Uniforms vs. Models in High-res (27 HQ Photos)

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  • Jimmy

    uniform chick for me please

  • Dougie

    Considering models are photoshopped all to hell, the real girls rock.

  • limerick3411

    #25 Where were all these girls when I was in Iraq?! I was on a tiny FOB with the bulgarian army… their chicks were nasty as hell…

    • Rick

      I have to others of her, she actually exists

      • blues

        Are the other pics posted anywhere? TinEye didnt find anything.

      • limerick3411

        Could you email me the others?

      • Sean

        Could you send them to me as well?

    • Sean

      Funny, I actually know this girl. She looks even more amazing in civilian clothes.

  • shnuu

    27,25,23 and 21 are so much hotter than 22, 24 and 26

  • Stiff

    uniforms, deffo

  • http://www.aircraftraffle.co.za Grant

    #14 FTW

    • Nicklas

      Sweden FTW

  • june

    Maybe a "Male soldiers vs Male models" post is in order for us gals?

  • Matt

    #14 is smokin hot!!!


    Is it just me or do the military women look like they are enjoying things more than the models?

  • Jimmy

    guess some of the models seen our comments…

  • jimbo

    #18 I would like to stock her pantry; #20 & #26 are amazing!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/aBlondeWithBrains SPC Myrick / Morgan

      thx hun 😉


  • Rick

    I'm not one for commenting on my own blog but sometimes you gotta put it out there.
    Would I tell #26 to go away…no (however, I'm sure she'd tell me to go the f- away)
    but #12 and #16 are two good looking gals not being cool for the camera, they're just focused on doing their job and that is f-ing hot

  • draper

    11 and 17 are by far the best.

  • Stan

    The military chicks are hot without even trying. The models are trying too hard to look sexy and unhappy. Give me a smiling hottie in uniform ANY day over the anorexic, self-absorbed "look at me!" models.

    • mr no name

      Are you gay?

  • Bork McGork

    #5 looks like she's a race-track girl, as opposed to proper military. Still, I suppose that's a uniform of sorts…

  • Tomas

    ❤ Who are #5 and #8 ??? ❤

    • Rick

      ya, I knew that one was a gamble…I had to get a little crafty with title

  • joe

    #23 I know this girl… i was in afghanistan with her. we were in the same unit, her name is nicole

    • der

      she's doing it right!

    • Mr_Joshwa

      well, you should ask Nicole to submit some more photos!! and thanks for serving.

  • Shilling

    #21 and #25 proving that real trumps photoshop + anorexia every time.

  • Anonymous

    I hate to say it, but I think models win this week…

  • Jeremy

    i am in love with #22 and #23

  • disturbed

    MOAR #24 who is she?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/aBlondeWithBrains SPC Myrick / Morgan

    I am #20… I am also a model. Check out my work on my fb page. At the time the photo with the dog, named Dingo, was taken, I was deployed in Qatar for about a year. I was enjoying the love of an animal and never dreamed this photo would make it anywhere. It's also on the website http://www.fostermilitarypets.com and I am pretty sure no one knows who I am 😉

    • Rick

      really, shoot me some photos and maybe one with a "hi brigade" pic…I'll put together a post with a link to your site

      • Mr_Joshwa

        that's awesome!! has this happened yet?

        • Rick

          forgot about her comment, no it hasn't happened yet but I'll try and get in touch with her

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  • Knarf

    Who's #22? Sure it's a model.

    • AMAN Lee

      thats blake lively. simply stunning

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