Things I don’t need, but kinda want (28 photos)

  • Jamiem

    I have one of these, they are awesomely loud. They don't do the smoke ring thing though… unless you hotbox inside it, brb gotta go try somethin out-

  • LonelyIsland

    If you have #9 You don't need #2 anymore…

    • ReyTiburones

      except to get to your yacht in style!

  • Jimbo_Slice

    mmmm… imma go with "need" on some of these.

  • Backward Genius


    Essential – where do I get them?

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  • Nicnac

    #24 why would you take them out of the box? Those are going to quickly become dusty kleenex for poor allergy sufferers.

    • Harpoonski

      Maybe it's a cock ring/clean up rag all in one?


    I'd have to piss on #1 just out of principle.

  • cod

    #11 looks like the thunder gun from nazi zombies lol

  • Icanhaz

    I made one of these years ago. I used Babybel gouda cheese in the middle…. its like a cheesy lava explosion. So awesome.

  • Craig

    I have the last one, and I absolutely ove it!

  • Lionet

    #23 I want that + rain

  • Dawn DuBois

    Im sorry. This was kind of a lame post. Doesn't the Berry have a feature just like this?

  • BloodScrubber

    What….no tiny giraffe?
    However the Hind chopper would be close second.

  • Zack

    #10 looks a lot like the one over at

    I want to buy it!

  • todd

    #9, my mind can not comprehend that level of wealth,,,

  • BigTy

    Yeah, I had a monkey when I lived in S America. It shat everywhere and bit my GF 3 times. Monkeys suck!!

  • Frank M

    If I won the Powerball Jackpot these are some of the cool things I'd buy:

    The DB Fletcher Capstan Table:

    G1 Glass Top Pool Table:

    And one of these:

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #16 way bad ass,

  • Andrew Burgess

    Bought #28 for my mom for Christmas a few years ago. She loves it and still keeps it prominently displayed on the kitchen counter

  • Cthulhuspawn

    The snowball launcher sucks and doesn't work right, just an fyi.

  • gifted_beatnik

    #4 #11 #12 #15 #23

    12 is massive win.

    good post :)!

  • Chubby

    want #12

  • paulhitchcock

    You don't need that contraption to make a stuffed burger. Just make two patties with a depression on the top of one and the bottom of the other. Place cheese, onions, 'shrooms, etc., in the depression on the bottom patty, put on the top patty and pinch the edges together to seal them, and grill away. Best way to make a burger.

  • Tankus

    #14 Why is it written "NO!" on the side of the box? O_o I must KNOW!

  • Johnny C

    does anyone know where I can buy #1? I've googled it every which way with no results

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