• Lord Cunt

    yeah, very cool you stupid cunt, bird was protecting his young ones. Filmed and did nothing… author is a cunt, complete cunt. Chive, that's not sort of videos you should post here….

  • Cats rule!

    Well done, cat. Well done.

    Cat didn't seem to be hunting down the nest or anything like that – bird thought the cat was too close, and kept harassing him. Cat got fed up, and scored itself a snack!:)

  • @wimtenbrink

    When asked for comments, the cat just responded with a loud burp, then went to sleep. The bird could not be found, but a hairball coughed up by the cat contained lots of feathers… 🙂
    Oh, well… Don't challenge someone who will eat you…

  • Eric

    That bird was a black-billed magpie, which do not have different plumages between the two sexes. Maybe you should learn about birds before calling someone a dumbass

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