Daily Afternoon Randomness in High-res (31 HQ Photos)

theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
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  • Shiyan

    #31 has an Air Force TACP in it.

  • Vinny

    #1 Obama's new space program

    • lfd

      HA ha I wish it were that advanced.

    • garratygroup

      Seriously, what the hell is that though? That's not Buran or Enterprise or the initial flight test vehicle… is that shopped or something?

      • chicksdigit

        It's an Amtrak train that's been shopped

    • taco

      Wondering what it is as well, it does say nasa on it tho

  • P90

    #18 #19 and #20 Three British pics in a row, sweet.

  • Stiff

    Beautiful Brigade pics but who is 25??? Send her to the Chive right this FM!

    • EasternCanuck

      She's Ashley Greene from the twilight movies, and i agree… she needs a post on the chive!!!

  • Daniel

    #25 is Ashley Greene maybe

  • This Is Me

    #11 It's okay, guys, I messed myself for you.

    Just keep thinking; one sneeze away from oblivion.

  • This Is Me


    How long have you had that dog?
    About three or four seasons. It's for sale if you want it.

  • internetchitthulay4@gmail.com

    i like its…… cool grate

  • http://www.executivehvac.com Jacki

    Just keep thinking; one sneeze away from oblivion.

  • Meral

    Larkin Very lucky, indeed! Thanks for shnairg that anecdote. Heheh I don’t think I was that naughty in school.@ RockyRacoon Ah, small world once again. You know Edwin! Yup, that’s definitely him.@ Ivan Chew Kevin Ok, go dig for old photos! I’m expecting a primary school days post soon from both of you. Just photos is fine, no need to ramble. 😉

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