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  • bri


  • adam

    poor little bugger. probably protecting its young

    • scottydo

      definitely protecting the young…

      • Dick LeGrande

        Yeah??? well it should have protected it's own ass, now it's cat shit.
        LEAVE-THE-CAT- ALONE, they are too fuckin awesome!

  • theederv

    flipped him the bird

  • http://twitter.com/Calibad @Calibad

    "Mockingbirds are known to infiltrate nest of the common house cat in hopes of stealing a young kitten. These kittens are then carried to Germany to help in the war effort against the Nazi Regime. "

    What would you do if a Mockingbird was trying to take your babies off to war?

    • DCMOFO

      Name your sources sir.

    • Charles

      TRUE story! i've lost many of feline friends to that bastard Rommel. poor little mittens and pubey forced to become tank commanders! oh the horror!

      • chived

        i think there's some horror to the fact you named a cat pubey

  • musetv

    food chain ftw

  • Da_Boz

    You can only tap a pussy so many times before it traps you forever…

    • Nec

      Comment full of WIN

      • ryan

        about as much win as charlie sheen himself…

    • Charlie Sheen

      wow, even i thought that was lame….

    • http://www.goodadvice.co.za CalculatedRisk

      Even more so when someone catches it all on camera…

  • Bad

    This is terrible, a mother bird trying to chase the cat from getting near its nest gets killed. Chive whats wrong with you?!?!

  • Peter

    This is terrible, a mother bird tries to chase a cat near her nest with new born chicks and gets killed. Chive what is wrong with you?!?!

    • DCMOFO

      Go eat a granola bar.

      • Ams


    • http://al-3jeeb.blogspot.com/ الــعــجــيــب

      you mad?

    • miles

      welcome to nature, if it was up to you every animal would eat grass.

      • Homer

        Grass has feelings too. We should all eat rocks.

        • yabootz

          rocks have feelings too. where does it all end?

    • Dick LeGrande

      Geez Peter, you are takin this shit waaaaaaaayyy too serious man, cat's eat birds all the time, and they also eat little new born bridie chinks.

    • steve

      haha, emo little bitch.

    • Nazz1962

      TheChive didn't kill the bird, the cat did. That's nature, man … deal with it!

    • DatWop32

      Call Mother Nature with your problems!!!!

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    damn nature, you scary! did you see the air time the cat got? now theres a hover cat

  • http://www.facebook.com/razvan.anghele Razvan Anghele

    lol..nice one :D..
    go cat !

  • http://al-3jeeb.blogspot.com/ الــعــجــيــب

    i bet even the cat didn't expect that surprise meal

  • BirdLover

    The cat won't eat the bird. Last time our cat did this, he brought the bird inside to be admired for his "cunning" 🙂
    As for the people crying about the bird, try not swatting at a mosquito the next time it "protects its young" by repeatedly buzzing you.
    Another cool thing is that the cat actually went "flying". Growing up in the country with feral barn cats, they make Bruce Lee look like a punk. I literally saw the "king of the pack", affectionately known as "Head", leap about 6 feet into the air, pull a somersault, and land on top of our lab pup that had gotten too close for comfort 🙂 The pup learned it's lesson 🙂
    Sadly, for the bird, it's just a mosquito to the cat in this scenario. I've seen the dive-bombing technique hundreds of times, and it usually involves enough birds to clear the cat from the area. Stupid bird = dead bird. Got WAY too close to that cat.

    • farscapestuey

      So what's the difference between a dead bird and an eaten bird?

    • Darkneph

      Did you knew, when a cat brings his prey to the house owners, it does not want to be admired, it is actually showing you how it gets done, in hopes you can learn to hunt.

      • Pete

        I didn't know you spoke cat.

    • aleXTC

      man my cat does the same shit. With snakes too

  • http://www.facebook.com/Randy.Lord.Of.Awesome Randy Fisher

    Animal Kingdom version of the bully video

    • http://twitter.com/transitshawn @transitshawn

      just like Zangief kid….. but you know -with a cat and bird.

