Mysterious painted trees mystery solved (10 HQ photos)

Hikers in Colorado have been noticing an odd natural phenomenon lately -beautifully painted dead trees. The artist behind this natural "street art" is Curtis Killorn. He calls it public art and is being commissioned to paint trees all over Colorado. If you have a dead tree that needs spruced up, contact Curtis HERE

  • CoolBeans

    what. the. fuck?

    • Duh!

      obviously stoned

      • peteyroberto

        took bob ross to seriously…

        • Nick

          what's seriously? or where is it?

  • kevin

    #10 is the best…

  • PurexSin

    Stuff like this give me hope for the human race.
    Rebecca Black on the other hand doesn't, but whatevz.

    • shwan

      You just typed "whatevz" therefore I have lost hope.

    • Mr. Pedobear

      I like Rebecca Black.

  • Tay

    #9 got painted with awesome. Kudos to this guy. This is an "off of the canvas" idea that must have come out of no where though. "I'm bored. I'm going to go paint a tree" = awesome idea.

    • Dirty Dingus

      It sure beats his other hobby….begging for change outside the Starbucks.

  • wheaties


    • iAm1-NAMI

      nazi trolls

      • Bill


        • iAm1-NAMI


          • Bill


            • iAm1-NAMI

              Oh, wow, that's like so Squaresville, Man!

              • Joe


  • Twinpop

    I like it.

  • Brad Bagby

    I need to know where some of these are! #3 looks like it's in Boulder

    • toosticks

      It's Salida, not Boulder.

  • concernededed

    this dude is gayer than a leather pinata

    • Jordon Busch

      I bet he gets more pussy than the rest of us in this thread combined.

      • Taylor Washington

        speak for yourself

      • Frank

        You for sure. You look like samsquanch.

  • jerry

    While it is beautiful and unique, it is hardly natural.

  • Honey Bone

    Incredible, beautiful work. Love it.

    It is brave to bring hope to the world.

    • HDA

      Huh? Brave and brings hope to the world because he paints dead trees?

      • Flicka

        Agreed. It's neat, sure, but it don't take a genius to paint old wood. Driftwood artists been doing it forever.

        But still pretty neat. I like the "flame tree" in the middle of noplace.

    • Bill

      Looks like shitty graffiti to me. I prefer the look of nature to this neon monstrosity.

  • doodlecakes


    ty gents


    -dc :3

    • Northman


  • jessie

    these are beautiful

  • bobinbob

    where in Colorado is this I wanna go see

    • Joe

      The art is located Salida, CO. I grew up there.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #4 hi, im a nature painter. i can paint your tree, stump, bush or shrubbery and make it brand new. just in case you need more colour in your life.

  • Leroy

    Dude can you paint real trees? I have quite a few of them and I want a forest of rainbow wow dude that wood be awesome!!

  • Bud Ugly

    Really, Chive? It's a decent story and all, but a whole post dedicated to photos of painted trees?

  • Fred

    I'm glad doing that is illegal in most places. I'd cry if i went hiking and had to look at that shit.

    • Haterade

      doesn't take much to make you cry. sounds like your problem, not his.

      • Fred

        Something about a stinky hippie getting registration for defacing nature that makes me realize how fast society is going to hell in a hand basket. What an eyesore. If I lived close by I'd be going for a walk with my axe about now.

        • McBeastie

          Really? An artist painting a dead tree is the thing that "makes you realize how fast society is going to hell in a hand baset?" Really? Really?

          • Frank

            No. Wait….. Yes? Thursday?

            • McBeastie

              I was doing my Seth Meyers impression but I forgot that nobody watches SNL anymore. Rightly so.

              • Frank

                Referencing obscure works is the cornerstone of funny. I tip my hat at your effort, sir.

    • Kevin

      Me too, Fred. This isn't art, it's graffitti.

      • McBeastie

        But graffiti can be art…so…….

