You Tokyo Drifted Right Into My Heart (20 Photos)

  • Jaeger

    nicely done MAc

    • TheDarkKnight

      Beats the furballs out of 'Cat Saturday'… wtf is that anyway?

    • Me Rike

      Mac's got yerrow fever.

    • financial aids

      agreed. Nicely done, mac.



    • Terry Burke

      dear god, no

    • financial aids
    • Kyle Retrato

      I believe the proper spelling is MOOAAARR!!

  • mike

    its like japanese hump day! #16 #20

    • Benjamin Dennison


    • Grifo

      Beats the hell outta Chinese New Year


    • Shogun

      asian girls barely ever have nice asses, they stick them out best they can but still got that good old pancake butt.

  • Picard_

    Well herro there!

  • Lou101

    No I dont like chonkeys

  • Pwndu232

    Waking up and seeing #19 in my kitchen would be a very good morning

  • Screwdriver


    • Mac the Intern


    • @p_oneill

      God Bless Google Translate

    • Rob W.

      That's awesome. Thank you Google. I lmfao.

      • iAm1-NAMI

        Computer translators are so funny
        Google says " would love to have sex next to her beautiful ass butt of all her temple Senso-ji Temple."
        Another site
        "As for I that, all the hips of her Senso Temple grounds do sex at the side of her beautiful hips likes it very much. :"
        Yet another
        "I love that all buttocks of her Senso-ji Temple precincts have sex beside her beautiful buttocks."

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #11 #15 #20 thats it, im doing my vacations in asia

    • COCO

      Do you have the money to afford airplane tickets, hotels, food, gas before going to Asia??

      • NUTMEG

        You're a fucking weirdo. You're not funny, and no one wants to read your bullshit. You're basically Paula with no valediction. So please, get the fuck off the Chive.

    • dasuperfan

      i want to do a "vacation" in there mouth's

  • deliboi281
    • Dylan

      Natasha Yi

    • @mikeydangerous

      Natasha Yi

    • Dip

      Natasha Yi

    • Its-a me, Mario

      Natasha Yi

    • Vagabondleon

      Natasha Yi

    • Ken

      Your mother! OHHHHH!

      Seriously though, it's Natasha Yi.

      Without many clothes on.

      • Justin Hall

        Lucy Liu

  • Detroit Artist

    #16 FDAU!!! Thats the way we like to f……

    • Ken

      would like to what? Fondle? French kiss? Fork?

  • Richard III

    I can't believe the Chive can find so many incredibly hot Asian girls who have such nice tits!

  • @mikeydangerous

    #14 Natasha Yi is smokin. Wouldn't be surprised to see her in the Fit Girls post soon.

    #6 Maria Ozawa, half Japanese, half French.

    damn you half-Japanese girls, you do it to me every time…

    • monkeyfoot

      and they've both done some porn so…… you can see alot more of her, lol. just search em

    • hapa_nerd

      El Scorcho 😉

  • nomoremommy

    You Tokyo Drifted Right Into My Heart? that was really really corny.

    • safeword

      agreed. i almost think you'd have to try to come up with something that bad….

      • denzino

        haters gonna hate

        • Ken

          Yes, but lovers are gonna love ❤

          • captainobvious

            and apparently douches will douche

  • dorobo

    whos #15?

    • Nighteye

      Not 100% sure, but it may be Reon Kadena

    • kerobero

      It's Mai Nishida.

  • WinningChiver

    #12 Take note ladies, absolutely NO duckfaces in this awesome pic…

    • COCO

      Look at them trying to look like white girls. Asians need to be more proud in their ethnic features.

      • Its-a me, Mario

        what are you even saying? More proud in their ethnic features? What does that mean?! seriously…

        • pfulmtl

          He probably wants them to wear a kimono even though they aren't Japanese, thats whats he's saying.

    • NYCBrit

      Absolute truth! I was on another forum earlier today and mentioned the same thing as a contributing reason why Asian girls are consistently more attractive than European. Gawd, I hate those horrible faces!

  • TheDarkKnight

    #14 – that is all

  • COCO

    Okay looking. Not too impress. Just need actually good looking women like my beautiful mother.

    • Srsly

      shut the fuck up already

    • NUTMEG

      You're a fucking weirdo. You're not funny, and no one wants to read your bullshit. You're basically Paula with no valediction. So please, get the fuck off the Chive.

    • financial aids

      you ugly. not very impress. your mother actually very ugly. she look and bang like chimpanzee.

    • switch_24

      referencing your mother's beauty to these japanese babes' half naked pics is just a bit wierd..

      like they said, just STFU if you don't like the post! maybe you can go and search for someone "good looking like your mother"

  • David

    Thank you chive! i would kill to wake up to #19!!

    • equalizermax

      You don't want to know where she sticks that finger…

  • roberto

    #20: AUFD – ur doin it wrong.

  • dasuperfan

    how about all of them

    • mcdice

      the one on the right is the best. find her!

  • mike

    There are definitely some dudes in there.

  • Ryan Aubin

    #8 WOW!!!

  • toolbox

    Number 17 is Lee Hyori…she's not Japanese she's Korean…still hot though.

  • Damien

    #19 OMG she even knows her place!

  • backwater bandit

    my heart, naw. #14 drifted straight to my loin!

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