Yoga pants: You can pretend all you want they’re for recreation (24 Photos)


  • stonyjoe

    this post needs to be expanded… half the girls i see around rock a pair of those.. gotta be more sexy chivettes with some pics

    • Lil Jon

      #24 Dat Ass!

      • G-Man11

        Argentine girls really like to show off! I love it!

        BTW, she is wearing a team jersey while trying to photo her tits in the mirror, so this pic could have been a double win.

      • Boingoingoing

        white spandex pants win over all others!

    • fool

      yes. a sexy chivette: yoga pants edition would be awesome

    • -tj-
  • russel

    to whoever invented these… i love you.

    • Peter Rios

      They deserve a blow job for this gift to mankind.

    • yup

      The same guy who invented tissues in a box.

  • Dil

    just MOAR… just because MOAR

    • That Guy

      it's like the pre hump day hump day!
      this post feels like a disturbance in class felt where even the teacher would get distracted and everyone is out of their seat and talking about the disturbance. i love disturbances.

  • Josh Gorter

    I stared at #2 for about 5 mins before moving down.

    • Frank M

      I think that's Kelly Brook's hienie.

      • Kyle

        Surprised you lasted a whole 5 minutes

      • ranD

        correct it is kelly brook!! seen a series of these pics 😉

  • tom

    God bless you chive and to you yoga pants

  • Ryan

    #19 Find her!!!

    • Nephilim

      Might be Catalina Cruz.

      • reddeadguy

        Not Catalina Cruz (tits are not big enough, and different face).

    • rina

      i hade sex with her

  • Aklaim

    This easily could have been the Wednesday Hump Day post. That being said, had you waited till Wednesday you would have had more time to collect more pictures. Think about that for next time….

    • loblob

      everyone's a fucking critic…

    • snick

      quit being gay.

    • Red Anvil

      Shut your mouth and enjoy the asses.

    • dub

      suck a fat dick.

    • Steeb

      so hump day came early this week….stop complaining

    • gok attack

      clearly different from hump day…not a true chiver

  • tommybhoy

    #18 I encourage more girls like her to wear them everyday!

    • Elleny Mitchell

      I prett much do wear them everyday because they are that comfy

  • steven bennett

    #11 so badly shopped…looks at the warping ffs! FAIL

    • RiHugh

      Her ass is bending time and space!

      • Gabs

        Carefull now, dont get sucked in

      • yup

        Damn, you beat me to it.

    • Derper

      You don't understand. Her buttocks are so large that they have their own gravitational field that bends the light.

      • Einstein

        Gravity doesn't bend light.

        • nunya

          yes it does

        • Jak

          Watch The Science Channel and STFU

        • Flat slob

          It does bend and consume light. A black hole is absolute gravity and it is black because nothing, including light can escape it gravitational pull…

    • patov40

      Agree with this as a severe fail. All these fine looking specimens and this one makes it through? Disappointing.

      • Red Anvil

        They put it there on purpose guys. Have you forgotten with whom we're dealing with?

  • Honest Joe

    I can think of some 'recreational' things to do in yoga pants…


    Photoshop fail

    • Dotterye

      lol, You beat me to it. I agree, photoshop fail.

    • daniel

      the moment i saw this, my breath changed automatically. don't know if i could do anything without woman…. help me god.

    • Mark

      That's a legit ass. You've just never been with a real woman.

  • wolf

    #5 Peking Duck-face

    • Astronaut Mike Dexter

      i actually don't mind the duck face in this

    • jimbob

      if you noticed the duckface i have some bad news…

      • Dotterye

        lol, I respectfully disagree, with a tush like that your eyes are automatically drawn to the face next to see if the face is as hot as the tush.

    • Booyakashah!

      racist comment: FTW

    • NothingToSeeHere

      What face? There's a face in that pick?…. ….oh… Whatever. I was too busy looking at that FANTASTIC ass!

      • Lil Jon

        You mean "Dat" fantastic Ass.

    • dub

      Yeah, she's hot. I don't really mind the duckface.

    • justin

      i would lick ur pussy good

    • Mr. Quack

      I wish I was those pants. Stretch on it all day, all night and never comes off . Post more pictures of you, please.

  • n1ghtstalker

    Damn I wish I was that bike seat! I love these pants/leggings… whatever they are!

  • Escudo

    Greatest Pants Ever!

  • mcsgwigga

    yoga pants are awesome = FACT

    • Surf and Snow


  • Dizzle

    Heaven on Earth

  • Ben from Aus

    #18 CHIVE needs to do an entire post on back dimples.

    • AtomManhattan

      They are refered to as 'the dimples of Venus'.
      And yes- they are awesome.

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      seconded! chive, get on it!

    • Matthew Dj-Diesel Baron


    • USMC


  • zack

    this has gotta be a weekly post. for fucks sake chive, do it for the kids

  • Tyler Bannock

    #24 I think I need to change my boxers.

    • @CerealFede

      argentina! argentina!

      • Sebastián Nullo

        #8 #15 they are booth babe (promotoras) of TC Racing Category in Argentina too!! 😀

  • Qwain

    Never thought I'd be jealous of a bicycle seat…..

    • BobSugar

      We need to go deeper…

    • monnie

      looks like a black d*ck!! wow

  • theederv

    I'd be a bit worried about the age of number 1

    • Dotterye

      I'm pretty sure that's a college dorm room bunk in the pic, so she's good.

    • Booyakashah!

      obviously college age dingle berry.

    • scroo yoo

      Looks legal enough to me

      If theres grass on the field,play ball

  • ilovelemonsquares

    I love how yoga pants kinda covers everything but still reveals everything.

  • urstepdad

    A round juicy butt is essential if you wanna wear those pants.

  • Israeli_Rob

    This post is full of win, Chive!
    Thanx for this!

    now going to fa… eh, try and find some of them

  • bbqboobs

    #2 is Kelly Brook.

    You're welcome.

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