I hate to admit these homemade transformers are amazing (14 Photos)

I may think the Transformers movies are a shit show with biscuit wheels but it doesn’t change the fact that these homemade replicas are awesome. Yang Junlin of Huizhou built his own Transformers robots as a tribute to the films.


  • Mike

    The only thing ever worth hating about anything having to do with Transformers is the cast of the movies. And maybe Michael Bay too. ^_^

  • Curtis

    i do like this late night posting.., just glad st. patrick kept me up to see it

  • Dave Hardman

    I would have spent all that time having sex with women.

    • r@f

      You'd be suprised to know how much sex talented people get more than douchebags like you who dont appreciate art.

  • BigDingo

    Dear Mr. Bay:

    Please note no wrecking ball testicles.

    My ruined childhood.

  • Israeli_Rob

    Awesome post for Transformers fanboys!
    I agree that Bay pretty much ruined it, but this post is awesome!

  • Anon

    someone should seriously make a life sized version

  • ashley_e_love

    I want 4 to play with

  • truthteller

    He needs to get a life.!

    • Ken

      You don't need to use a period if you plan on using an exclamation point you silly-billy!

  • Da Sandman

    i want one!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/schizoronialfredo Nathaniel Patrick-Bateman Fancypants


    Related – someone did the same thing with an old cell phone. It's pretty badass.

  • davey

    could u imagine having one of these guarding your front door!!

  • disturbed

    Moving these things must be a serious pain in the ass. Extremely cool though.


    China man… they're freaking taking over….

    • lolcat

      thats not the proper nomenclature dude

  • the captain

    #2 looks like megatron and cthulu had a love child.

  • Bob

    #9 better than the movies

  • equalizermax

    He really needs to find a girlfriend and get laid

  • salverai

    yes but can they make me a tuna sandwich? hmmm… interesting.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    and yet, i prefer the original ones. these look like a disjointed bundles of metal with glowing eyes, old-school transformers were slicker.

    cheers *does a keg stand for 5minutes*

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Crazy shit thats for sure….LOL

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