• harold john schaefer jr.

    Why is the room with black guysbfake? Where is Justin pix suc….off that donkee black guy?

  • harold john schaefer jr.


    • Tom

      Naw man thats genius! 😀

  • Bryan


  • Maverick

    I doff my cap to you guys

  • Irni Mark Gemzon

    HAHAHA. the last pic = owned

  • mcsgwigga

    This is just superb! haha

  • Autumn

    HAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!! XD Stupid skonkas!

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    That's probably the face he would make anyway…

  • Concernededed

    #4 dumb bitches…dont you know Bieber doesnt know what to do with boobs anyways?

    • Ken

      He knows what to do quite well – breastfeed all you can until its stagetime!

  • sully23

    Where is Hump Day?!

  • tyler

    as a black guy i'll say it: It's a whole lot funnier because it's a room full of brothers #4

    • steve

      as a white guy I'll say it: I'm a little frightened by the idea of being in that room.

      • That Guy

        what the fuck is wrong with you?

      • Concernededed


      • Moby

        AWWWWW YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH That's funny shit!!! …………..I'm white

    • Wavien

      Yeah if it was white people it'd be fun too, but black people just make it a little funnier ^_^

    • NotaTrap

      As a white guy I'll say it…it's a whole lot funnier 'cause it's a room full of brothas

    • Chris Carrell

      As a white guy i'll say its funny its black guys at the end.

    • Perry

      Yup, thank god for black dudes, otherwise ugly fat white girls would have no one to fuck em.

    • Petey

      as a white guy i'll say that if were white guys it would still be funny but they would somehow look slightly like douchebags, but w/ the black guys it is epic win. not quite sure how that works but thats how i see it

  • Steven

    The blokes at the end make it 10x better.

  • mattythegooch

    "Where all tha white women at?"

    • Jesse Jaymes

      Nice reference

  • Tean_Zu

    #4 The look on her face. "If I knew it was black guys we should have shown our asses. Black guys like asses."

  • the fapist

    a great way to see boobs and punk beiber at the same time! moar of this!

    • neel

      unfortunately those r the boobs of 12 year old girls you'd be seeing.

  • wztarheel

    Effing Hilarious!!!!

  • Captain Murphy


  • @CerealFede

    this is too much

  • kRam

    thats not nice, just because beebz is 17 and still no tits doesn't mean you should rub yours in her face…..

  • Semper

    Is it sad that I'm so often on omegle I've seen both JB and the group of laughing guys several times? They're both videos dontcha know

  • Pooper

    Classic! but i hope everyone is the same age. Or those dudes just hit on 12 year olds

    • That Guy

      i was thinking the same thing. they could get hit up for soliciting a minor. then they'd get punked.

  • RiKo

    i'm curious, how did they do that?

    • jfeez

      "manycam" is a site/thing that offers multiple plug-ins that play a different video than what your webcam shows.

      • RiKo

        thanks man 🙂

  • BeccaB86

    Stupid Bieber whores!

  • MigraineBoy

    Fucking epic win!

  • Jason

    The look on her face ……what she never seen a room full of black dudes cheering around white women stripping?…..oh yeah she hasn't made it to high school yet.

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