Still cleaning up from the second world war (6 Photos)

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  • fasterthanu

    Is it German or American?

  • Vart

    Russian, I think a BT-7

    • Meccep

      Yes! This is our tank 🙂

      But BT-2(БТ-2)

      • Meccep

        ooops sorry… BT-5(БТ-5)

        • Vart

          Ahh thx- I wasn't sure they look quite similar 🙂

          • Standard

            – Thanks Fergus.. yeah all diigtal. I hardly shot any in 2010 and didn’t think to include any in this recap. I’d love to shoot more film, but in the end I’d rather spend money on new gear instead. Have a good year!

  • Matthew Joyce

    Hey that was my grand fathers TANK!!

  • Rodrigo

    Listing photos are to enicte people to get out of their office chair and take an actual tour of the house. There are many good houses with horrendous pictures that do nothing to get people to come take a look. Infact, lazy buyers don’t even take a second look and may be passing up a house that would fit their needs. If I were a seller, I’d make darn sure my pictures were as good as they can look. Not sure you need to fake the sky and fire, but a little lighting and color surely increases the chances that people will like what they see.

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