Hot Girls in the Middle of Nowhere (30 Photos)

  • reb3

    Is #11 kate hudson?

    • b*tch face

      no…her boobs are too big…kate hudson literally only has nipples.

    • HANK

      They all are when you turn out the lights

    • dome

      first person i thought of too, this girls smokin though, definetly a kate hudson with a touch of lower back problems. a big touch. sexxxxxyyyyyyyy

    • Benjamin Gleicher

      closer to Brooke Hogan

    • subject
    • Prime

      I believe it is Joanna Garcia

  • RiKo

    #15 i like apples.

  • Anakrusix

    This was different, Chive. I liked it. Add it to your Sunday doings! "Lost Sunday Hotties"?

    • yup

      Indeed. There is nothing better than combining nature and woman in one beautiful scene.

  • RiKo

    #2 what a view

    • General Pitchfork

      View is great on #16 as well…good lord could I saddle up to THAT-

    • Ben Muirhead


    • sapan

      u look great keep on

    • dave

      Dude thats the Hawksbury River. I go past it on the way to Sydney if only she was there every time

  • Shawn35

    #5 and #17….I love group photos……and #22, always love this ass

    • Franky Jr Blondeel

      yes it's amazing

  • andysniper


    Am i the only one suspicious of what shes gonna use them for?

    • Ordo

      I think we all know haha

    • dwgrif

      a salad?

      • Choogar

        Ya, a Vag salad.

    • Maynard

      No, I was wondering the same thing myself. Let's give her the benefit of the doubt and say she's gonna make 'em into shish-kabobs for a barbeque.

    • Randy Savage

      It took me awhile to figure out that she was even holding anything, even after you called it.

    • jmiker

      You know those captions that go: "you know you might be gay if…."? well, i got bad news for ya…

    • Ramo

      Katie, you can find her at the playground. So hot.

    • Dooooooooop

      I didn't even notice that there was anything in her hands.

    • larry
    • DaddyD

      Husband and wife have always had sex in complete darkness. One day, the wife turns on the lights and discovers that her husband is screwing her vigorously with a cucumber. "Please explain this!" she exclaims. "Sure," he says, "as soon as you explain our 3 kids."

  • Ordo

    #24 Will you marry me?

    • Girl in the picture

      No, I will not marry you until you get a better job and your own place, oh and I need a new car too.

      • yup

        Yikes, high maintenance spoiled trash. What happened to common sense and humbleness? Jk

    • jeremy

      wow….she's disgusting. definitely would say butter face, but she doesn't even have a hot body. sure as hell doesn't deserve to be in this post.

  • nate

    #6 outdoor underboob will make your sunday happy

    • ted

      wrong number, stupid

  • CarTuned

    Find 16 & 22!

  • RiKo

    #7 aww. look at that angelic face. Seems Such an innocent girl

    • Justin LePla

      yeah sure except did you notice her knees look a little beat up and i'm pretty sure she wasn't praying… unless it was to the penis gods

  • H.Manback

    Oh, I love nature….
    especially the pics starting from #1 to #30

  • nate

    #7 outdoor underboob will make any bay better

  • Thid Party

    A question to the owners: why is it that when you post random hot girls, half of them turn out to be internet porn stars?

    And, yes, I recognize them

    • Dr. Balls

      A question to Thid Party: who cares? They said hot girls, not girls you've never seen before that happen to be hot. And furthermore, why are you complaining? This is 'merica, if you don't like it you can git out.

      • Third Party

        First of all, I´m not in ´Merica, meu amigo.
        And secondly, I´m not complaining. I´m just saying that the whole Chivette concept is to have non-professional girls. I know you´ll say this is not Chivette Friday and I understand that. I was just pointing out that there are a lot of porn stars over here.

        • hannah

          i get what you're saying. and totally agree. although i wouldn't have recognized any of them as porn stars myself, now that i know it does take some of the sexiness out of what would otherwise seem to be spontaneously risque pictures.

          sometimes what makes these chicks hot is being able to imagine them as the same girls you go to school with, work with etc..

