To hump or not to hump, that is the question (31 photos)

  • Shawn

    #20 makes me want to fap fap fap just a little more than the rest do

    • Wow

      No one wants to hear about how you want to fap, wtf man, seriously.

      • Shawn35

        considering my comment is quite common on here, and it is nothing more than a joke, why dont you do everyone a favor and STFU and enjoy the pictures

    • Dennis

      My god thats nice,could i get one for x-mas

  • Pat

    You had me at #1 !!!!!

    • Nunya

      to gap or not to gap…

      • Jak

        I had to click on it today because I kept seeing that amazing butt and just couldn't fight it anymore.

    • Booty_Galore

      Please make your posts "Scratch-n-Sniff"!!!!

    • iambigd42

      1 is hard to beat:)

      • Bud Ugly

        … but it is easy to beat to.

    • Biggus Diccus

      Uh OH, office boner

    • Breast Inspector

      #1 is so awesome.

      But talking ads are not awesome…cut it out Chive.

    • @valorikx221

      One of the finest examples of gap I have seen in quite some time

    • Pat

      Please Chive, this girl needs her own Post!!!!

  • Wickedrebel

    About time!!!

  • Tim

    who is number 4?!

    • COCO

      Your sister.

      • OCOC

        Probably your ex-girlfriend after she dumped your worthless ass

    • QWERTY

      His name is Richard

  • Bored*%%

    Holy oh my Goodness!!!! Wednesday is starting to become my favorite day.

    • COCO

      If you need to look at ugly women butts to make Wednesday your day, should be ashamed of yourself. I wonder if your parents are proud of what they made.

      • Bored*%%

        At least I know who my parents are and yes, they are proud of me.

      • OCOC

        While it doesn't compare to staring into your mother's gaping cunt after she took on an entire offensive line, these butts will do nicely for now…

  • Wolfram

    #9 Oh how I wish we had carwashes this awesome in my city!

    • Booo

      Sara Jean Underwood FTW

      • Wolfram

        Wow that came out of nowhere. Good catch, I had no idea who she was.

        • Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

          Think it was an episode of Attack of the Show (?) on G4 not too long ago. I ran across this exact scene, while flipping channels, this put G4 on my radar of channel favorites.

          • Wolfram

            Ding Ding Ding!! Winner! Hah a quick search, and here we are:

      • jjj

        SJU should be in every gallery.

      • Colby

        Some Chiver needs to recruit her. She's awesome on attack of the show. Just imagine the things she could do for the Chive!

      • alp

        best. playmate. ever.

    • COCO

      You don't even have a car, but you can use mine.

      And yes, I know who you are.

      • Wolfram

        You don't need a car to appreciate sexy girls washing cars, idiot. Though, it's not like my car isn't in my display picture… oh, oh wait. There it is.

        And you know who I am, huh? Riiiiiiiight.

      • OCOC

        I would rent a car just to run over you with it…or to fuck your grand mother in the back seat…ask her to leave her dentures at home next time though…

  • Random

    #3, #11 – to hump is the answer

    • COCO

      For the second picture, her butt look misshaped. Looks photoshop, i am not sure. Something ain't right about her position.

      • aosux

        I think your right. I know whats wrong with her position…I'm not behind her!

        • COCO

          I do not think she would want you behind her. Tiny penis are unattractive.

        • ozmar

          you motherfucker……and i mean that in the best way possible.

      • OCOC

        You are a clown.

    • Random

      That should be #2, #10 – pics got reordered

    • oakley_33

      CHIVE, please find #3!! I need MOAR! This is the best HUMP day in weeks!

  • Earl Da Squirrel

    #8 Why yes, I'd like a sammich after you do my laundry!

  • Batman264


    • Batman264

      I meant #15 wtf chive for changing numbers on me

      • Batman264

        #17 damnnit

      • Green doodoo

        Either way buddy…either way

    • xxxx

      gives me goosebumps

  • Joeyk

    To hump! No question

    • Blowfish

      Rhetorical question is rhetorical.

  • amanda

    #16 #18 and #20 are beautiful! The rest are good too, but I like a meatier ass. Can I expect some fuller asses next week please?

    • amanda

      well, the numbers changed. I meant # 15 and #17 and #20

      • Anon

        Can we see your meaty ass, Amanda?

  • Ken

    Oh glorious hump day! #8 and #3…

  • ISU Birds

    OH #27 Now that…..that is something special right there.

    • COCO

      Looks like herpes.

      • THAT guy


    • OCOC

      COCO and THAT guy have a site together…

      • Erik von Markovik

        I thought it was

  • Batman264

    also #11 MOARRRR

    • Batman264

      I meant #10, even though I would destroy #11 too lol

  • sully23

    #16 and #27 My god those are Perfect. #30 I like you creativity but you don't have the best of asses. Sorry. A bit too small for me

    • sully23

      And #15 NOT #16!


      y u no keep original picture numbering?

  • crh

    gotta work on my endurance I didn't last past 16. Oh well I can try again after a nap.

    • COCO

      I know, I broke my control stick after seeing those pictures.

  • Tits_McGee

    Some galleries should always be high-res… this is one of them.

    • Frank M

      All of the friggin' galleries should be in hi-res!


      This is the most beautiful thing I've seen so far in 2011…. must…. stop…. drooling!

      • Jake Steed

        Ron Burgundy was not Tits Mcgee, you jizz bin.

  • disturbed

    #27 Hump day! 2nd best thing to DAR

  • Stainer

    Mustache ride Wednesday…that is all

  • chiver132

    is #28 using moon boots…oh how nostalgic

    • Jason Ciotti

      Provides extra bounce.

    • hot carl

      looks like she hit the ceiling

  • Terry Burke

    #28, a little off topic but, what is on her feet? back on topic, i'd have to say "to hump"

  • Livinthedreamm

    #11 Doing some multi-tASSking

  • peter

    #1 #16
    damn nice gap

  • first


    • BeccaB86

      …on page 2, but still the same effect.

  • COCO

    Gross, Most of the butts are weird looking. These women should be ashamed of themselves for posting there body parts online for the whole world to see and sexually see them like objects.

    They need to go to Church and get a cleaning.

    • salverai

      What's at Church? a bath? they going to dip their hot ass in the baptismal pool? using the holy water at the front of the Church?
      i think they could just have a bath and get done with it. but most look clean and delicious to me. but thanks for your concern.

    • Terry McCary

      And does anyone notice COCO has no picture?…..never trust someone who has no face..I like the butts, the body is beautiful…how about you go to church and get off this site if you dont like the content…why did u click on it anyway? closet perv….I c…

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