Hot Right Now: These people asked to be roasted, and the internet delivered (37 Photos)

Shakespeare once said, “I love hump day”. True story. (50 photos)

  • Sugreev2001

    Man,Every Babe is worth a second look…I absolutely agree with Colin Farrell,he's doing my impression.

  • Locke

    #11 #19
    Is it possible to engrave images on the inside of your retinas? I think I would be much more eager to go out in the world if I could zone out and have that beautiful behind there for me when my boss is yapping away.

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  • guest

    looks like some 12 year old boy. let's have some curves and less jutting bones.

  • fred

    #3 please!

  • Badant4

    oh my, that is an amazing hump #14

  • Pussyjet

    Shakespeare was a wise man

  • Mike

    #43 is proof that there is a God.

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