Firepower Afternoon Randomness (37 Photos)

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  • Cbrown

    #20 is an amazing shot!

  • Jonny P

    #2 looks really uncomfortable

  • dom

    yea bubbles!

    • southernson316

      Now THAT is a bad case of Walleye-vision!!!

  • John

    Poor offering for the Randomness. To many people not enough hardware.

  • fred

    Always COOL to see an Intruder unloading some pain

  • bigde

    #23 WOW

  • Yoda

    #26 Alien jellyfish invasion! I told you they were coming!

  • CaptLazarus

    #3 I know not the point, however-Your shit is empty and that grip will not result in a combat accurate hit. Also #34 made me choke on my coffee.

  • fox06


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