Things I don’t need, but kinda want (28 photos)

  • Sheenfaced

    You must have erroneously left of "Your Mom" from this list.


    #22 can't go wrong with bacon

  • Blindsp0t

    An Ace of spades card works just as well… #26

  • pdiddily420

    I can't tell what some of these things do, but #6 is Badass!!!

    • Andrew Durand

      Honestly it probably would be fun but you would look like a totally rube driving around on that thing.

      • pdiddily420

        Maybe, but you'd feel like Cy-Kill from the Go-bots(if anyone else actually remembers him)

        • echogeo

          You won't get very far on that battery, but it would be a hell of a ride while it lasted.

  • aosux

    #1 It really brings the room together!

    • andysniper

      this was inevitable.

    • c5b

      Wouldn't everyone who came over just want to piss on it? Looks like the guy in the photo is about to.

    • Colin

      *ties* the room together.

      Sorry, had to.

      • nwest

        The Dude abides.

    • Sheoncebelieved

      I can make this for you Chivers for $840 in a 3' x 5' size….bring it.

      • bill

        Well if Chivers are into paying more than three times the cost of the original, I guess I could charge you that much too.

    • prince albert

      Am I responsible every time a rug is… micturated upon in our fair city?

    • Glenn_Coco

      The old man said I could take any rug in the place.

    • Moony


  • El Jefe

    No miniature giraffe? List fail.

    • dextosterone

      YES I love those dam things

  • rodrocks

    Not first!

  • Bruno Mignaco

    Chive, where do you get all this stuff?!?
    Do tell!

    • Picard_

      it's called the internets

      • Jason Morton

        There's more than one?

        • Jen

          they get it from your mom

  • Daaneskjold

    #27 is so original. I will use it in some future presents.

    • Wickedrebel

      Anyone know where to buy this stuff? Can't find it through Google

    • Max

      What's happy name day?

      • Nornironpete

        it's a thing they do in Eastern/Central European countries. Each name has a certain 'day'. It's like a second birthday for everyone with that name.

  • Jimbo

    That rug would really tie the room together, would it not? #1

  • Batman

    8===D~~~~ O:

  • JumboTron

    #27 Awesome.

  • Jim Reuss

    how bout you tell us where we can buy all this shit from??

  • Jen

    #22 is a "Juicy Lucy" I saw cheese stuffed burgers like that on Man VS Food. You can make them without the device. They are delicious.

    • whitneysouth

      They look 100% delicious.
      I'd go as far as saying that anything stuffed with cheese is always better.

    • echogeo

      Stuffed with salsa or guacamole or…

  • ExistentialBanana

    #2 Lamborghini Reventon FTW!!! It's got to be one of the coolest Lamborghinis ever made.

    • shwan

      LM002 is the coolest Lambo ever made.

  • hmmm

    #28 received as a gift, knives rusted within a year of use. holder is el cheapo plastic

    • ???? they also have one for your pen for your desk.

    • D.P

      el cheapo knives rust

    • RiverDogs

      Your El Cheapo knives would have rusted with our without this weird thing.

    • cam

      sounds like you had one of the cheap imitations… the original CSB Voodoo are manufactured in Taiwan… but there are a flood of cheap copies made with substandard materials on the market all over the world, that are 'made in China'. They should say on box where they are made.

      The original ones are very good… but a lot more expensive.

  • kurt

    i want #16

  • Josh Gorter

    #14 I must find one of these

    • Random Crazy Guy

      That robot templar can't conquer anybody if his sword is on backwards.

  • Jeff Dearing

    Where can I buy #12?

    • Ziggy

      Where can I have sex in #12?

  • prankster

    i'll take 1 (or 2) of each, thanks.

  • Paul

    My neighbor has #13 – you forgot to include that you need an IPAD to control it plus it has still and a video cameras built in.

    • MacNCheesePro

      I wanted that since it came out! The Parrot!

  • Bryan

    #6 #23 #25 #26 #27

    • Greg

      Why rhe fuck do you do that????

  • Finster

    #1 "…pissed on your fucking carpet, Dude."

  • nojoke420

    #10 I need one of these. Can someone tell me where I might acquire one?

  • BunkerPunk

    Looks like I would flip that fucker over backwards in a drunk minute. Challenge accepted.

    • ronnie

      Made by Norwegian brand "Stokke". Pretty damn hard to flip over. At least they were when I was a kid.

      • Glenn_Coco

        Any relation to our favorite pole vaulter?

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