Cats are hogging the internet. Puppies to the rescue! (27 Photos)

  • noone

    I saw 2 dogs and a bunch of dog treats

    • jared

      Yeah? Well you're a BITCH!

      • twisty

        nicely played 🙂

  • Lisa

    Too fucking cute….

  • з=(•̪●)=ε

    #20 Like a Boss

    • timmy

      Leonbergers, the dog that thinks it's a pony.


      C U T E !!!!!!!!!

  • з=(•̪●)=ε

    #22 – Did you have to break both my legs..? I only ate 1 taco man….

  • Henry Gibson


    "I don't always sniff butts. But when I do, I sniff dos puppies.

  • robsterling

    #25 Just add water and put it over a roaring fire and you can have puppy soup.

    • haterade

      damnit rob, dont you know you are on the chive? degrade women all you want, but leave the fucking puppies out of it.

  • misschris

    #14 – Oh my god, cutest thing ever!

    • HeavyD

      i'm a man, and i agree with u. my Awwwmeter just reached its maximum

    • Bacchus

      I don't trust a dog that looks like a panda bear

      • chived

        yano how they say pandas dont wanna mate and so they're becoming extinct
        maybe they just dont wanna mate with other pandas hence #14

  • Zac

    shouldnt this shit be on The Berry? Ya ya …cute.

    • Don Cheese

      what? can't fap to this?

    • IzDatSumChikin

      you think chive is about nothing but tits and ass? go to maxim if thats what you want

    • zacunt

      "this shit"?? wish i could reach reach u now and punch your douchebag face :@

    • Taylor

      I love tits and ass as much as the next guy, but i really like the animal posts and the landscape posts as well. if you dont like it, dont click on it.

      I bet he is the guy that complains about stuff on TV, if you dont like it change the stupid channel. idiot.

  • nakedlong

    cats > dogs

    • Entombed

      Cats Are Assholes

    • Taylor

      cats have the personality of a fish… and those are only the cool ones

    • Cat's blow

      you are entitled to your (idiotic) opinion, idiot

  • quintus

    Please don't start a cats vs dogs rant here. Also, doesn't one of these dogs have like 1million friends on facebook or am I mistaken?

    • josh

      Shut up!!

    • Rachel

      Yeah, Boo!

  • HeavyD

    #20 Hi-oh silver, away!!

  • Frank

    The Berry?

  • erik

    if it cant fit a tennis ball in it's mouth when it's full grown, it's not a dog.

    • josh

      with that logic….your mom is a dog

      • 010111001

        "IF it can't fit a tennis ball in it's mouth, THEN it's not a dog," is not the same as "IF it can fit a tennis ball in it's mouth, THEN it's a dog." Logic fail… Besides, erik was clearly raised by wolves.

    • Zach

      Clearly, you don't know SHIT about taxonomy.

  • Nathan Hart

    Dogs are superior to cats as pets in every way.

  • Chris Scharff

    I saw only a few of these "puppies" that will ever grow into dog. Anything I can step on without seeing is not a dog.

    • HollarPeenYo

      What an interesting comment Chris… I hope you choke to death on your bf's dick later…

    • iAm1-NAMI

      I used to think that way (a roaring fire, a dog at my feet, and bubble pipe in my mouth – yada)
      Then my little girl got a small dog. My eyes have been opened to the love of any size dog.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #17 sure, he looks cute now, but wait until he becomes a furniture chewer, then we'll talk

    • Neight4

      I think he already is a chewer. Look how guilty he is. lol

      • xXbeermonkeyXx

        yup, i see a very high mischief potencial in this one. the force is strong with him

    • Conor

      Oh dont be silly, how could you be angry at that face..

  • tedd johnson


    • Roberto Barreiro

      just some of them

  • Joben

    ok chive #7 was already posted…TODAY?!? why put the same picture in 2 galleries, especially on the same day? It would have been just as fine with 26 pics instead of 27 with a repost from earlier…

    • Dirty Dingus

      Not to mention it was posted at least once, earlier this week.

      Step yo game up!

    • Steve Shaw

      Why do you care? Is your bandwidth so precious that you can't download the same image twice? Get over it.

      • Connie Quirk

        And it is definitely cute enough to see more than once! 🙂

    • josh

      no you!

    • Isabelle Basha

      relax bud, its just the chive. nothin wrong with looking at a cute picture more than once.

  • HeavyD

    #4 looks like Donald Trump's air

  • Al_Buck

    Agreed…at least cats can hide in bras…

    • dasuperfan

      thats great so if a burglar breaks into your house you can feel safe knowing that your cat is hiding in your bra

  • moar

    #20 … like a boss,
    #23 … come at me bitch

  • Mr_Rob

    #22 I will give back the tacos I owe you… just dont break me any other leg!!!

  • Anthony Dalton

    Cute but fucking dumb!

    • Isabelle Basha

      hey fuck u man!

  • WeedNurse

    much better than cats

  • Evan F

    #6 Cats…. So conformist

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