  • http://grind365.com Alll

    I think the bird deserves it haha

  • Ante

    No animals were harmed during the making of this video?
    I don't think so, mister!

  • BirdLover

    FWIW, at the end of the video – you can see the "other" bird that SHOULD have been in on the dive-bombing, but came in too late 🙂 Still think it's amazing how cats can just "launch" themselves from what appears to be a "standing" position and take off like that. Anyway, it's infinitely more funny to watch a "reporter" get mauled by a supposedly "tame" cougar or whatnot. "What a cute little kitty". BAM! "What a cute little reporter." 🙂

  • hater

    Where's the Marty Stouffer voice-over?

  • Guest

    All birds are being decimated by the abundance of cats let loose on the planet. This is not "cool" nor funny.

    • Charles

      good! F birds and F cats! GO doggies!

    • sfx_ns

      All fishes, chicken, and cows are being decimated by the abundance of humans let loose on the planet. This is too "cool" and extremely funny

      • its_forge

        Chickens, cows and probably quite a lot of fishes wouldn't exist if we hadn't raised them to be eaten, so that's kind of a nonsequitur.

        • MasterofNone

          Yeah really, I read somewhere that Cows are the reason for global warming. It was probably a lie for the nekkid peta people to make me feel bad about delicious hamburgers.

  • TasseN

    Thats one mean pussy…

  • wat

    The cat wasn't attacking shit and wasn't about to attack shit, I'm a dog person myself the bird just kept being annoying…

  • HollarPeenYo

    For every one of you hippies that leaves a comment about how messed up this video is I am going to go outside and kill a bird for it… And if the comment makes me angry enough I'm going to go find a nest filled with little eggs and beat that shit with a broom! Balls in your court hippies…

    • Cyst

      You sound like you might be warming up as a serial killer in a few years. Its well documented that people like Gacy and Dahmer tortured animals when they were children. Maybe you should do all of society a favor and just off yourself instead of hurting animals? Thanks.

      • steve

        That's one bird ..anyone else?

      • HollarPeenYo

        @Cyst LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!! YOU DID THIS!!! *Sniffs uncontrollably*

      • Smitty

        Citation on Gacy and Dahmer please. Back your claims up.

    • Brad

      I'm having a chicken sandwich for lunch in your honor. And eggs for breakfast — maybe I'll scramble some more chicken into the eggs. A "mother-daughter" omelette if you will…

    • its_forge

      See, the cat's doing what it's natural for cats to do. You on the other hand are just a fucking asshole.

      • HollarPeenYo

        It's natural for me to kill birds… just like its natural for you to be a liberal faggot

        • its_forge

          LOL you would have had to stalk my comments on TheChive in order to find out I'm a "liberal," what exactly about my commentary on various and sundry thousands of young women's body parts led you to believe I'm a "faggot?" A grown human killing tiny birds just for sport isn't heroic or cool or tough, it's psychotic.

          • HollarPeenYo

            That's another bird down… the bloods in your hands…

  • Matador

    like a boss

    • Evelyn

      this is getting reeally old.

  • Blaxing

    he wanted it , he got it

  • Pete

    The bird was a Killdeer. They nest on the ground and the cat was sniffing around the nest. It wasn't a "Pesky" bird just protecting it's nest. It was hilarious though… kinda like kicking a puppy. Any puppy kicking vids out there?

    • apple

      its a cat bird idiot not a killdeer.
      http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images;_ylt… – cat bird (gray)
      http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images;_ylt… – killdeer (white brown)

      • V4vendetta14

        How ironic that a bird with cat in it's name was probably killed by one…

      • its_forge

        Looked like a mockingbird to me.

    • HollarPeenYo

      You Sir, are the faggest of fags…

      • its_forge

        OMG OMG OMG he called you a fag!!! On the Internet!! What ever will you DO, some random limpdick has called you a fag!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!

        • HollarPeenYo

          It's so easy to point out those you kids trolling the internet hopped up on Ritalin… WINNING!

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