• Toots McGee

    Wow… so many classics here!!

  • Josh Gorter

    I can't figure out what the song in the video is. I know its bit tune of something recent but I just can't place my finger on it.

    • kORD

      … Well, i don't know about all that but… the dreams in which i'm dying are the best I've ever had.

    • DCMOFO

      It's what would happen if Gary Jules had a keytar.

      • mtpuckhead

        Automatic internet win for mentioning a keytar!

    • Phil

      mad world

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kyle-Shubert/100000681927439 Kyle Shubert

      "Mad World" by Tears for Fears. Great song.

      • dub

        Gary Jules dun better

    • jesserdbrownsfield

      the original song was on the Donnie Darko soundtrack

    • ???

      Mad world

    • Trifon

      Mad world

    • mike

      gary jules – mad world is the original song, although, this mix sounds more like Atmosphere's cover.

  • blake honda

    I want to know the title of the song.

    • Jake

      mad world by gary jules… performed by other artists as well

      • musetv

        loved the version on Donnie Darko!

      • GreenerBlues

        "Mad World" is a Tears For Fears song, covered by…Gary Jules and others

      • Angel

        Tears for Fears was the first to perform this song and the album was released in 1982. Written by Roland Orzabal and sung by bassist Curt Smith.

  • wahoooo

    The music sounds like a funky elctro remix of mad world. Also, boobs.

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      call me old timer, but thats a midi version of the song, very fitting considering all the games used that sound technology.

  • Dave

    Sweet version of that song…took me forever to figure out what it was

  • Ryan

    Its Mad World by Gary Jules

    • Josh Gorter

      thanks I guess it is a little older then I thought.

      • Lights0ff

        Yeah, but you probably recognize it as the Tears for Fears cover from Donnie Darko

  • bramslob

    better yet: found the link to this video & in the description is the link to the song. Its on youtube appended by watch?v=gJ6APKIjFQY 😉 Go fot it. (awesome song btw)

  • Israeli_Rob

    This is an awesome video!
    Mortal Kombat & Golden Axe FTW!

  • Tee-Boz

    Tried to name as many a i could , and even as a child of the 80's i struggled!

    • DistractedIndividual

      I didn't see Jump Man in there at all, that was the first video game I ever played. black and green screen. Anyone else remember that game?

  • T_Love

    I suggest watching stoned. Just tipped me out like woah

  • Kabosh17

    very cool brings us all back but lacks a finish of 'through the years' modern carnage is lost

  • Anjin-San

    I played almost all of them.. am I a nerd?

    • Angel

      Being a nerd is a good thing 🙂

  • Jake

    love the song choice!

  • adgda

    found my new ringtone

  • http://thechive.com/ Turduckenn

    nice tune. i guess we take the present death animations for granted

  • Toma


    This is the version. Enjoy.

    Vive le Chive.

  • SharkyShooter

    Wow, this is awesome.
    I'd love to see this this some more modern video games as well.

  • larsl

    The games

    1 Space Invaders 2 Asteroids 3 Missile Commando 4 Zaxxon 5 Galaga 6 Discs of Tron 7 Battle Zone 8 ? 9 Galaxians 10 ? 11 Joust 12 Gun Fight 13 Pac Man 14 Phoenix 16 Gradius 16 Gyruss 17 ? 18 Defender 19 Strider 20 Raiden 21 Arkanoid 22 Out Run 23 Prehistoric Isle 24 Aliens 25 Xybots 26 Renegade 27 Super Hang-On 28 Black Tiger 29 Wonder Boy 30 Shinobi 31 King Fu Master 32 Ghost Goblins 33 Gauntlet 34 Legend of hero Tonma 35 Chicago1931 36 Space Harrier 37 PacMania 38 Golden Axe 39 Narc 40 Gladiator by Taito 41 Enduro Racer 42 Wonder Boy 3 43 Mortal Kombat 44 Barbarian 45 Robocop 46 1942 47 Choplifter 48 PaperBoy 49 Twin Cobra 50 Ajax 51 Area 88 52 Rygar 53 StreetFighter2 54 FightingFAntasy 55 Time Pilot '84 56 Jail Breack 57 ? 58 Cabal 59 Rolling Thunder 60 Double Dragon 61 The Fairyland Story 62 DragonNinja 63 ? 64 Operation Wolf 65 After Burner 66 Athena

    • Justin Hall

      Holy shit. I fucking salute you, sir.

    • TrollFaceKillah

      f*cking loser

      • dave

        10 turbo
        17 starwars
        18.5 pac man boot up screen

    • http://twitter.com/Gingergreek @Gingergreek

      *gives larsl a wedgie* 😛

  • anthony

    0:54 has to be the best……always love Out Run. What better way to go than be thrown out of the car at over 200kmh.

  • Carl

    Great video, loved seeing Defender, Galaga and Afterburner… Disappointed that there was no Super Mario Bros or Donkey Kong… What were they thinking??

    • Birdhaus32

      Or Final Fantasy…

  • Birdhaus32

    That just brought a tear to my eyeball. sniff sniff

  • dUtch

    im going nuts but what was the game with the gorgon shoving its tail into the warrior's face?? i know that guy had enumerated them but i didnt count much like everyone else

  • wkdfrog

    Operation Wolf, Golden Axe & Ghost n Goblins FTW. Honourable mention to Barbarian for the decapitating move – 1st game to ever do that I believe….

  • BaJezzus

    I call bullshit. No Mario deaths or Legend of Zelda?!? come on.

    awesome video though, really took me back to my younger years. Out Run death is the best by far. lol

    • BaJezzus

      upon further review….Nor any Castlevania?!? Double bullshit. lol

      Still an awesome video though. nice audio as well.

      • DistractedIndividual

        I didn't see Jump Man in there, anyone else remember that game?

  • djdan

    ssiiicckk Mad World Remix…..sound is great

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