theCHIVE goes to Indiana University (47 Photos)

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  • Pasadena

    #18 #19 #28 #29 #32 #36 #38 "Notice me! Anyone noticing me yet????" "Look at me, anyone looking?"

    • Moneyschott

      He's in all the pics cause he runs this site

  • eclipze

    I should get Chive for to hold my Bachelor party. lol.

  • lalala2127

    Please come to Drexel for a party
    The Loyal Chivers @ Drexel

  • Sumer Gill

    #47 made me lol hard!!

  • braddyfatstacks

    Chive, you need to quit pussyfootin around and go to a college where the ladies outnumber the men almost 2 – 1. Go to the University of Georgia. The women are hot there, unlike these skags.

  • Luckyguy

    Want hot chicks? go to

  • knig row

    where da black folk at

  • Anjin-San

    #17 #18
    I'd f***k your sisters…

    • wouldntfap

      the one looks just like him with those beady little eyes

  • Andy

    I think I"m in love with the brunette TheBerry girl…on the right in #19
    Don't tell my wife

  • beer

    Well, it looks like you didn't have any fun at all.

  • mr860

    Im dying to know how that back flip ended up

  • disappointed

    there isn't a single good looking girl in this post…

    also you guys look like douche bags…just sayin

  • less

    so many ugly people… seriously, the average is so frustrating…

  • greg

    mehh weak in my mind…no hot chicks, no wet t contest, no "had too much" pics

    weak house party and a bunch of peeps in a bar….

  • tony

    well done fellas.

    i have an idea… tour the country having epic chive parties at schools…?

  • Spencur

    my heroes

  • husshb

    more this kind of stuff in in the following

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    […] • Indiana University knows how to party […]

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    theCHIVE has a meetup at Indiana University : theCHIVE

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