Shakespeare once said, “I love hump day”. True story. (50 photos)

  • GeneHunt


    • gok attack


    • Nate

      kill yourself

  • mattythegooch

    C'mon summer hurry your ASS UP ( get it ) -#1

    #45 – Goooood Lord………

    • dasuperfan

      I don't think her name is summer … and as sexy as she is i'd let her take her time doing what ever the hell she wanted

  • dave

    God I love hump day.

    • Dirty Dingus

      Amen Brotha!

  • Jak

    Ye know, the shit does right itself!

  • Roscoe

    Would love to see the full picture of #20. Those thigh-high socks are sexy as all get out!

    • biindsp0t

      Well this is the full pic, but to see her fully Google Rekha Garton…

      • Doug Miller

        you sir are a Gentleman and a Scholar.

      • Front - UK

        correction… also google Rekha Garton FRONT

  • Pål

    To hump or not to…. No wait. That's wrong

  • b-ry

    my god. #26
    lots of repeats in here….not that i'm complaining!

    • Lauren Gentile

      …That man must have had a stellar day after that…

      • mark

        I don't know, I don't think American Apparel just lets their models get it on during, or after, their photoshoots… 🙂

    • Jorge V.

      I'm glad the Chive is pushing the boundaries… let's see how far they dare to go

      • Anon

        For half a second I thought his leg was her arm and Chive played one of their patented he-she tricks.

      • snarkymcgee

        Yes, the Chive taking the bold stance of reprinting an American Apparel ad from months ago… where will this bravery end? With something original? 😛

        • SnooZZZZe fest

          Maybe they can start printing the American Apparel ads on shirts. Consent you say? I say rubbish!

  • Alex

    #48 and #43
    Absolutely glorious..

    • KRS One

      wow man, those were my picks as well. clearly, sir, you are a man of astonishingly high standards.

    • moar

      #43 has such a gap….

  • Nick702

    #48 tush me please

    • Matt


  • Williemo32

    Good god #43 and #45

  • Tim

    First! Also, who is #49? Find her.

    • biindsp0t

      Danica Thrall…btw you're not first at anything…

    • Del

      Cant tell if trolling or you just dont look at porn…

  • thursdaymofo

    We should have a "queen of hump" contest for sexy chivers.

    • shuriwud

      I second that motion!!!!! What do ya say, CHIVE???

  • Bob

    she knows her place

  • Shawn

    and on Wednesday the CHIVE said "let their be asses for all to enjoy" #42

  • Lauren Gentile

    #2 just oozes class and sensuality! Gotta' love a curvy gal. 🙂

    • ISU Birds

      We enjoy your curves as well.

      • Lauren Gentile

        Thank you! I hated having hips when I was younger (I think most girls do) but they serve a pretty nice purpose. 😉

        • ISU Birds

          I think we are all pretty happy to look at those hips.

        • Giggitty

          Are you sure #2 isn't you Lauren?

        • LonelyAirman

          Are none of these you? I thought a couple looked pretty familiar…

    • Dunny_

      Agreed. Reminds me of the stuff that Dr. Cam Saroyan from the TV show Bones wears and is just as hot in.

    • lolwut

      Heh, you said she is oozing

      me gusta

    • Joel

      I agree. Something about that combination of class and sensuality goes beyond words.

      Oh, and yes, I also agree that you are a very beautiful woman. I'm sure you already know that, but it had to be said.

    • Belaruss

      I'm going to have to throw #41 on the class and sensuality bandwagon going here.

    • bud

      reminds me of Audrey Hepburn

      • its_forge

        The Goddess Miss Hepburn probably still wishes she ever had hips like that.

    • thatwasfun

      O be still my beating heart

  • sully23

    Finally! I'd have to go with #45 and #48 as best ASSests

    • Chubat

      uhhh, drooooool….

    • thatwasfun

      both are amazing…what a great ending

  • Paula_

    Paula says: I love hump day too!
    I feel like spanking someone…. any volunteers?

    – the one who loves to spank

  • biindsp0t

    #22 Stupid arm!!!

    • Chubat

      But sideboob and hump ay all in one… i'm gonna buy a lotto ticket today.

    • shamshe

      who is this by the way?

      • dipset21

        who is this?

  • BobSugar

    #16 Hi pocket.

    • newscot

      Nothing sexier than a girl on the toilet…

      • hMMMM

        I see where you're coming from, but there are many other things that are sexier…

    • moar

      what a shape!

  • Shawn

    awkwardly drawn to #10

  • ISU Birds

    #22 I can almost see something pretty awesome there.

  • Cristi Palincas

    #3… Perfection.

    • ranD

      made my case, but it got shoved on page 2. FIND HER!!!! I NEED MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Thax

        Couldn't agree more!! FIND HER!! A.S.A.P

        • Joe

          FIND HER CHIVE!

    • caleb

      Dear sweet hell, the boots and that curly dark hair just top it all off nicely.

    • Chubat

      Uh huh! 'nuff said.

      • Khaqan

        yes perfection it is. well said!

        • Big McLarge Huge

          I concur !! best one on here

    • RGH

      Does perfection have a name?

    • element

      Find this girl Chive….Good luck!

    • bentley

      The best one yet

  • @CerealFede

    #26 i want the whole video

    • can't spell

      it's an AMerican Appareal print ad

    • less

      the assless little girl and the pedobear

  • davisrj

    #47 So bubblelicious !!!!!!

    • Jason

      and in venice!!!

    • @paekman


  • Will Wheaton

    #3 Chive,do your thing!

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