        • Pete

          Yeah, you're right. It's more like a Jim Jones than graffiti: It's an abomination that makes me want to drink the Kool-Aid.

          • Larry

            But it's more visually representative of a train wreck.

  • Unroasted

    Way to destroy some creatures home maybe I should go to your home and splash it with a bunch of paint so it is unlivable. If you want to do it on private property, fine but leave the public domain alone.

    • McBeastie

      It's dead. I don't think the grubs eating what's left of the inside give a rat's ass what color the tree is. And come to think of it, would it really stop a bird from nesting there? Probably not.

    • iAm1-NAMI

      I doubt any harm is coming to the environment from this. maybe if every dead tree was painted there could be toxic chemical effects but that's not likely to happen.
      meanwhile I doubt if many animals care. might stop some insects from boring in but again it's not every tree and paint will one day come off.

      • Frank

        So, it's OK to litter a bit, as long as you don't do it all the time? Sweet.

        • iAm1-NAMI

          false analogy. everything we choose to do for our bare survival or the great deal more we actually want, impacts the environment. Wether it's painting a tree or having a rug on our floor. clearing a path through the woods in a park, or eating food raised on soil that was once the great plains or virgin forest. We can make our choices and limit the impact, but we cannot eliminate the impact. This has less impact then many things you we do in our ordinary life. So yeah it is ok to impact the environment in a limited and controlled way so long as it does not get out of hand.

          • Frank

            So then its OK to litter, As long as some hippie thinks it looks pretty, and it's only 10 trees. Understood.

            • iAm1-NAMI

              Lets define litter broadly as any type of object we place in the environment that is not naturally occurring in that location or which we place in much larger quantities than is naturally occurring, even natural objects we transported from another spot. So since that includes not only our garbage, but our homes, streets, cell towers, stores,signs etc. yeah it's ok to put stuff in the environment if I say so (not you, though. you don't get a vote). As for "looks pretty" that's rarely something humans consider as we trash our planet, and actually I would prefer these tree unpainted, but they beat the beer cans you and your frat-boy friends leave in the forest.
              There is nothing you can say to get me to argue with you further on this, so I declare myself the winner as my last word.

              • Frank

                So it's OK to litter as long as YOU like it. Understood.

  • Pheeshy

    I'm gonna have to go find these, they all look like they are in the foothills so they can't be far….

  • Turd Ferguson

    The Black Plague of Music

  • proud infidel

    and who is paying for this? colorado tax dollars hard at work.

    • AeroMace

      You're a fucking idiot. No one pays for this, especially not tax payers. He does it because he enjoys it

      • CB109

        "He calls it public art and is being commissioned to paint trees all over Colorado." What do think this means– he is getting paid.

        • Alex

          to be fair, probably not with tax dollars

    • Straynjer

      The US government spent 2.6 million dollars to teach Chinese prostitutes in China how to drink responsibly. They spent over 1 million to convince smokers to quit smoking by giving them Backberrys. US spends 107 million a WEEK to run congress….suddenly painting trees seems like a good investment doesn't it.

      • McBeastie

        Come to think of it, I only had to buy one drink for my last Chinese hooker before heading back to the alley. The system works!

    • Nick

      a couple cans of paint is like 30 bucks. durrr…

      • Nick

        Wow i just fact checked myself. Paint is expensive… More like $100 for all that paint, but the artist is paying for the paints, and probably charging based on the tree. Probably about $500 a tree.

  • NOUU

    rather see them look natural. i would call this defacement.

  • David Rice Holt IV

    OMG he painted what like 10 DEAD trees? out of HOW MANY? stop crying naturalists shit looks awesome

    • Fred

      Why not just buy a plastic Christmas tree and put it in your yard? Same shit, less work, just as creative.

  • Jimbo_Slice

    What ever happened to the guy that was doing this in Houston? any H-town chivers in the know?

  • Ken

    If i was hiking and saw that, I'd wonder why someone would deliberately make a dead tree look like a piece of litter.

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