Brevity is the soul of lingerie (30 photos)

  • a_J_

    who is #24 she is gorgeous. MOAR plz

    • floscar

      #24 wins the interwebs!!

    • @mikeydangerous

      Can we flip this one around for Hump day too?

    • Fisheyes

      C'mon man, those tits are horrendous. They look like she glued two halves of cantaloupes to her chest. And WTF is that bellybutton ring?

      • sss

        Very often natural breasts will fall down and to the sides, and a push-up bra pulling them back together can give the impression of a poorly done boob-job. Given this girl's generous curves, I would say there is still a possibility those are real and wonderful.

        • its_forge

          I concur with this assessment, if this woman is as young and exceedingly firm as she otherwise looks, and that brasierre is particularly supportive and I might add, restrictive, as in it'd probably be uncomfortable to wear it for more than an hour or two so she better take it right off…. lost my train of thought… uhh… then she might not be plastically enhanced. ::nod::

        • Telephone Man

          In addition, there has been a bit of makeup touched on to accentuate the curve of her breasts. They look pretty real and, yes, wonderful.

    • Chris Carrell

      My Favorite!!!

    • a_J_

      ok i followed up, her name is tabitha lopez. small time model. smoking hot body, face is a little rough. you decide

      • denzino

        have to agree, her body is ama-za-zing, definitely a butterface…
        in that case, #2 wins the post.

        • its_forge

          Meh, face isn't that bad, just not as cuteycutecute as it looks from this angle here. She certainly wouldn't have trouble getting any dude she wants.

          • its_forge

            Oh we're talking about 2 different girls, never mind = )

    • no thanks

      dude her thighs are massive

    • Freq visitor

      please find her now!!!!!!!!!!!! #24

    • Travis Wilkerson

      moar please.

  • Nazz1962

    Sorry I would have gotten here sooner, but I couldn't get past #2!
    And oh the gap in #27

    • Steveystevesteve

      Yeah, so Chive, I think we're going to need an entire post of #27. If you could have that on our desktops by say 3 o'clock that'd be great. Thanks.

      • Nazz1962

        I'll second that!

      • Lil Jon

        Yeah… You're going to have to come in on Caturday.

    • ohgodmoreplease!

      hamana hamana hamana

    • Maverik

      I was late to comment bc of the same exact photos! Please chive, get to work on a post of these two, it would be like christmas morning if you deliver it!

  • Nunya Bidness

    Big Fan.

    • AKR

      something's not right there with her right leg….

      • silkystealthsurgeon

        i was gonna say that, its kinda…out of proportion?

        • andyg8180

          CRAP!!! i wasnt even looking at that… Sad Panda status :@

      • Daris

        Yeah, I'm not using it as an earmuff right now.

    • mikeraw

      Who is she?

      • T-Boz

        Carla Ossa! Nom Nom Nom.


      • Emerone

        Carla Ossa

  • adam

    wow #24! who is that! and second comment not too bad

  • Sanman

    #10 One word… Perfect!

    • stonyjoe

      damn you Christiano

  • davey


    • Steveystevesteve

      Nice doesn't even come close. Name? And, of course, FIND HER!

  • KhmerStory

    Candice Swanepoel ❤

    • Gezza

      South African 😀

  • Raider

    Beauty is not the soul….confidence is!! No woman can look sexy unless she think she does.

    • Henry Gibson

      Brevity. "Brevity is the soul of wit." Unless Leo made a typo in the title (which has been known to happen, *AHEM*) and then corrected it, I think that's what he was going for.

    • Daris

      Either way, there are like 5 different reasons you guys are gay.

  • Catence

    I want #5, #6, #23, ok, just about all of them.

  • Finster

    The Chive's titling ability is uncanny. Impressive sir!

  • Sleepy

    All I gotta say. Yay

  • Nice...but

    How about a Chiver's lingerie special? These girls are incredibly hot, but they don't seem real…


    Let's do Chivettes in their undies?

    • Henry Gibson

      Aren't most Chivettes pretty well dressed down in their photos?

      • Jessica Condrey

        they pretty much are all 90% naked anyways, like 1 in 30 is actually wearing a shirt :p

  • misschris

    #23 – Duh, winning.

    • Israeli_Rob

      Carla Ossa

      • superman

        Thank you, sir!

  • Israeli_Rob

    Thanx Chive for making this Monday awesome!
    Some finds:
    #3 is Miranda Kerr
    #4 is Candice Swanepoel
    #10 is Irina Sheik
    #12 is Collien Fernandes
    #15 is Catrin Claeson

    • The Guy

      When was the last time you were off of your computer?

  • STR - Jon
    • JHL1

      I love her too.
      So much that I am not going to promote my own website in my reply.

      • STR - Jon

        So much, that it brought in 400+ views today…


    i think for this friday we need chivettes in lingerie. click for support


      see the chivers have spoken. BRING THEM ON!!!!!!

  • Israeli_Rob

    Even more finds, my fellow chivers!
    #16 is Chelina Manuhutu
    #19 is Erin Heatherton
    #25 is Jenny Frost
    Did I say that this post is awesome?!

    • Nazz1962

      Nice job on the finds, dude! 🙂

  • Israeli_Rob

    23 is Carla Ossa

    • ss396maxx

      She is very hot …. Thanks for the name! Now if you would please excuse me I have to visit google images.

  • mullie

    Need to find #2 Chive !!
    she has a freshness over her that is compelling to all my bones

  • Know-it-all

    #27 and the FLPB post are a great way to start a week!

  • Bryan

    Speechless…. #2 #9 #23

  • davisrj

    #24 So hot, but is that a spoon coming out of her bellybutton? For all of our sakes quit with the bellybutton rings you look just fine without it!

    • Trrab

      Yeah I like how most DON'T have the buttonrings…except this one, and it's a horrid ring

    • GimletMike

      I wonder what she says when you pull the string in her belly button? Sorry it just reminded me of a talking Barbie.

  • BDR529


  • Spencer

    Hands down.

    • NIron

      well….at least one hand down…..

    • bob the builder


    • its_forge

      Yes, hands down on her delightful little butt and I'd never ever let go

      I hate spring

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