Chive Everywhere (45 Photos)

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  • Herm23

    You know what you can do "c101sux"….take your boyfriend's dick out of your mouth and take his boyfriend's dick out of your ass, and yall three hold hands and walk from the run-down trailer that you live in, up to Harbor Bridge and jump your sorry ass off.

    You obviously know about the C101 morning show, which means you listen to it, and you probably like it, but decided you were too cool to say something good about it so you decided to post stupid ass comments on everyone's post about that picture. Im pretty sure that qualifies you for "Douche of the Year" award. Congrats, I hope you win.

  • LalaaFace

    #43 Love it!:)

  • bfcknrzl

    #18 way to go gramps

  • pokeman134

    #29 #25 wow, 2 from MD today. I'm surprised, gotta rep my state! i know that place darcars, i think i know someone who got a car from them.

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