theCHIVE goes to Indiana University (47 Photos)

This past weekend Rick, Bob, Emily (theBERRY), and myself took a trip to Indiana University to visit my sister, Megan, and make good on a promise we made to visit her one time before she graduated. Plus, we love to party.

Before leaving for Bloomington, we told the Chivers we'd be at Kilroy's on Kirkwood on Saturday so come by and have a drink on us. We honestly didn't know what to expect. It was nothing overly planned or official but we were hoping to meet a few Chivers at least. Instead, IU's Chivers showed up strong all night long.

I'd like to thank Kilroy's for being awesome hosts for the party. I'm sure we broke stuff. But most especially, thanks to all of our Hoosier Chivers and Chivettes for making us feel so welcome on your campus. This weekend confirmed that the Chivers are some of the best, fun-loving people you can hope to meet. It was one of the best weekends of our lives. As we left IU on Sunday, we all knew one thing for certain, this would not be the last campus theCHIVE visits.

  • Pasadena

    #18 #19 #28 #29 #32 #36 #38 "Notice me! Anyone noticing me yet????" "Look at me, anyone looking?"

    • Moneyschott

      He's in all the pics cause he runs this site

  • eclipze

    I should get Chive for to hold my Bachelor party. lol.

  • lalala2127

    Please come to Drexel for a party
    The Loyal Chivers @ Drexel

  • Sumer Gill

    #47 made me lol hard!!

  • braddyfatstacks

    Chive, you need to quit pussyfootin around and go to a college where the ladies outnumber the men almost 2 – 1. Go to the University of Georgia. The women are hot there, unlike these skags.

  • Luckyguy

    Want hot chicks? go to

  • knig row

    where da black folk at

  • Anjin-San

    #17 #18
    I'd f***k your sisters…

    • wouldntfap

      the one looks just like him with those beady little eyes

  • Andy

    I think I"m in love with the brunette TheBerry girl…on the right in #19
    Don't tell my wife

  • beer

    Well, it looks like you didn't have any fun at all.

  • mr860

    Im dying to know how that back flip ended up

  • disappointed

    there isn't a single good looking girl in this post…

    also you guys look like douche bags…just sayin

  • less

    so many ugly people… seriously, the average is so frustrating…

  • greg

    mehh weak in my mind…no hot chicks, no wet t contest, no "had too much" pics

    weak house party and a bunch of peeps in a bar….

  • tony

    well done fellas.

    i have an idea… tour the country having epic chive parties at schools…?

  • Spencur

    my heroes

  • husshb

    more this kind of stuff in in the following

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    theCHIVE has a meetup at Indiana University : theCHIVE

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