Chive Everywhere (38 HQ Photos)

Over the past few months, Chivers have been sending me photos of themselves Chivin' it up across the globe. A couple weeks ago I started actually saving them for a post we're calling 'Chive Everywhere'. And we need the Chivers to make this thing a great success. All you have to do is snap a photo of yourself Chivin'. Make sure that familiar green Chive screen is somewhere in the shot. The key to this thing will be creativity. The first person who fights a polar bear with their computer monitor will earn a place of honor on our Facebook Wall... if you survive.

The winner this week are our West Point Chivers. Well done. Any other colleges care to step their Chive game up?

Use our handy-dandy submit page to send us your 'Chive Everywhere' photos and collect internet fame.

Chive On!

John n' Leo

  • thatotherguy

    would you like moar?

  • Rightclicksaveas

    #38 Where is Ezio

  • Anonymous

    I hope they round up them commie spies from west point smuggling out photos

  • tag

    No, that's just the incredible contrast between the awesomeness that is theChive, and the incredibly depressing weather we get in the winter.

  • @brewdub17

    I see a lot of IE, Y U NOT USE CHROME?!!!

    • USAirman915

      i use chrome!!! #3

  • Matt

    Anyone else notice #25 is the only one that is using IE?!?!?

  • CraftySteve

    #5 #14 #17 #18 #31 #33 Are all from West Point… Nice

  • Dastardly-Villain

    Yeah, you can tell because the screen that's been photoshopped in doesn't fit within the actual screen of the laptop.

    See #5 = look how the bottom of the Chive screen covers up part of the Dell logo on the laptop.

    It very well may have been photoshopped only to make the Chive show up better, but it's till photoshopped.

    • aniggerfaggot

      you have no idea what you're talking about….fuckin noob

  • Holly Sands

    Can't Believe there are none from London or Brisbane! I may have to correct this!

  • Thor Mannion

    you the man Matt #13

  • Howler

    #s 12 & 13-
    HELL yeah! .44 Mag hot loads for the win

  • Jon Don



    • thedudeyouknow

      YES MOAR MOAR MOAR MOAR MOAR. Smile at ME #23.

  • Phil

    #23 Matt you sneaky bastard I see that bottle of Sailor Jerry's.

    • Phil

      #12 I mean

  • steezyshredder

    Where is this?
    I'm stoked to see other skiers on thechive as well as people from edmonton!

    "I got a fever, and the only cure is more"

    • lawdog

      its silverton mountain in southern colorado, gnarliest mountain the lower 48.

  • pyrosis

    #11 The one on the right is really cute. Find her!

  • Spencur

    #30 seriously i want one

  • bobbo

    I'm calling for a sexy baristas post #27 #28 #29

  • 123


  • Judy

    #10 f.t.w.

  • Cul

    is number 7 from Alfred? that looks like structures…worst course ever

  • Motofoxe

    #12 top right of picture. This does not belong on The CHIVE!

  • Hannah Goodtime

    Free online adult videos at: !!! 🙂

  • JiggaQuoi?

    #17 #18 #31 #33

    In the Real Army, we call these people Cadetiots.

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