Spring breakers, we salute you (40 Photos)

  • maxim2boobles

    i love drunk sluts

    • Cake is a Lie

      reminds me why I live in San Diego.

      • Rudy

        Stay Classy, San Diego!

  • Derk3103

    #34 great slip

    • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

      good catch

      • Jedi

        Had to scroll back. Good eye mate

    • Israeli_Rob

      Very good catch!

    • Poppin Fresh

      you, sir, deserve an award.

      • xxxx

        …and a beer

    • freakscene

      That is one f'd up tit if that's a nip slip!! What is she, 80 years old!!

      • salverai

        says the guy who's never touched a boobie.

      • UUYYY

        i agree with freakscene her nipple is like at the bottom of her tit pointing down…weird.

    • DeepC

      How the hell do y'all miss that. what was everyone looking at??

      • Dagoth Wit

        the more obvious duck face

    • paul edgerton

      it make a great christmas card

  • ----

    i remember my first beer #37

    • DCMOFO

      …I don't.

    • Crusader

      Good natural instincts there…passed out, yet still firmly holding onto your beer AND keeping upright. Bravo!

      • zzzz

        and tilting her hed as to not choke on her own vomit…

        …that's how hendrix died

    • Erin?!

      She looks familiar and if it is who I believe it is she can probably out drink most of you. I'm talking beer bongs of mickeys or OE. But watch out she likes the pipe too

      • Charlie Sheen

        crack is whack…

    • jake

      #39 homos
      #40 where's waldo

  • Dunny_

    #31 is really cute. Might be what Ginnifer Goodwin looks like in a bikini.

    • zeebee



    CHIVE- you should continue with these Spring Break Posts, they are always a great view!! #8 #22

    • jason in pc

      i might can help with some more recent ones, here in PCB, Fl. now. usually try to avoid the beach this time of year because it is actually toooooooo crazy for me now. grew up here and loved it but now a days i avoid it mostly.

      hittin the beach this weekend with the family, will slip behing the Sand Piper Beacon and snap some pics, that is where you find the some what hot chicks but its usually a good trade off as there morals and standards are way lower and offer the best photo ops if you know what i mean. you would not believe me if i told you some of the things i seen behind there as a teenager.
      will email what i get….. until then, i have to work.

  • Boris

    Fuck! Find all.

  • WinningChiver

    #15 A camera with a Girls Gone Wild sticker on it and make many happy home movies….

    • Roscoe

      A guy got busted in Illinois last year for going around to bars doing just that. Thought it was a brilliant idea!

  • Wolfram

    Most of these girls look rather trampy and therefore, not hot. But #24… I'd do things. Oh the things I'd do. Same goes for #18. Damn!

    • Oasis

      Nope, they are hot.

  • Derper

    #12 stop biting your nails!

    • Dave

      Wow, I was glued to her eyes the whole time. Observant.

    • papa

      her pupils are like pin heads! keep your nose clean, sweetie.

    • Poppin Fresh

      possibly the best one of all of them. well 24 & 18 were also good.

    • EZEE

      Your all wrong! She is burping, saying, "I cannot SWALLOW another drop!"

      • Pat

        I think you might be on to something EZEE!

    • Semper

      I was fixated on her unnaturally stubby sausage fingers. Cute girl, though.

    • lotuschild

      biting her nails is not the problem, snorting oc is. look at her pupils!!

    • gopinath

      i like your eyes and u r so pritty

  • Quixote


    • Nunya

      let's face it, The Chive has never really demonstrated a solid command of the English language… they're too busy hunting down all our 'find her' requests.

      • Dwight

        If you noticed a misspelled word, I've got news for you…

        • Cauliflower Ears

          The news is Quixote can spell??

  • Ken

    #18… pretty and a great rack!

    • Nunya

      or just a pretty great rack

  • Israeli_Rob

    Here are my top 3/MOAR/Find Her:
    #9 – Holly hell!
    #18 – Sweet smile, great tits!
    #27 – it's hump day, after all!

    Thanx chive, for a great, warm post!

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      wow, you picked 3 girls who could damn well be in a porno shoot. epic!

    • xxxx

      im in love with #9
      she has my vote

      • Tom

        She's a Davalos twin. You're welcome.

        • xxxx

          i knew i had seen her before

          and, boy!, have i seen her before

    • plop

      and the one in #4… not you, fatty

  • Choad

    boobs….and a nip slip. Good post there Chive

  • cheezwizzard

    #39 somethings not right with the guys

    • isawoj

      Those are either little people or one huge ass bed.

    • douche

      #39 know how i know youre gay?

    • Tylrd67

      The perils of whiskey dick!

    • Rob

      thats exactly what i was thinking!!!

    • Acdc

      Classic example of doing it wrong

    • Nick

      Hope they don't go home and say"we woke up in bed with 3 hot girls"…this don't count!!


    #30 I am so over winter

    • Sgt

      Notice the banner in the background? It says SB 07'

      I wonder how old the rest of the pictures are?? CHIVE…Lets get 2011 SB pics

  • Third Times Charm

    Solute You? I suppose there are a few livers being dissolved in this set…

    Not to be a stickler…

    • munificent

      Don't neg him for pointing out an incorrect spelling. Chive got it wrong, and as plenty of people read the site, it's better if they get it right.

      MOAR subs please, Chive.

  • HankT

    #8…and Hello there cutie…

  • Paul

    Man, that dbag troll is gonna love this post.

    • Nunya

      that troll can suck it

    • Ken

      He's probably too busy adding an expensive fountain of 2 men pissing into a statue of his open mouth to see.

  • RichXTC

    #18 MOAR please. #8 for minute I thought the hill in the background was a huge wave…

  • Urban

    #1, #27 Damn I miss college!

  • Bryan

    So hot. Want to tough the hiney. #27

    • EZEE

      You want to tough the hiney?

      How do you tough a hiney, unless give it a 'hard time'

      • Nunya

        he wants to skin it, cure it and dye it so he can strap it on his own ass

  • Nick702

    #27 FTW I need to get a boat

    • EZEE

      I have a boat. I really need to post some pics…

  • Pistol

    hahaha SOLUTE! Thank God for Spell Checker!

    • Geo

      Yeah, I did the double-take. Salute or solute? Both apply.

  • femtrooper

    Im jealous, sun, fun, and random boob grabbing how I miss thee..

  • SitVisVobiscum

    #39 You know how I know you're gay?

    • Jbag

      My thoughts Exactly.

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