig

      this pic is fucking great!

      • fibonacci5250drunk

        I just wish one of the chicks was holding the shinerbock, then I'd think america doesn't owe china shit!

  • amanda

    #22 is perfect

    • Greg

      Anybody else ever notice that a lot of the chivettes never do fucking laundry?

  • Sean Runge

    #13 WTF…I WANT HER

    • BunkerPunk

      look closely… is that a lip or an ass cheek? hmm. Opinions?

    • John3

      Is it just me, or do I see a nut?

  • Shape

    #22 #25 #21 MOAR of each

  • lando

    #21 anybody else get the feeling the chive is winning right now? i walked into work today and half the computers in the office had a very familiar green hue on them


      they are the internets new MVP's imho

    • Lauren Gentile

      Thank you! And I completely agree. Chive IS what gets me through my workday as well. This site FTW. 🙂

  • aleXTC

    #20 #17 :O perfect

  • Juice

    Where's Corrie?!

  • snipe

    chive, i f-in love these posts!!! by far my favourite when ever they come up… oh and #18 ftw always.

    • @therealMoose66

      #18 representing canada!!!!!!

      • clothingnotoptional

        western girls rock.

  • George

    #26 C-C-C-Combo Breaker

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    the only six pack I want my bitch to have is a nice microbrew. otherwise it is just kinda scary and manly.

  • jetrome

    #3 #14 #25 I would SO HIT IT!!!

    • AdamBaldick

      Please for the love of god we need to find #14. MOAR

  • Kenny

    Please, find 22 or 25!

  • Spankster

    #26: FAP FAP FAP

    Oh wait…


  • bob the van owner

    #10 nice pussy u got there

  • Wolfram

    Some of these are waaayyy too much. #21 is perfect, and a couple others too (#11 on the right).

  • Bryan

    No thanks. #4 #9 #26

  • davey

    six packs belong in beer stores, not chicks..flat yes, but muscles…naw

  • dizzle

    #20 #25 perfect

  • Rip

    #20 MOAR, please. She's got an insane body, and she's gorgeous too.

    • paulhitchcock

      That's Tabitha. She had a whole post of her own on the Chive last week.

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