        • Fourth Party

          This album does not claim to have Chivettes! Just hot girls in the middle of nowhere, not Chivettes in the middle of nowhere.

    • ashley_e_love

      i like your point, the porn/models get way more recognition then the chivettes. NOT COMPLAINING 🙂 🙂 just an observation

  • Screwdriver

    #2 #16 #30

    Screw church….I need to FAP some FORTRAN!

    • WoogyMonster

      Dude you said FORTRAN. I used to FORTRAN on punch cards.

  • moar

    chive on sunday FTW!!

    #2 #16 #22 … find them! need moar!!

    • edub

      please find them chive i just jizzed in my pants

    • Lauren Gentile

      #16 is Fenny from Argentina (on Supertangas) but her butt is sadly not real. I'll try to find the others too. 🙂

      • ClariseStarling
        • Lauren Gentile

          Sadly, all signs point to no with this one. Keyra Augustina has a fake tush too, which both blew my mind and broke my heart as well. :/

          I was unfortunately placed onto Supertangas a while back (during my undergrad days when someone got a hold of one of my private pictures) and I ended up developing somewhat of a friendship with the site owner after I begged him to take my stuff down. We got on the subject of fake butts and being that most of the chicks that submit know him personally (he lives in Argentina and recruits a lot of these gals), he said that a lot of girls in South America get butt implants, Fenny included. In South America the butt is the focal point of sensuality, unlike boobs here in the US, so it's an extremely common surgery there.

          Here's an example of what a bad butt job looks like, btw:

          Just as "bad" as fake boobs but it's still cool to look at!

          • ClariseStarling

            Thanks for taking the time to respond (and with credible points, rather than only with allegations/criticism). It's a shame that it's not real, though, aesthetically speaking, it's still awesome to behold. I knew that there were butt implants, but hadn't realized that they were as pervasive there as breast implants are in the US. Sorry to hear about your woes on that site before, but glad that it worked out.

          • hapa_nerd

            Wow that is really sad.. especially considering that tone and definition can be acquired by working out your glutes! Such a shame to go through painful surgery when all it takes is a little work.

      • HANK

        Dammit I knew it when I saw it but I was blissfully denying my instincts. I knew I should have never ventured into the comment section. I feel like that six year old boy who just found out there's no Santa all over again 😦 At least I'll always know you are real LG. I can think of no better bearer of bad news 🙂

      • LonelyAirman

        Not sure exactly why, but in just about every picture of Fenny I've seen, she looks uncomfortable. Something about the way she stands makes it seem almost as though she can't stand straight up. Maybe that's simply a pose to accentuate her…*ahem*…"assets", but it makes for a somewhat awkward picture. The picture posted above is perhaps the only one I've seen where she looks even remotely at ease.

      • Guest


        • Guest

          Evidence it's not real, that is?

  • jal

    One of these girls is really a dude.

  • mimsyb

    #9 She whips her hair back and forth…

  • Glass

    The only one who isn't posing/half naked just for the sake of attention.
    (Not that I'm suggesting skin is a bad thing, but women who can handle themselves are much more of a turn on)

    • Scooter

      Yeah, except for the fact that she's holding the kayak paddle the wrong way…….

  • Matt

    pretty sure #22 is the sexiest picture ive ever seen

  • bobo

    find #22 for the love of ass

  • ManUtdFn
    "have you seen my little black dress? I really need to hike through a prairie."

  • Daesu

    Mac you are OK. You should stay. You should entertain our sundays even more!

  • thetech2

    #16 BADONKADONK and how more more more

  • John

    #16 & #22 MUST BE FOUND!!! Also….see if you can find some sexy BYU MORMON GIRLS….DO YOU ACCEPT THIS CHALLENGE, CHIVE???

  • abba

    #30 and all others, better than MILF Sunday…

    • JPC

      exactly. the fact that they are good looking for their age doesn't mean they should take up spots on this site that could be used for MUCH more attractive women.

    • SteveO

      …not sure i agree, MILF Sunday has a lot of potential….

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